Trapped In His Darkness

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Wolves Part 2

Chapter 7:

Taking to catch my breath, I can’t see anything everything is pinch black but the stars in the sky. About to start running again when I can hear growling and snarling behind me. I quickly turned around, and saw a pair of wolves eyes staring at me. Many color eyes some are amber and brown or even gold.

I knew it meant danger if I stay where I am at. I turned around and ran for the wall that boards out two countries. If only I can get over the wall or the gate I can be free of this kingdom.

I have to find a way around the wall or climb up a large tree to get over the wall. Normally people would have to have a permission to leave the country. In order to get permission, you would need the king or his court.

The walls have torches that’s lit, I turned around it was definitely seen a pack of wolves running after me. I turned around and put my back against the wall.

One wolf began to howl and the rest of them all stop, drawn to join in like they have been invited to a family feast. My father once said wolves claws are sharp enough to be useful when taking down prey or digging a den for the pups. Those claws on the wolves could rip me apart.

Vance’s POV

My brother sent all of his men to find Ivy again. Riding my horse into the woods, the knights on top of the castle said she was going to this way. My guess if I were her, I would head for the wall and make a break for it.

With a few of my men beside me, everyone stopped riding their horse when we heard the howling of wolves. The wolves in the woods around here are beautiful but deadly. The wolves around here are known to kill livestock and small animals. I’m sure they would surely eat her.

I quickly realized the girl could be in serious trouble because of the howling of the wolves. I quickened my pace on my horse, then coming where Ivy and the wolves are. I quickly got off my horse and I pulled out my sword from its scabbard in one smooth, well-practiced motion. Getting between Ivy and the wolves.

The other wolves backed away. Then it looked like the alpha male coming towards me. I pointed my sword to the alpha male, and we made eye contact. He knows I’m not backing down. The alpha wolf narrowed his glaze, I followed my sword to where he was looking at.

Ivy held onto my shirt, I didn’t break eye contact the alpha wolf. The alpha wolf made some type of howl, then walked away. The other wolves backed away then followed their pack leader.

Once I didn’t see the wolves anymore, I put down my sword then turned to Ivy. “Trying to escape again are we?”

She just looked at me, “I’m not going back.” She tried to make a run for it. I pushed her back to the wall.

“You are coming with me. The king wants you.”
“I am not going back.”

“Yes you are.” I forcibly grabbed her and put her on top of my horse, then tied her hands to my horse. I made sure that the ropes wasn’t too tight to cut off circulation but tight enough where she wouldn’t escape. Then I jumped on my horse then began to ride back to the castle.

“You are just like him! Please let me go! He doesn’t have to know we saw each other!”
“I’m just following orders Princess. He’s my brother.”
“Don’t call me that! Brother?”
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