Trapped In His Darkness

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Chapter: 9

Ivy’s POV

This kingdom must be the kingdom that wears all green. Walking around in the barn, I looked to my right and I can see outside the window a farmer's wife is hanging out clothes to dry on a clothesline. I know at my family’s farm, my mother picked the sunniest pot on the farm. She would hand wash each of them clothes, with soap she made herself. She would make me shake out the clothes first then use a wooden clothes spin and hang them on the clothesline. After a few hours the clothes would be done, then I would have to take down the clothes then take them inside. All while my father was taking care of the animals or corn, replanting something. From looking at the farmer’s wife, what I did at the farm.

After a few minutes, the farmer’s wife walked into the house. I didn't even stop to think, I ran to the clothesline and picked the clothes that would fit me. I grabbed the clothes then, I ran into the woods for cover. The farmer or farmer’s wife didn’t see me, if they did they would’ve ran outside and chased me. I took a deep sigh of relief, and looked behind me further down into the woods. A few feet from me, a huge tree was standing. Perfect for hiding behind while changing into my new clothes.

Now I can go into any part of this kingdom and not be noticed. I put the clothes on that I stole from the farmer’s wife, and folded my clothes that I'm not wearing. But I don’t like to steal, this is my first time stealing something. I do feel awful, but I will remember this and I will repay them somehow, someday I will.

The green shirt is twice the size that I normally wear. I rip the bottom of the shirt, then wrap the edges of the shirt around my waist, so the shirt would fit me.The rest of the shirt that I ripped off, I put it down on the branch of the tree. So it wouldn’t get dirty on the ground.

After putting on my skirt, the skirt is long enough where it covers my shoes. I didn’t want to steal shoes too, and make it twice as worse. It was already bad enough that I stole clothes and shoes too. One, that would raise suspicions. Clothes can fly off of the clothesline all the time. Second, my debt to them would be even more.

I took the rest of the ripped shirt and laid out the folded clothes I was wearing before, laid them on the ripped shirt. I tied the edges of the ripped shirt into a knot. My mother showed me how to do this before, she made a bag out of ripped old clothes, rags. Then she would carry it around when she plants the seeds. It did what it was supposed to do, to be a bag and it worked. This will have to work too. I want to keep my clothes because if I need it then I can use it. Maybe if I need to sell my clothes, then I will.

I have to survive out here somehow, somehow. I don’t even know anyone outside my kingdom. My kingdom is in the past. I don’t know if this kingdom will be my home or I’ll keep going and find somewhere I can call home. I do know I have to keep moving.

I walked out of the woods, onto a dirt path. I followed the dirt path till I got to a small village. People were smiling and laughing. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Children playing, people trying to sell things, fruits, vegetables and handmade goods. Some of the items would look beautiful in a home. In the life I should’ve had with Damian.

I was walking through the village, when I looked around at these beautiful women in front of me, chatting and talking to their lovers. My heart hurts because I can never have that now. They don’t know how lucky they are.

I kept walking through the village until I found another dirt path. I walked and walked, until I noticed two girls walking in the same distraction as me. They were armed to arm, laughing and giggling to each other. They sort of look like sisters, both of their hair looked long brown in braids down their backs. Both of them are wearing the same shade of green.

Victor’s POV

Today is the first day of the festival and Ivy is missing. I wanted this festival to be filled with laughter and joy. Now I want to cancel the whole thing. My beautiful Ivy isn’t here with me to enjoy it with. I have plenty of women in my harem. But I don’t want any of them. I want Ivy, I want to bring her back. I have to send out my men and bring her back! At the end of this festival, my people will have a wedding to celebrate.

“We have to find her! Bring her back!”
“Should we send out men to find her?”
“Yes, I’m sure she’s in one of the surrounding kingdoms.”
“Should we cancel the festival?”
“No! No! It must go on.”
“I will send out troops to all the surrounding kingdoms on your order, sir.”

My trusted and loyal brother, I know I can trust him to bring her back. Out of all my men or my kingdom, I trust Vance. We have fought many battles, I remember them all. Vance was by my side the whole time. We looked after each other, we were battle buddies. To return the gratitude for Vance being beside me in battle and protecting me now I want to show my thanks and I want to have my blessings for a wife. I want him to be just as happy as I am with Ivy. Maybe our sons will fight together in battle too.

Ivy’s POV

I followed the girls to a large tree in the middle of a field. A large tree with green apples hanging down. A few villages filling up baskets. No one is paying anyone, people are eating the apples right off the tree. Everyone is happy and enjoying the apples and everyone’s company.

I put my arms around my stomach when I heard my stomach growling. The two women in front of me turned back to me, “You must be new. Come and eat.”

I nodded, one of the women ran up the tree playfully and pulled a branch down, she looked like she was holding it down. The other woman walked over and pulled a green apple off the tree. She tossed the apple to me, I didn’t realize what she was going to do when I almost dropped the apple. But I managed to catch it.

I looked down to rub the green apple on my shirt and when I looked up, I noticed the two women doing the same thing again. But the woman is tossing the apples on the ground. I took a big bite of the apple, I kept on eating and eating the apple. The apple was so delicious, it tasted like what I imagine what heaven would be like. I’ve always had red apples and that was rare, but never tasted anything like this before.

“These green apples are only grow here in this kingdom.”
“They are so good.”

“Here have another one.” She tossed me another apple. I caught it, “Thank you.”

“Where are you from?”
“The kingdom next door.”

I looked down, my kingdom is the only kingdom that borders this kingdom. The other side of this kingdom is water.

“We won’t tell anyone.”

The woman understood, or they have met someone like me before. Both women nodded their heads after the oldest out of the two said they wouldn’t tell anyone.

“I like your green dresses.”
“Thank you, I sew them.”
“That’s amazing.”

My mother would always see everything for everyone in the house. She wasn’t good at sewing and she didn’t care for it. But it needed to be done, and she did. She would take forever to see anything. My guess is that she tried putting it off as long as she could; or maybe she was too tired because she had to cook, clean and do chores outside as well.

“I like the color brown of your hair.”

The youngest of the two women, smiled and playfully played with her hair. “Thank you, we did have blonde hair like yours, but we like the color brown more.”
“Did you change the color of your hair?”

“Yes.” The oldest spoke up, “We can’t wear anything other than green, but our king didn’t say we couldn’t change our hair colors.”
“We used coffee grounds.”
“Coffee grounds?”

I looked at my hair, the king and the king’s men would surely find me with my blonde hair. “Can you show me? Do you know how to cut hair too?”

The oldest woman jumped and smiled, “I can dye your and my sister Rose, will cut your hair.”
“Perfect! What is your name?”

Mary and Rose both took a side of my arm, we walked arm to arm all the way to their small house in the village. It was small and cold. Reminds me of my home with my parents. They have dresses and shirts and other clothing hanging up around in the house. Normally at my parents house they would do that if the clothes were drying and it was raining outside. They must be finished washing the clothes or finishing dying them.

“Sorry they are hanging because they need to dry off. We just dye them and soon to be sold. In the next couple of days we can try to sell them in the village.”
“Wow, that’s amazing.”

Mary told me to sit down, Rose began to cut my hair with her sewing scissors. She cut my long beautiful blonde hair to my shoulders. I don’t even remember when my hair was ever this short. As long as I can remember my hair has always been long. A single tear came down my cheek.

“I didn’t hurt you? Did I?”
“No, no. I never had my hair cut before. I love it.”

I now feel like someone else, that I can be someone else. I don’t feel like I have to worry about if someone would recognize me. Now I just have to let Mary dye my hair. I’m not sure how long the color of the coffee grounds would last but it gives me time to figure out if I’m going to stay here or go to the next kingdom. I could even take a ship and go even further away from Victor. I would need money for that.

While Rose washed my hair, Mary grounded up the coffee grounds in a fine powder, she said she bought it in the market in the village a few weeks ago. Mary and Rose also use the coffee grounds to dye shoes, and other things. After she was done, Mary out the coffee powered on my damp wet hair.

The coffee smells burnt or bitter. I’ve never been a fan of coffee before. The smell always makes me want to throw up. My father would make it every morning before he would get outside and do his chores. I hated to smell it first thing in the morning.

Then Mary let the coffee powered stay on my hair for a while. I just sat still, I didn’t want to move and something to go wrong. Rose said I could if I wanted to but I didn’t want to. After a few minutes, Mary washed my hair out again. She said she could see the brown color in my hair. My hair is now officially short and brown.
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