Trapped In His Darkness

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Chapter 16

Victor’s POV

I’m still hiding where I was standing, I can see everything. Ivy looks happy as she can be. Like when she was with Damian. I got rid of Damian with one swing of my sword, I can do the same to Vance. Even if he’s my brother, he knows better than to get in my way of what I want.

For this time I’ll give him a warning shot, if he doesn’t back off then I’ll have to do it. I don’t want to but if he doesn’t back off, I will. I’ll have to kill him.


Everyone in the town cheering for their favorite knight. Many people are cheering my name. I look up to where Ivy is, she’s sitting down next to my chair. Where the royals and people of the court are spectating. King Leo is spectating the tournament today.

I have been joust with many knights, the last joust for today is with Vance. After this joust whichever is the winner gets a bag full of coins, and a kiss from anyone in the kingdom. Widowed, young, old, a part of the harem or not. I want more than just a kiss from Ivy. Special because she hurt me. She’s going to get more than just a kiss.

Sitting on top of my horse in full armor, I’m holding my helmet. My horse has my family’s crest; it's a crescent moon. My family’s colors are white and blue. My squire is holding my lance. My lance at the end point is a skull.

Each knight has different colors to represent their families name. Even the end of the lance is different. The end of Vance’s lances an arrowhead. He’s horse is wearing our family’s crest and colors.

As my squire is pulling my horse to where I am supposed to be starting from. I couldn’t help but to stare at Ivy, she turned her head and smiled at the opposite side of me at Vance.

Ivy staring at him makes my blood boil even more. She should be cheering for me. I should have her token. I look around, I see my knight and their loved ones. The ladies are giving the knights their tokens. My heart feels like it’s screaming at me. Screaming for Ivy. I’m hurt and angry.. Vance is going to pay.

As Vance gets read on the other side, my squire gives me my lance. I line up my lance right for his heart. He made my heart hurt, I will do the same. I don’t care if it kills him or hurts him. I told my squire not to use my lances with poison in it. Those lances have poison in them. After the skull is broken off, then the poison will kill you.

My squire hands me my helmet. As Vance smiles and waves to the cheering crowd of people. I slam my helmet shut, and recheck my angle of my lance. As I take one look at Ivy before, the green flags go down. I look straightforward.

The green flag drops, I kick my heels for my horse to run straightforward to Vance. Vance and his horse do the same. His lance barely hits my shoulder. My lance almost knocked him off his horse, and destroyed his lance. The crowd is cheering and his face looks shocked. He wasn't expecting me to hit him so hard. Brother or not I will give him everything he deserves.

“Round one goes to.... King Victor!”

The crowd goes wild as Vance and I go back to where we started from. The joust has three rounds. It can go into a sudden death if we both win the third round. We would both have to fall off of our horses. It’s an automatic win if someone dies.

The green flag drops again, I kick my heels for my horse to run straightforward to Vance for the second time. Vance and his horse do the same. His lance hits my shoulder. My shoulder is now out of place.

My lance hit his lance and ricochets and hits him in the eye. Blood coming down from his face. The crowd is cheering and gasping at the site. Gasping at the blood. I look up at Ivy, she’s more worried about Vance than me. This makes me even more angry at Vance and Ivy.

Vance and I go back to where we started from. The doctors are checking both of us out. For my out-of-place shoulder and Vance’s right eye.

“Round two goes to.... King Victor!

I pop my shoulder back into place. Vance gives the okay that he’s going to compete in the next round. I smirk to myself, and give Ivy a quick wink. I line up my lance right for his heart.

The green flag drops again for the last time, I kick my heels for my horse to run straightforward to Vance for the third time. Vance and his horse do the same. Before Vance’s lance has a chance to hit me, with all of my force in my lance, Vance falls off of his horse. His squire runs up to him and says he has been knocked unconscious.

“The winner is.. King Victor!”

The crowd goes wild as they hear my name. Ivy saw what happened and she ran for Vance. I quickly got off my horse. A royal hands me the coins for winning the tournament. I throw the bag at the crowd of people. My people need the coins more than I do. The only thing I want is Ivy. I see, Ivy runs to him and gets down on her knees where Vance is.

I quickly pulled Ivy’s arm, “It’s time for me to claim my prize.” I squeezed her arm in my hand. Ivy trying to remove my hand. “Please let me care for him!”
“You can flirt with him again, I don’t think so.”


Ivy screamed and tried to scratch me. We made it into the castle and up the stairs. I squeezed even harder and dragged her into my room. I yelled for the guards outside my room to not let anyone disturb us.

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