Trapped In His Darkness

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If I Were King

Ivy’s POV

Brothers? Did he just say, they are brothers? Some facial expressions are the same, but they look completely different. The king looks a few years older, and he does look younger. Why did he call me princess? That sounded more like an insult than a complement.

I kicked and kicked to get free, he tightened his grip on my waist, he’s just like his brother. If he wasn’t he would let me go already or help me escape. He did once, why is now any different?

“You let me go once, why is now any different?”

He did say anything, I caught him off guard. I don’t think he was thinking I was going to ask that. But it’s true? Why is now any different. This time I’m even close escape then I did last time. I could hurt him right now since he is off guard.

His grip loosened just enough where I could wiggle off the horse. He slowed down his horse, I wiggle right off the horse. He’s really is letting me go?

“You’re letting me go?”
“Don’t worry about that for now. Go and don’t come back. Get as far away as possible.”
“Thank you.”

I started running in the directions I was going before. I heard him call out to me, “Remember, you do need permission to be in another kingdoms land....”

I ran to fast and I didn’t hear the last part of his sentence. I was for sure not going to turn back around and ask him what he said.

Vance POV

It was tough for me to let her go. I could’ve got praised by my brother and my people, since she’s going to be our queen. Even gold coins from him or even both. She doesn’t need to be here, if she doesn’t want too. I’m not anything like Victor, I know when a woman doesn’t want to lay in bed with me. Even I do wish I had Ivy in my bed chambers. She has grown on me, but I hope she gets as far away as possible and never returns here. Nothing good can become of it of her returning.

Knowing my brother, he’s not going to take it lightly that she ran. He’s going to send out even more men to search for her and bring her back. Even to search for her in other kingdoms. I hope she doesn’t get found out. Hopefully she has some wits about her. Not going into an enemy's land. She can end up dead. I do wish the best for her.

If she does come back, I want to try to win her affections and steal her away from Victor. How Victor treats her, it will be easy. I could even ask for her hand since I’m not married, and he’s been bugging me about marriage. Ivy can be mine, and everything else can follow. Victor might be right I need a good woman on my side. Then I can get what I really want.

I smirked to myself while riding back to the castle. After I noticed I had gone closer to the castle, I picked up my pace of my horse. So that it would look like I was racing back to the castle, Victor standing in front of the castle doors pacing back and forth. I jumped down from my horse, Victor running to me, “Did you find her? Is she hurt?”

“I did see her, but she cross over the wall on the east wall. I had to come back.”
“Why didn’t you stop her?”
“I couldn’t.”
“Oh right.”

Victor remembered there’s a treaty that says, anyone that wants to be in another kingdom needs permission from a king or queen. If they do not have a king’s permission then it’s up to the king's decision if he wants death, or another slave. If it’s a man, then the kings might recruit the man to be a soldier in his army.

If I were king, I would have anyone who went over my walls to be a part of my army. They escaped their land for a reason and knew what was going to happen. Then I would have the strongest army. The woman that should cross over would be sears slaves. My harems would be huge. Other Kings would love my harem, then would want to be allies with me to enjoy my harem. They would HAVE to because I would have a great army of soldiers. That would only happened if I were king but Victor is king.

Ivy’s POV

When I climbed up that tree then went over the wall, thank goodness I fell into a haystack. It did hurt my arm and ass when I fell down. I stood up and ran into the green barn that was close. I didn’t want anyone in the house to notice me.

I noticed when I went into the barn everything is green. The inside and outside the barn and stalls for the animals are all green. Even the hand tools rack, pitchfork, shovel all were green. Someone must love the color green or this kingdoms color is green. Maybe they have a law that everything has to be green.

Looking at my clothes, what I’m going to do. I am wearing nothing green. Green doesn’t look good on me. If I am here I have to wear it, even if I don’t like wearing the color. If someone saw me, I could get reported to this land’s king. He could be even more messed up in the head then Victor. I have to find something to wear. I heard my father talking about a kingdom that wears all green, but I didn’t hear the rest of what he was saying because I had to hurry up and do my chores.
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