Trapped In His Darkness

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Chapter: 13

Ivy’s POV

I rolled over to Victor’s side of the bed. I didn’t see Victor on his side of the bed. It was true Victor didn’t do anything to me last night. He didn’t put his hands on me once last night. After I did go to sleep, I did sleep peacefully.

My doors slowly opened, I sat up in my bed, and I held my breath. It’s King Victor coming to hurt me or rape me, maybe even punish me for running away from him. I closed my eyes and continued sitting on the bed, to prepare for whatever fate has in store for me.

First I heard Rose then I heard Mary’s voice, I quickly opened my eyes. Mary and Rose rushed to my side of the bed and hugged me tightly. I jumped up from my bed, then hugged them again.

“Why are you here? How did you get in here?”
“We are your personal maids.”

I held both of their hands, and tears came down my face. Mary and Rose shouldn’t be here. They should’ve had to serve me, I don’t deserve to be served by anyone.

“Why are you crying?”

Rose asked me why I was crying. Why are they crying? What did Victor do to them?

“Because you guys shouldn’t be here. I’m so sorry. I should’ve kept running.”
“No, the King has been very nice to us.”
“He has? Why are you guys crying?”

Both of them nodded their heads and smiled. Mary spoke up, “Because we are happy that the King didn’t do anything to you. That you are safe!”

Rose smiles very sweetly, wiping away her tears with her sleeve, “We thought he might have killed you. We were scared to come into the room. We thought we might have seen you in your own blood on the floor or the bed. Even he might have hurt you badly for running away.”

“I’m sorry, I should’ve run away after you did my hair. You and Mary wouldn’t be here like this.”
“We are not mad at you”
“Yes. You should’ve told us what you were running away from.”
“I’m sorry.”

We all hugged, Rose pulled away then pulled a folded letter out of her pocket. “Here, I almost forgot. He wanted us to give it to you.”

I unfolded the letter then read it out loud to Mary and Rose. “You will have two knights accompanying you all times today. I gave your maids my permission to go into the town, you may join them. You dare leave the town, I will find you and you will be punished. Love Victor.”

I rolled my eyes at the last part of the letter, when it said, “Love Victor.”. Then I looked over at Mary and Rose,“Did you know about what it said?”

Rose giggled and Mary tried not to giggle like Rose. I shook my head and tried not to smile.


After a few minutes I told Mary and Rose to step out so, I could change for the day. Mary and Rose offer but I Insisted that I could change myself. I didn’t need help changing my clothes, I’m not a child.

After I got changed, I walked out of the room. Rose, Mary and me walked out of the castle and then started to walk out to the town. I turned around because I felt like someone was watching me. It was Vance, I haven’t seen him since he saved me and let me go. Beside him was the knight that held the rope while the seven of us girls cried out in pain. Remembering what Victor’s letter said I will have two knights accompanying us to the town.

I tried not letting it get to me that Victor has two knights watching me. I can’t do anything myself. He’s probably afraid that I’ll run away again. But he’s right I would run away if I had the chance. I would take Mary and Rose with me. We would get away from this place.

I wonder why he would pick the knight beside Vance to help watch me. I wonder if the reason, if Victor feels like he can trust Victor and the knight the most. He was in charge of getting me back. The reason he picked Vance is obvious. He’s his right-hand man and his brother. Out of anyone I bet Victor trusts Vance the most.

Mary saw me looking back at the knights, “Why are you staring at them? Do you know them?”
“That’s Vance and I’m not sure his name is. But he is the knight that held the ropes.”
“He’s name is Sam.”

“Wait. How do you know his name?”

Rose giggled, then Mary, Rose and I walked arm to arm to the town, while Vance and Sam the other knight walked behind us. Every year the festival is always a sight to see. I would only go to the festival every other year or so. My father wouldn’t let me. I would have to sneak off to go.

Every year the festival arrived and the excited energy was contagious. We spent most of the morning finishing up our cooking and setting up the tables and blankets in the courtyard of the town. Where there was room for people and the King's men to dance, sing, play music and eat. The King and the men of the country would joust. I never liked seeing all the blood. This year Damian wanted to be doing the jousting, like every one of his friends. He wanted me to watch him.

Getting lost in thought, Mary and Rose pulled my arms into the flower shop. “We need to pick flowers for your room!” Mary and Rose giggled, I yelled back at Vance and the other knight. “Please wait outside, it’s just a flower shop. I’ll be right out.”

Vance and Sam agreed to stand in front of the shop. While Mary, Rose and I looked in the shop. Mary and Rose looking at one side of the shop. I walked closer to the back of the shop. That’s where the shopkeeper always has the best looking flower ls in the back.

No one’s POV

A group of people are shopping, but no one knows the back of the shop is in flames. The shopkeeper is in the back of the shop passed out because of the smoke. The smoke slowly filled up the shop. Since the frame of the shop is wooden, the roof of the shop has caught on fire. Slowly everything is on fire. The whole shop is on fire.

When Ivy noticed the smoke she ran into the back room of the shop. Fire burst in front of her. She coughs and coughing, looking around to see if she sees anyone in the back. She didn’t see anyone earlier when she did walk into the shop.

She was about to stop looking because she could barely see anything in front of her because of the smoke coming from the surrounding fire. She was about to leave the room when she heard a slight noise. She looked at the ground, she saw the shopkeeper's legs. Ivy couldn’t let anyone die in a horrible way like this. She grabbed the shopkeeper, and she started pulling her out of the room. When a thick wooden pillar fell on top of her back, she didn’t move, she fell unconscious. Trapping Ivy and the shopkeeper inside the back room.

Meanwhile, Vance and Sam were standing in front of the shop checking out a farm girl walking by. They stopped when they heard screaming coming from the shop. They opened the wood door and fire and flames came from inside the shop. Vance and Sam rush in and help people out of the building. Both knights carried out people trying to get everyone safely out of the building.

Sam and Vance rush back into the shop, Sam finds Mary and Rose passed out on the ground holding bluebells in their hands. Vance yelled out to Mary and Rose, “Where is Ivy?” He kept yelling and yelling. Sam has Rose’s arms wrapped around his neck, she slowly opens her eyes. She points to the back of the shop. Rose closes her eyes again and falls unconscious. Sam rushes her outside, then puts her down safely, then runs back in to save Mary.

The shopkeeper slowly makes conscious again, but is still going in and out of consciousness. Every time she came to consciousness she would scream, “Help!” Ivy unconscious with the thick wooden pillar on top of her back.

“Help!” the woman screamed again and judging from the sound Vance, in his state of unarm, the brave knight ran to the back of the shop. Years of training told him to be cautious but his concern for a woman in danger urged him to make haste. He knew he had to save Ivy from danger.

When Vance ran to the back of the shop he saw a door and tried to open it. The door didn't open to his nudges, Then Vance crashed into the room and was shocked at the sight.

Vance saw a woman going in and out of unconsciousness and Ivy unconscious with the thick wooden pillar on top of her back. Sam ran into where Vance is. Sam grabs the shopkeeper, Vance tries to pull the thick wooden pillar off her back when he gets under the pillar to move it. Then he put all this strength into moving the pillar with his back. He moves the wooden pillar away, then he hunches in pain. He hurt his back in the process of mobbing the pillar.

Ivy’s POV

Going in and out of consciousness, everything around me is getting hot and it’s hard to breathe. I feel warm hands around me, trying to move me. It must be Victor trying to hurt me again.


I kicked and screamed, then suddenly with one forceful tug, he tore the hem of my dress. Using the long torn piece of fabric to bind my wrist, the man threw me over his shoulder, holding my legs, so I won’t kick him. Then the man walked into the sunlight. The townspeople screaming for more water, and people trying to help to get the fire out. I passed out, unconscious.
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