My best friend is my mate

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My mother stopped me in the hall of the pack house as I walked in. She was my size with the same emerald eyes but with light blond hairs. She had her hands on her hips and was scowling at me so I scowled right back. She was the Luna before I became Alpha and the pack loved her. She was a fierce little lady but I was not scared of her.

"Helena Selena Barton. How dare you leave like you did? Storming out is not the way of Alphas. Your father is angry." She said sharply.

"I needed to get out. I'm back so please calm down." I sighed.

She sighed and shook her head. She knew what was going through my head. She was there to pick up the pieces every time I had a break down. The guilt could be too much sometimes on my mind so I would fall to the darkness and only my mother would get me out of it.

"Honey. You're Alpha now. You need to prioritise the pack." She said.

"What kind of Alpha am I if I let one of my pack member down? Nobody knows what they're doing to him. I can't give up."

"I'm not asking you to but please, control yourself."

"I'm doing what I can."

She smiled fondly at me and I offered a small smile back. She had a super power. She was the only one who could make me smile. She accompanied me to my office on the right wing of the pack house and we sat at my wooden desk. I sighed seeing all the papers that were not there 30 minutes ago. Life sucked sometimes. My mother usually helped me out so it would go faster and she was doing just that right now.

Alpha! I heard through the mind-link. That was definitely the voice of one of our Deltas on border patrol.

Speak. I said firmly to hide my anxiety.

We saw hunters on the South border. They have a strange box with them.

A box?

Yes. More like a cage. The beast inside of it is feral. We will need backup.

On my way. I could use the exercice.

I mind-linked Isaac to follow me and he was in the hall when I exited my office. His spring green eyes were clouded and I could understand that the cage left him anxious. It was the same for me. What animal did they bring with them? That was unusual for hunters to use other beasts to attack us. What did they have in mind? Only one way to find out.

Isaac and I shifted before running to the South border. I knew Isaac would call for more warriors to help us at the border. I trusted my pack with my life. They were always ready to back me up and defend our territory.

We ran so fast that the trees were a blur and I had no time to enjoy it. I would usually take the time and running would calm me down but not today. No way. I could feel the anxiety creep up on me and I growled. I could not let it control me. I needed to be in the game.

We joined the Delta on the South border and he pointed with his snout to the hunters. I sat next to him and watched through the bushes. There were three hunters. All males. Hunters did not think women could be strong enough to hunt werewolves. Heh. Idiots.

They were chatting happily and a roar resounded from the cage on their left. It was huge and covered with a camouflage sheet. The cage was shaking as whatever was inside was trying to get out. What could be inside that cage? An elephant could fit in it. The roar sounded like a wolf but only a feral wolf would howl like this. What did they do? What happened to that wolf?

What do we do Alpha? The Delta asked.

Let's wait and see what that thing is. We can't rush. They're armed and they must use silver ammo. That can kill us. I don't want any of you dead.

Maybe we could sneak up on them? Isaac asked.

I turned to look into his yellow eyes and tilted my head.

Explain your plan.

He had no time to explain because the cage shook again as the beast was trying to break free. One of the hunters stood up and checked on the beast by lifting the sheet. I widened my eyes at what he uncovered. The wolf inside was so heavily muscled that we could see all his muscles under the fur. His fur was a dark grey and his eyes were golden. I knew those eyes. I knew that fur.


He turned his head towards us but it was impossible that he found us out. We were against the wind so our smell would not spread. This was not our first rodeo. I met his gaze and I felt it. My wolf howled in my head and pushed me to go to him. Shit. How... Maximus was my mate?!

They hurt him badly I could see it. Scars were visible on his legs and back. The fur could not grow over it anymore so it meant they used silver or fire on him. This was the only thing a werewolf could not heal. I saw red and there was no stopping me anymore.

I jumped out of the bushes and rushed the closest hunter. He widened his eyes and had no time to react before I jumped at his throat. I tore through it using my fangs and blood splashed all over me.

My pack took the time to rush the two other hunters and they were dead before they realised what happened. I turned my gaze to see Maximus and he growled at us. It was obvious if we let him out, he would try to kill us. I had to try to talk to him though.

I shifted back to my human form and walked to the cage. I could feel the hot tears streaming down my face as rage roared inside of me to see my mate in this state. They did this to him. To my MATE!

Isaac tried to stop me by grabbing my arm but I shook him off. No time for him. My mind was all set on the feral wolf inside the cage. Maximus gathered himself and was ready to jump if we came too close. I still had to try to calm him down. I knelt by the cage and tried for a smile. It must have looked pitiful but Maximus fixed his gaze on me.

"Hey there beautiful." I said. "You're safe. No one will hurt you anymore I promise. You're mine. My one. Maximus."

The grey wolf stopped growling the moment I said his name and came closer to me. Could I heal him? Would he be all right? I did not know but I had to try and I'll be damned if I did not give it my all.
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