My best friend is my mate

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Helena's POV
I climbed the stairs out the basement and I could not stop hurting at Maximus' words. What they did to him... They called us the monsters but we would never abuse a pup. That was what he was when they took him. A 15 year old pup. I could feel my rage radiate around me and when I reached the top of the stairs, Isaac was there.

His light green eyes were on me and he looked troubled. What else would he think after seeing his Alpha so desperate? I locked eyes with him and narrowed my eyes.

"You didn't need to wait for me Isaac."

"I'm worried about you Alpha."

Isaac was also my age and we all grew up together with Maximus. He stopped calling me Helena when I took on the Alpha mantle but he always took care of me. We disagreed on many things but we worked well together and he was the best Gamma I could ever have.

"No need. I got this."

"Maybe you should let me help."

I shook my head. That would be a disaster right now.

"He's not ready. I'm the only one who can come closer."

"He didn't try to kill me earlier."

"Only because I was there. They... Trained him to react to us and that reaction is killing. He's like a feral wolf but I manage to push the wolf back a bit further every day. He just needs some time."

"What will you do if he never recovers?" He asked.

I whipped my head to Isaac and I furrowed my brows. I knew it was a valid question. So many things could go wrong but I had to have faith. I could not give up yet. He was finally back and he trusted me to make him safe. I would never let him down. That would break me.

"He will. I'll make him safe."

"Do you think the pack will accept him as their leader?"

"He's my mate."

"He's feral. Maybe you should take a chosen for the peace in the pack. They have been asking you to for a while now."

"I said I would only take my true mate and that is Maximus. This is final."

"It always has been Maximus huh."

"What do you mean?"

He sighed and averted his gaze. It was unusual for him. He would never disrespect me but he never felt uncomfortable around me.

"Ever since we were of age, it's always been Maximus on your mind. I thought that you would forget about him eventually but it feels like you always knew that he was your mate."

I took a second to think about his words. It was true that I was always close to Maximus. Even before we were of age. He had a roguish air about him and mischief in his eyes. I loved that about him. Always had. Did I always know that we were fated? That was not possible. Did I want it deep down in my heart? Yes.

I looked back at Isaac and he was now looking at me. His gaze was unreadable.

"That's not possible Isaac. We were pups back then. I can't lie to you and say that I never wished he was my mate. I'm glad he is and I wouldn't trade him for the whole world."

"Even as he is?"

I nodded and smiled softly thinking about him.


He sighed and shook his head. He had such sadness in his green eyes right now. What was going on with Isaac?

"It will be hard." He said finally.

"I know. I need to calm his wolf and the rest will follow."

"I hope you bring him back."

"I can only promise to try."

He smiled gently at me as we walked back to the pack house. The basement with the cells was just a few minutes away so it was not going to be a long walk but I had time to ask why they needed me so late.

"What happened Isaac?"

"What do you mean?" He said puzzled.

"Why do they need me so late?"

I saw understanding dawn on his face before he smiled.

"Nothing terrible happened, I promise."

I furrowed my brows at him. He knew that I hated surprises. Why was he not telling me anything? He chuckled and nudged my side. I growled at him and that made him laugh.

"Don't be so grumpy Alpha. It's nothing you will hate I swear."

What was going on? We entered the pack house and I could hear a high pitched voice coming from the kitchen. I knew that voice.

We turned in the corridor that led to the kitchen and when I opened the double door, I saw my little sister with my parents. I smiled at her and she whipped her blue eyes to me sending her chestnut ponytail out of her shoulder. She beamed at me and ran like crazy.



She gave me a bear hug and I could not help to give one back. I missed her. She went on a trip to look for her mate a year ago when she turned 18. Since she came back here alone, it meant she did not find her yet but we were in no rush. I was 25 after all and I just found my mate.

"Mom told me Maximus was your mate. He was always so handsome! I'm so happy for you sis."

"I'm glad he's back with us. What about you? How was your trip?"

"Nothing yet but I don't mind. I'm still young. I'll find her eventually."

"She'll be the luckiest girl."

"You bet."

I smiled softly at her and she was glowing. She always had the sunny personality but she was not raised to be the Alpha. I was. My parents had only the two of us and my dad did not care that we were both females. He trained me like he would have a boy to take his place as Alpha and I never complained.

He was looking at us fondly and so was my mom. They loved us so much. I grabbed Circe's hand and led her back to them. Isaac was still following us with a fond smile on his face.

"How is he?" My mom asked.

My smile faltered a bit thinking about what Maximus told me. What they did to him...

"Not fine. He's making progress but they hurt him so much. He will need time."

"Does he still get urges to kill?" My father asked.

"Yes. My presence seems to stop him from acting but he growled at Isaac and he would have killed him if I weren't there."

"Maybe it would be easier if it was females coming to get you." My mom chided in. "You're unmated and his wolf is too close so it's normal if it's harder to control in the presence of another male."

"It's possible. Although he told me that he killed entire packs for them. Males and females alike." I conceded. "He said the guards are scared of him and that only increases his urges to kill. Maybe I should remove the guards."

"That wouldn't be wise." My father said. "We need to know if he breaks out."

"They wouldn't be able to stop him if he did. Cameras can do the job."

"I'll make sure they're installed." Isaac said.

"No need. I'll move him to my house. I have cameras there so I can keep an eye on him always."

"What if he attacks you?" My mom said visibly worried.

I smiled at her and shook my head. I was sure he would never hurt me. I did not know how but I just did. Call it faith or whatever.

"He would never hurt me. I'll move him tonight when everyone is asleep. That way, we won't make an unfortunate encounter."

"Let me come with you Alpha." Isaac chided in.

"No Isaac. It would be too challenging for him if he saw you. I got this."

Circe squeezed my hand and I smiled softly at her. I knew she would go back to our parent's house so she would be far away. My house was just behind the pack house so I could come quickly if they needed me. My father used to live in the pack house when he was Alpha but when I took over, he built a house on the Eastern side of the village. It was well away from the pack house.

It was decided. I hoped that Maximus would take this well and that would not put too much pressure on him. I really did. Feeling the fear of the guards must fuel his hunger for blood so it was for the best.
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