Trapped In His Darkness

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Without Warning

Chapter: 12

It seemed like hours the Knight on the horse pulled on the rope, each of the seven of us cried out in pain. Our wrists are bruises, swollen, raw and mine are bleeding now.

Each step we made to the castle my heart sank, I did this to Mary and Rose. I should’ve kept going. None of this would’ve happened. Mary and Rose would’ve lived happily in their small home and selling their clothes. Mary and Rose were happy before they met me.

One way, I’ll get them back to their house and get them away from here. I know Mary and Rose, won’t be happy here in this kingdom. Once they meet Victor is all over, I must get them out of here, or at least make it easier for them to live here.


After hours of walking, we finally reached my kingdom. The streets are empty, my guess they are having the festival. I overheard a few maids talking about getting everything prepared before I left. I looked around, and wanted posters of me all over the kingdom.

We reached the castle, the knight on the horse jumped down from his horse and pulled on the rope. Another knight pulled the horse to the back of the castle. If only Mary, Rose and I can squeeze out of these ropes, I can take one of the knights horses and run away from here.

Two knights were guarding the dining room doors. The knights opened the door. The knight pulled everyone into the dining hall. I looked around and all the King's men and townspeople, even the royals of the court; even the King Leo I met before I ran away, all standing still. The whole room went silent when we went into the dining room. Victor sitting on his chair in the middle of the dining room. Everyone looked at him for orders on what to do or say.

Victor didn’t have any women hanging onto him like King Leo. He has three ladies from the harem hanging onto him. I only slightly looked up at Victor. I didn’t want him to notice me. Maybe with my hair short and a different color he won’t realize it’s me. I can only hope that’s the case.

The knight with one hand holding our rope, he took his other hand and pulled out the drawing, “My men and I found all the women that look like the woman in the wanted poster.”

I hid my face in the shoulder of the girl standing beside me. Victor looked at the seven of us girls, then replied to the knight. “Most of them don’t have blonde hair.”
“Yes, your highness.”

The girls looked at Victor, I hid my face, while he walked in front of the seven of us. Victor looked closely at the girls in front of the line. The knight yelled for everyone to look forward. I still hid my face, one of the knights held the back of my neck to make me face forward. I screamed out in pain, then turned around and kicked the knight on his foot. The knight pulled my hair to make me look forward.

When I looked forward, Victor was standing in front of me. With one look he noticed me. I just stood there in silence and in horror. I dared not to say anything. It could get me killed and the girls that’s tied to the rope with me.

“I have found her. Untie her. Right now!”

The knight that pulled my hair did what his king told him to do. He untied my ropes around my hands.

“What do you want us to do with the rest of the girls? Your highness?”
Victor spoke up, “Take them to the harem.”

“You can do anything you want with me. Just spare the girls.”

The girls huddled behind me, crying and sobbing. I couldn’t let Mary and Rose be in harem.

“Please! I beg you!”

Victor looked at me then the girls, “you can only spare two girls.”
“Mary and Rose”
“They will be your maids.”

The knights untied their ropes, I hugged Mary and Rose, they hugged me back. You can see Mary trying not to cry, but Rose already had tears in her eyes.

Without warning, he drags me into the hallway. He yells back to the crowd, “Please enjoy, I’m retiring early. I know I sure will.”

You could hear people picking up their Instruments and starting to play music. People are laughing and chatting. I could barely hear them because I was screaming and kicking Victor to let go of my hair. We walked through the hallways and up the stairs. Every guard bowed to their king. I screamed for help. But there was no point. I screamed till we came to the bathhouse. The bathhouse in the up stairs are for the royals, kings, Victor.

Without warning, he did say anything. He grabbed my hair and by force he made me get into the bath. He didn’t let go, I screamed and kicked and kicked. Clothes and all I made him wet from kicking the water.

He’s going to kill me. He’s going to drown me in the bathhouse!

“Hold still!”

I can feel my lungs fill up with water. I kicked and kicked, he came into the bath with me with one hand, the other holding onto me. He poured soap on my hair and scrubbed my hair. He scrubbed so hard it hurt my scalp.


I screamed, he kept scrubbing my hair. I tried moving away, he pulled my hair back. I fell into the water again, he dumped my hair back into the water over and over again.

He let go of my hair, I lifted up out of the water. Wiped off the water with my hands. I wrapped my arms around myself. The water was freezing cold, I started to shiver. Victor was all wet, from head to toe from me wetting him with the water. If I wasn’t scared and shivering I would’ve laughed. This is not the right time or place.

He stood there looking at me smirking. I could smell the coffee that Mary and Rose used on my hair. The water turned the same color as my hair did. Victor’s hands are slightly discolored from washing my hair out.

My hair is dripping down, how short my hair is now. I could only slightly see my blonde coming back from my hair. He was washing my hair out...

He moved closer to me, I jumped out of the bathtub and I ran for the door. Victor forcefully dragged me into the hallway, we walked to his room. Two guards straighten up, “This is my room. Don’t let her out boys!”

We walked into his room, his room was elegant with silk blankets and pillows, with fur rugs on the ground and a fur blanket on the bed.

“I can’t trust you to be in your own room till we are married. You are going to stay here while I keep an eye on you.”
“Please let me go.”
“Why did you leave?”

Victor’s POV

I have to know why she left me. Why did she have to leave? She knows how much I love her. She knows how badly I need her. Ivy going to be my wife.

“I wanted to get away from you. Far as possible.”

How can she hurt me, so I don’t understand. She evokes feelings in me that I never knew. The gods had given her to me, and she will be forever mined. The gods will bless our union soon.

Ivy’s POV

I saw the hurt and anger in his eyes. I know I hurt him when I said those words. How badly he has hurt me. I don’t care if I hurt him with my words. He had hurt me in many ways, more than I never knew anyone could.

“Mark my words Ivy, you will never get away from me.”

He ran over to me, his cold eyes, gripping my face harder, as tears formed in my eyes. He pushed into the doors. The guards on the other side know not to open the doors.

“Why did you have to leave!”

He punched the door, then I flinched when I felt his hand hold my cheek in a tender way, I looked up confused as to why he didn't hit me.

He could hurt me, punch me, beat me for running away, but he is holding my cheek in a tender way... I don’t understand.

He moved away from me, then pulled a cream color night dress out of one of his drawers.

“Put this on and get on the bed.”

I nodded, turned around and not facing him. I quickly took off my wet clothes and put on the night dress. Victor did the same, he took off his wet clothes and just changed his bottoms.

“Now get on the bed!”

I stood there, I didn’t move. He’s going to rape me like he did before. He’s going to punish me for running away.

He walked closer to where I was standing, I was scared to even move. He reached out and grabbed a fist full of my damp hair. His grip firm, pulling me to him. I whimpered, then he yanked my hair back, forcing me to look up. Victor stared down at my chest.

Victor’s POV

The outfit looked even better on her then I thought it was going to, her body filling it out perfectly. Her eyes looked away from me, pissing me off. I clenched my hand full of her hair, earning another whimper. “Am I clear on that order?”

With my hand in hair, I pushed her onto the bed. Tears rolling down her face. She looked scared and terrified at what I could do to her.

I climbed into bed and wrapped the blanket around me then turned my back on her. She stared at me, saying nothing and doing nothing on top of the bed.

“Don’t make me tie you to the bedpost, go to sleep!”

I feel annoyed. I don’t know what to do about her. About the fact that she ran away. I’m thankful she’s back to where she belongs. With me, and soon she’ll be my wife. Our union will be blessed. Our kingdom will be happy. To have a beautiful ruler by my side. She could make me do anything she wanted me to do. But she doesn’t know she has that power over me yet.

Tomorrow is a big day in our kingdom. I have to get up early for the festival. Tomorrow I will fight for my beloved.
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