Trapped In His Darkness

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Chapter 14

When I opened my eyes, I saw Mary and Rose beside my bed. Mary and Rose have their hands bandage up. I slowly moved around, I looked down and I saw my chest was bandaged up. I have on bottoms, but I’m not wearing anything but the bandage on my chest.

“Ivy! You're alive!”
“Yes I’m alive. I’m in a lot of pain. Oww.”

I tried to move around, I could only sit up in my bed. “What happened?”
“There was a fire at the flower shop.”

“A lot of people got burned.”
“How badly did I get burned?”
“A little on your back. If we keep it clean and new bandage on it then it shouldn’t make scars.”
“Good. Good. I don’t want to remember Victor saving me.”

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms on my chest. Rose and Mary looked at me, it looked like they did know what to say to that.

“Your mistaken Ivy. Victor saves you. Sam saved us. They pulled us out of the burn flower shop.”
“What are you guys talking about?”
Both nodded their heads, “It’s true.”

If what Mary and Rose said is true then, Vance saved me twice now. He saved me from getting eaten by wolves and burning to death in the fire. Everything is slowly coming back to me. I think I did hurt my head because I don’t remember everything. It would explain why I thought it was Victor that saved me not Vance.

I can’t believe Vance would run into a burning building to save me. I can feel my checks are heating up and my heart beating fast. The only time this has happened is when I was with Damian. I think I might start having feelings for Vance.

Lost in thought, Mary and Rose talking to each other, we stopped when we heard a little commotion outside the doors, then the wooden doors flow open.

Victor came in while guards around him. The look on Victor’s face frightened me. I don’t know what to think of his demeanor. When he came in with his guards, I quickly covered myself with the blanket. I didn’t want Victor or his knights to see me.

“Ivy, I just heard what happened! She is going to be okay?”
Mary and Rose both bowed to Victor, “Yes your highness.”

“How bad is it?”
“She needs rest and to keep her bandages clean your highness.”

They spoke to him, but they didn’t dare to look up at him. I stared at him, I didn’t say anything to him.

“Make sure there’s no sign of infection.”

When he said that, it was like something clicked in my head. I remembered something, something is important that I forgot what it was.

Victor has a sad worried look on his face. It almost made me feel bad for him. Then Mary and Rose looked up at him, he blushed, his face turned a sight pink. Then he looked at me, then he walked out of the room. His guards followed behind him, walking back to their place to guard.

Rose first looked at Mary then at me, then she started to giggle, “I think he likes you. I think he really does care for you.”
“I think he has a hard time showing it, but yea I think so too. I agree with Rose.”

“Finally you guys agree on something.”

Everyone laughed, because they would not agree on anything when we were at their house. I scooted down into the bed, “I think I need some sleep.”


My mother wanted me to find some herbs in the forest. The rest of my family went to the town to sell the eggs and whatever my mother grew in her garden. My mother thought it would be best if I could find herbs that we could eat, or we could sell. Food is scarce because of the war. Many nights we have gone hungry.

The old King has ruined this country because of his greediness. My father always says, “That damn King’s greediness. He only wants glory and money. He’s money hungry and the kingdom doesn’t need another war but too many men are fighting in the war. We won’t have a country if he keeps this up.”

My mother said once my father served in the last war, when I was a baby. It changed him. He has never been the same. He didn’t hurt his leg. That’s why he needs the cane to walk.


Lost in thought I forgot back home I needed to clean out the barn before my family gets back from town. I grabbed my wooden basket with herbs. I hurried back to the family’s farm. I heard the animals in the barn making noises, normally the animals are pretty quiet. There might be another snake in the barn making the animals go crazy.

I opened the one side of the barn’s doors. What I stumbled upon I wasn’t ready to see. He was laying down on a haystack. I looked over at him and studied him before I came closer to him.

The man was unconscious, maybe in his late 20 early 30. He was tall with broad shoulders. His clothes were torn, he must be a part of the knights that’s fighting in the war. Why is he doing so far away from the castle? We Live miles away from the castle or even the town. He has a bruised face, and a long gash across his chest. I wonder if he is still alive.

I slowly moved closer to the man, putting my hand on his chest. I noticed he still had a heart beat but it’s fast, I think he has a fever. He looks like he’s on death's door.

I started to rip strips of cloth from the bottom of my dress. I ran over to the small spring where we get water every morning to feed the animals and water the garden. The spring water felt cool, I dipped the strips in the water then rang out the rest of the water.

Hopefully the cool water will bring down his fever. I ran back over to him with the strips of cloth, then I went back over to him. He was still unconscious, I took the strips of cloth and I cleaned the grime away off the man's face as best as I could.

When I wiped the grime away, I could help but to think he does have a handsome face. Even if he has one swollen eye and his lips were busted and raw. A strong chin, cheeks rough with hair and a little shallow as if he had not eaten for days.

I saw his gray eyes slowly open, “What are you doing? Who are you?”
“My name is Ivy. What is yours? Are you a part of the knights that have been fighting in this war?”
“Yes, Victor. My name is Victor. I am a knight for his highness. I must get back to the.... castle.”

The man passed out unconscious again. I examined the long gash across his chest for infection. I didn’t see any sign of infection. I said a quick prayer to myself, then cleaned around the gash she placed a dry strip of cloth on it.

I looked after him in the barn for two days. I nursed him back to health, I even gave him food and water. Whatever I could to get him back on his feet again. He would still go in and out of consciousness. I didn’t tell anyone about him. I knew my father would beat me with the cane if he knew. Or he would the man with his cane.

End of Flashback

I woke up Mary and Rose still beside my bed, one is reading a book and the other one is drawing clothes on a notepad. I don’t know if that was a dream or a flashback, maybe even both. Why would he be obsessive now? After I nursed him back to health?

That was 3 years ago, when I found him like that. He became king shortly after that and the war was over. Everyone lives happily after that, and a year after meeting Victor in my family’s barn I met Damian.

I’m sure Vance wouldn’t do anything like that. Vance is gentle and caring. I believe Vance is a good person. If he’s willing to run into a burning building for me, then he’s good, unlike his brother.

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