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Teacher’s Pet

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~ Can a professor and a student find love? ~Can a hot young professor and a spoiled brat find love in their arranged marriage or they will they get a divorce?

Romance / Drama
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Part 1

This is my last few semesters of college then I am done with school. I overslept too many times, so I have to retake some class over again. Soon I’ll be out of here, I will get an apartment with some friends and I want to travel. I want to see the world before I settle down and have a family.

I am tired of living at home with my parents. Yes I am an only child and I do get everything I ever wanted. Anyways you could say my parents spoiled me rotten. What I don’t like is when my parents baby me, and I am not a kid anymore. My dad built this great empire of music recording. My mother throws charity parties and balls; my parents have a great deal of money and power. My family has always been friends with another family that also has a great deal of money and power as well. My mother and Mrs. Edwards have been friends since childhood. The Edwards has only one child, we grew up together just like our mothers. He was much older than I am. He would always embarrass me and pick on me. I would get so mad at him. That last time I heard anything about him he was serving in the Army. Jason’s parents have been traveling, we haven’t seen their family in two years. When we did see them last, their son, my childhood friend wasn’t home yet. It’s been a total of five years without seeing him.

Over the five years I grew up, and I am ready to start my life as a grown woman. I want to have my own fashion company. Fashion has been my life, I’ve been going to Paris fashions since I could wear heels. It’s been my life and I want to bring what I have to the table. I don’t want to walk in my mother’s shoes and be a stay at home wife and cheer on my husband from the side. No, I want to run my own company. I want my future husband to be beside me in the fashion industry or cheering me on. Or I want him to have his own goals and accomplishments.

I know how to run a company from watching my father. I always come to work at the recording company with my father to watch him work. At times my father isn’t the best role model in business. You could say it’s cruel and down right barbarous if you piss him off too bad, or if you stood in his way, on getting what he wants. I don’t want anyone to stand in my way in what I want in life. If I want something I will get it, one way or the other. I always do, I think I get that from my father. I guess I learned it from him.

My father wanted me to go to this school. I wanted to be farther away from my parents but said they would cut me off from all my bank accounts, credit cards, every. So my made a deal with my dad to stay where I am until college is over, then I can have still have my bank accounts and credit cards if I stay at the same school. Then after college I don’t have to stay under my parents wings.

“Wake up you’re going to be late for class again!”

I slowly opened my eyes, moving out of bed. My mother going through my walk in closet moving things around then throwing some clothes on the bed.

“Get up and get dressed! Wear that. Remember to come home early we are meeting the Edwards family tonight, we are having them over. Your father and I don’t want you to be late Daisy.”
“The Edwards family?”
“Yes they came back from their vacation.”
“Hurry up!”

My mother walked out, I hurried to get dressed. So I wouldn’t be late for my class today. I let my driver know I would be going to my class, remember to pick me up after I am done with my afternoon class.

“This year I will pick someone to be my —.”

I walked into my history class, I notice we have a different professor this year, while I put my bag down. Trying to find my history book. He looks really young to be a professor. I looked around the class room and noticed everyone is talking about new professor. I really didn’t like our old professor from last year, she was old has the hills, and she has no sense of style.

“Miss Daisy.”

I stop what I was doing in my bag, looked up when I heard my name. The professor kinda look familiar, like I know him from somewhere but I can’t remember where. Maybe at a nightclub or fashion show. He does have nice taste in clothes.

“Miss Daisy?”

I snapped out thinking how expensive his clothes are.

“I want you to see me after my class are done.”

I rolled my eyes, I guess that is another professor that doesn’t like me. Maybe I should switch professors again. The counselor is annoyed at me for switching so many times with my classes.


After class, I decided I would chat up with some friends, Emily. I really don’t care if my professor wants to see me. I couldn’t care less.

Emily looking at her phone, “Daisy don’t you have to see the new professor Mr. E now?”
I rolled my eyes, “Yes. I should go.”

I walked into the classroom, noticing the professor holding some paperwork.

“Why are you late?”
“Because I was enjoying not being here.” Rolled my eyes.
“The next time you’re late I’m going to fail you from my class, you are going to need this class to graduate Miss Daisy.”

“I’m sorry I won’t be late again. Mr. E.”
“Call me Jason. When it’s just you and me. We are going to be spending a lot of time together Miss Daisy.”

“I’m sorry I don’t want to be here.”
“What you don’t recognize me Daisy?”
Shaking my head, “ummm.. You are my history teacher.”
“Yes Daisy, but you don’t recognize me at all?”
“I’m sorry no. I mean your face is kinda familiar, no I don’t.”
“I'll give you a hint, it’s been 5 years since we saw each other.”
My eyes widen, “Jason Edwards.”
“Yes and it seem like someone grew up and finally has breast.”

He smirked, looking top of my breast from my shirt.

“It’s not so flat anymore.”
My face turned red and embarrassed,I scowl trying to cover up.

“Don’t be like that Pinky. I was just being nice”
“Please don’t call them that Mr. E. Is that why you wanted me to become your helper? Because we know each other?”
“Yes and I need help around here.”

Pinky was my nickname he always called me. I looked around all the paperwork that needs to be graded on his desk and in his hands.

“Why don’t you get someone else to do it, I don’t want to Mr. E.”
“Enough of Mr. E in private you can call me Jason.”
“Okay Then... Jason why don’t you get someone else to help you. I clearly don’t want to.”
“Why? It’s not like you have work Daisy, you have never worked a day in your life.”

“No. it’s not like that.”
“Then what.. Shopping? Or you are too busy hanging out with your friends like when you were in high school?”
“No it’s not like that. How do you know about that?”
“Our parents.”

Jason moved closer and cups my chin in his hand to his face. I tried to move away then, I can’t move anymore because of the desk behind me. I looked at the desk then back at him.

“You have someone?”
I tried moving my face away, “no..let me go.”

He closed his eyes and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. I had my eyes open while he kissed me. I tried moving away, but he put his hand on my waist, keeping me from moving away.

“I have to go, my parents wants me to go home right away.”

I left Jason’s classroom, holding my mouth climbing onto the car with my driver. Did Jason just kiss me. The kiss running through my mind. My face turn beetle red.

“Are you okay Miss Daisy?”
“Yes. Go to the house.”

I looked out the window, thinking about the dinner and Jason. Then I realize my parents invited Jason’s family to dinner. Why does Jason have to come back all the years.? He always made fun at me and embarrassed me. Jason never knew what I felt for him. It wasn’t just friendship. Looking out of the window I saw my mother waiting at the door.

“Daisy come on in and welcome our guests. The. Edwards and their son, Jason is join us for dinner. Jason is back after 5 years. He said he’s a professor at your college-.”
I cut her off, “Yes he is, I met him earlier.”

My mother and I walked into the living room. Where Jason and his parents are sitting down. My dad at the bar making himself a drink.

“Does anyone want a drink.”
“Yes a rum and coke. I’ll help you.”

Jason’s father, Daniel said while getting up to help my father to make the drinks.

Jason’s mother, Anna smiles when she saw me walking in then she hugged me.

“Daisy it’s been forever since we last saw you. Look how much you have grown.”
“Yes it has been Ms. Edwards.”
“Yes we have been traveling and shopping everywhere, you know how, that is Daisy.”
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