Trapped In His Darkness

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Dancing? Rebellion?

Chapter 18

Ivy’s POV

Victor left the room, I was still sitting up on the bed holding the blankets to my chest. Right after Victor left the room, Mary and Rose came through the door. The guards shut the door behind them.

Rose holding a new dress in her hands. She put a green dress across the bed to lay it out so it wouldn’t get wrinkled. Mary and Rose walked closer to me, “Are you okay?”
“We tried screaming for you.”
“What did he do to you?”

I hugged myself with the blankets. I can smell the scent on the blankets and on me. My cheeks went hot and I bit my lip.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

I wonder why they brought in a new dress? I’ve never seen it before. I do love the color and the design of the dress.

“Why did you bring in the dress?”
“It’s for the ball! King Victor said we could enjoy the festivities. I’m so excited.”

Mary crossed her arms, “I don’t want to go to the ball. I would rather be at home reading a book.”

Rose playfully pulled on Mary’s arm, “Please come to the ball, I can’t go by myself. Ivy is going to be with the King and I’ll be by myself. Plea—seeee.”

“Okay okay, don’t do that again.”
Rose jumping up and down in excitement, “Yay!”

“Okay, let's get Ivy ready for tonight.”

I nodded and removed the blankets from my chest. Mary and Rose were shocked to see that I have candle wax on my chest and hickies on my neck, legs, chest. They could see what he did to me while they begged the guards to open the door.

“He’s a monster.”

Rose covered her mouth looking at my body. A single tear came down her face. Mary grabbed the blanket off the bed to cover myself with.

“Let’s bring her to the bath.”

Unknown POV

Everyone in the room received the same message to meet here. Our leader paid a farmer to use his barn. The farm is letting everyone that knows the password inside the barn. He’s not the only person in the country that agrees with us. Our rebellion is getting stronger and stronger every day. Soon our leader will take the crown and bring this country to its knees.

Everyone is standing and sitting around waiting for our leader to come to start the meeting. I always stand in the back, but I am our leader’s right-hand man. I don’t talk much, I watch and listen. My job is to make sure everyone in the rebellion is going to follow our leaders orders. No one makes a move without our leader's decision.

I stood in the back of the barn listening to everyone's conversation. I noticed the farmer quickly opened the door to the barn. Everyone in the barn quickly got on the feet. Our leader is covered in blood and cuts. He has his left arm in a bandage.

Someone yelled, “What happened to you?”
“It doesn’t matter what happened to me. It’s time. We can’t wait any longer. Who agrees? Say “I.”

Everyone in the barn said,“I.” Men, women and children. One woman walked over to him and cleaned him up more. She’s always sweet on our leader. Now it’s time to start the plan to take over the kingdom.


The Ball

Ivy’s POV

The guards escorted me to the ball. Tomorrow is the big hunt. Victor and his men are going to be gone away from the castle for a few days. It will be good to be away from Victor. What happened earlier can’t happen again. I will fall for him if it does. I don’t want to. Maybe soon I can still get away from this place and bring Mary and Rose with me. Maybe soon Victor will get bored with me and let me go.

The guards opened the doors then I looked around and everyone in the room was smiling and laughing, all the King's men and townspeople, even the royals of the court. A few people are playing Instruments and playing music. The music sounds lovely.

Even the King Leo is smiling and laughing with someone. This time he didn’t have three girls from the haram all over him. He only has one. Walking closer to her, she looks familiar like I have seen her before.

Walking closer to them I noticed she was one of the girls that was forced to come here. She was behind Rose in the lineup. She still doesn’t look happy, she mostly looks scared. King Leo is drinking his wine and with the other hand softly playing with the tips of his fingers with her brown hair. She jumps in her seat every time he gets a piece of her hair and smells it.

I wish I could help here but I can’t. I don’t have that power over Victor for him to do anything I ask him too. The only thing I did ask him is to not let Mary and Rose
be a part of the haram. At least he did do that, I am grateful.

When the doors opened, the whole room went silent when we went into the dining room. Victor slowly stepped up the small stairs leading up to the throne, and turned around to face his audience. Everyone in the room bowed, including me.

King Leo turned to him and started to talk with Victor. I turned away and tried to scan the crowd for Vance, I couldn't find him. I see Mary and Rose having a good time smiling, laughing and dancing with two royals.

I walked over to the table of food and wine. A grabbed a cup of wine. I walked afterwards to the balcony for some fresh air. At least none of the knights are guarding the balcony. I know Victor can keep his eyes on me from his throne.

I walked to the end of the balcony and smelled the fresh air. It smells like it's going to rain. It’s my favorite smell, the smell of rain. I stared up at the moon. The moon looks big tonight, like you could pull the moon closer and touch it. It’s a beautiful night. I sipped on the wine and stared straight up at the moon.

I wish I had someone to share this moment with. Someone I don’t have to be scared of. I can relax and be myself. Someone I can really fall in love with.

Sipping on my cup of wine I felt warm arms wrap around my waist. Maybe I could get used to Victor’s warmth. Maybe I could in the future feel safe with him, “Victor stop.”

I turned around with his arms still wrapped around my waist. Vance spoke up, “Wrong brother.”

I slightly pushed him away from me, “What are you doing here?”
“You're not thinking about jumping are you?”
“No, I wouldn’t dare.”

“Good, then why are you here?”
“Oh, I'm just exhausted, I needed some fresh air.”

“Yeah, I can see the bags under your eyes. You do look really tired.”
“It’s been a long day.”

“Run away with me. We can join the rebels and be part of the rebellion against my brother.”
“Yes, they are going to overthrow Victor. Might even kill him.”
“Wait, how do you know this?”
“All the knights know. I thought you knew.”

Someone walked out to the balcony and cleared their throat, I turned to face who it was. It’s one of Victor’s servants.

“Ivy, the King wishes you to speak to you.”

I nodded, bowed to Vance. I walked over to where Victor was sitting down. He motioned for me to sit down beside him.

“Are you being good my dear?”
“Dance with me.”

Victor stood up and pulled my wrist to follow him to where everyone is dancing. The people playing the music, picked up their instruments and started to play.

“Do not worry about your feet...follow my movements.”

He moved so elegantly across the floor, pulling me with him. I blushed and moved with him, then we started to move in sync, it felt like we were floating. I have never danced like this before.

“Look at me.”

I stared up at him while me danced, “I saw your conversation with Vance. Do I need to remind you what I said earlier? Or do I need to make you remember?”

I could feel his warm hands on my waist, pulling me closer to him. My breast is closer to his chest. I tried to push his hand away, he kept pulling me closer to him while we danced.

“Tomorrow is the hunt. You don’t want Vance to be in a hunting accident, do you.”

He pulled away a little, so we were arms length apart, before he twisted me in a circle, pulling me back into his chest. I looked up at him, our eyes locked, sending shivers down my spine, his stare was cold and angry, his face hard. He pulled me closer to him, then he whispered in my ear, “Let’s go to sleep.”

I just stood there, I stopped dancing with him. He pulled my wrist and we walked to our room. The guards bowed as we walked by. Victor wasn’t pulling me hard, he was pulling me, so I know he’s serious. What is he going to do next? Is going to punish me for talking to Vance? I wonder if he knows what Vance said? Is it true?

The guards opened the doors when Victor gave his orders. We walked into the room, he let go of my wrist.

“Go to sleep.”

He took off his clothes then climbed into bed. I undid my front corset of my green dress. I looked over to him. He turned over, with his eyes closed.

“I can ask you something?”

He opened his eyes, “Yes you may.”
“Do you know about the rebellion against you.”

Without even a second to think about it, he said “Yes.” So what Vance told me is the truth. There is a rebellion against Victor.

“Where did you hear that from?”
“ one. I overheard someone talking about it.”
“Thank you for telling me. Climb into bed. I won’t do anything to you, I promise. Tomorrow is busy today.”

I nodded and climbed into bed. I do believe him when he said he won’t do anything to me. At least part of me does. I don't trust him fully, probably never will.

“Thank you again for telling me. I know I can trust you... It is hard to actually trust people when you are in my position...the whole kingdom rests on my shoulders, if I make one could be dangerous.”

After he said that he turned over and went hard fast asleep. He must be tired and it must be tiring not to trust anyone in his position. I wonder how much he does trust Vance? I also wonder how much he trusts me?
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