My best friend is my mate

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Maximus' POV
We took turns in the shower and we were finally lying in bed naked. I was hesitant at first so Helena closed the gap between us. She held me tight and I naturally returned the gesture. My wolf was at peace with her in our arms and it was so nice to have him calm. Only Helena could do that to us.

She fell asleep quickly in my arms and I could not help a smile. She looked so peaceful and so beautiful right now. How can such a small she-wolf be so fierce and strong? I did not know but I knew that I would do anything to protect her.

I did nothing good in my life so far but protect her from the fate I went through. I knew that I was glad they took me instead of her. I would have been devastated if I had to go through ten years without knowing where she was. She did go through my loss but she never lost hope of finding me again. I was not that strong.

In captivity, I held on to our memories together. Helena's smile was the only thing that I never forgot. That kept me sane or I would have surrendered it all to my wolf long ago. She had no idea how much she helped me already and she was still doing it. I was proud and grateful to have her as a mate. I would dedicate my life to her.

I felt her toss in her sleep and I held her tighter to me. She gasped and I was scared for a second that I held her too tight when she shot her eyes open. Her breathing was frantic and panic was evident in her smell. What happened? Her body covered in sweat as she was looking at me without seeing me. I cupped her face in my hands and made her focus on me.

"Helena?" I called.

She finally focused on me and I saw tears fall from her eyes. What was going on? My wolf was frantic. He wanted me to do something to stop the tears or let him do something.

"You're here." She finally said. "I'm so happy Maximus."

Did she have a bad dream? I held her tight and pressed her face to my chest. She snuggled me and held me tighter.

"What happened Helena?" I whispered while stroking her hair.

"I often relive the day they took you from me in my dreams. It's all right. I'll be fine in a minute. I'm sorry if I scared you." She said in my chest.

I remembered that day vividly as well like a spear to the heart. She did not need to apologise, not to me.

"I would do it all over again Helena." I said. "I would never have survived if they took you instead of me. You're so strong. Let me... Help you through it like you do for me."

She gave me a nervous laugh so I stroked her hair for comfort. I did not know right now if it was more for mine or hers but that was ok as long as we were there for each other.

"I'm so sorry that I'm a mess sweetheart." She said. "I've missed you so much. It was unbearable. I've always loved you Maximus and losing you... It almost broke me."

It pained me to hear her words but I could relate to what she was saying. Being apart and going through all of it without her was the hardest. She always was there for me as we grew up. Now that I knew that she was my mate, it felt logical. We both always knew somehow.

"I won't leave you ever again Helena. I'm yours. We'll get through this pain together."

She nodded and I felt her calm down in my arms. That was a good start.

"I know it will take some time." She said. "But we have each other now. I won't let anyone harm you anymore or take you away. I want your mark."

I tensed in her arms. I did not know if I was ready for that. Marking her would mean sex and me biting her neck and I was scared to taste her blood. How would I react? I asked my wolf and he was adament. We would never hurt her. Drawing blood for the marking would not make us go crazy. It would only make us love her more.

How could I not love her more? She was trusting me with the most sensitive and delicate part of her body. Wolves would usually always go for the throat to kill and giving your throat to another wolf was the utlimate show of faith. That was why wolves showed their necks in submission. They trusted their Alphas with their lives and knew that they would protect each other. It was the same for mates. Marking her would definitely put me more at ease with the other wolves because they would all know that she belonged to me.

"Are you sure?" I asked my voice breathy.

"I've never been more sure in my entire life Maximus. I love you and I want your mark. Let's build our future together and leave the past behind. Let's be happy."

I agreed wholeheartedly but I wanted her to promise me something before.

"If you feel like I'm losing it." I said. "Don't hesitate to make me submit."

She looked into my eyes and saw how serious I was. I did not want to hurt her because we both got caried away.

"I promise. If I ever feel danger for either one of us, I'll stop everything. You can count on me."

"I know. I trust you Helena."

She smiled at me and I kissed her softly at first taking the time to taste her soft lips. She still tasted of her earlier tears but she was right. It was time for us to be happy and having my mate with me would definitely help.

I deepened the kiss and she granted me access to her mouth. I chased her soft tongue inside her mouth. That made me growl in content. The feeling of our tongues intertwined was one of my favourites.

She moaned in my mouth and that made my entire body shiver. I wanted to hear it again.

I never had sex before and I was not sure if I could please her but if she was moaning, that meant that she was enjoying it so far.

My wolf seemed to know what to do. It was pure instinct on his part and I let him show me. We had heard the hunters often talk about how they would please their women. They were bastards but maybe they knew what to do. Only one way to find out.

I let my hands slide along her fit body. She trained a lot, I could see it and that was normal for an Alpha. I liked how she felt in my hands. She was soft and powerful. That reassured me that it would be all right.

I cupped one of her breasts in my hand and her breath hitched. I liked the feeling of the soft plump skin. Her nipple was already erect and I wanted to feel it more. I rubbed my rough thumb on it, playing with it, making it roll. She moaned again and that made me twitch. How could she sound so appealing?

I kept playing with her nipple as I let my other hand slide down her body to reach her already wet core.

We laid in bed naked because it was better for comfort but now I saw it as more. Being naked also allowed us to get to know each other and discover our bodies. It was yet another mark of our mutual trust.

I slid a finger in her wet folds and she gasped. Did I hurt her? I shot my eyes to hers and she was looking back at me, her eyes full of lust. Her eyes were bleeding from green to yellow as she fought control over her wolf. She was gorgeous and I would never tire of that look. I wanted more. A lot more.
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