Trapped In His Darkness

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The Royal Hunt

Chapter 19

Ivy’s POV

Victor stayed on his side of the bed, he didn’t touch me once. I think I felt his lips on my forehead earlier this morning. It was light and gentle, I don’t think that was Victor. I must have been dreaming. Victor could never be that gentle with me.

I sat up in my bed when I heard a knock on the door. The guards opened the doors, Mary and Rose came into the room.

“Mary, Rose I don’t want to get ready for the day so soon. Since Victor and his men are going to be away, I want to relax today.”

Mary and Rose looked at me then at each other, as if my head wasn’t on right. “What are you talking about? The king sent us here to help you pack and to get you ready for the royal hunt.”

“Yes, it’s true. Even King Leo and his women are going.”


Mary and Rose helped me pack for the hunt. I changed into a gray dress with short sleeves. Rose said that Victor told them that I needed to wear a warm coat. The early morning gets really cold outside. I put on my dress and my coat.

Mary helped to get me dressed, while Rose finished packing. Victor or the knights didn’t tell them what I would need during my time at the royal hunt. She put in my wooden luggage what she thought I would need. Mary looked at my bandages, she thinks I don’t need them anymore. The burns are healing up nicely, she doesn’t think it will scar.

After Mary and Rose were done, a few knights walked into the room to grab my wooden luggage to put them on the carriage. Mary and Rose followed me outside.

Victor is sitting on top of his white horse, the horse and Victor is wearing his family's crest; it's a crescent moon. His family’s colors are white and blue. His squire is packing things into the saddlebags on the side of the horse.

Victor’s knights are on top of their horses too, I turn my head to Rose, and she is blushing. Both Mary and I looked at Rose, she’s smiling at Sam. Mary and I giggled at Rose.

I looked around at the knights, I don’t see Vance anywhere. I do see King Leo and his women. She looks sad and scared. I do hope one day I get to talk to her. Maybe I can get Victor to release the girl from King Leo’s grip.


After the servants packed everything up, everyone got on their horses. Victor tied my horse to his. If his horse went fast, my horse went fast. When his horse stopped, my horse stopped. I still believe Victor still doesn’t trust me.

He probably thinks I will run if I get the chance too. Now that I have a horse, I can easily run away from him. That thought did cross my mind.

The reason why I have to come with him on the hunt is because he probably thinks I would do the same thing at the castle. I would run away if I had the chance. If he's gone, I would have a chance to get away from him. Again, the thought did cross my mind.

It was only a thought, I still have to make Victor pay for his crimes. I still have to bring him and his country to its knees.

I looked over to Victor and slightly smiled at him. As Victor, his knights and a few servants and I walked on the path down to where we are supposed to be having the royal hunt. Victor looks very happy. I’ve never seen him like this before. I kept staring at him. He turned his head to me and looked at me, “Why are you staring at me?”

If he keeps this up, I might start developing feelings for him. He may be rough on the outside but I think there is something about him that he only lets me see. Something that he’s hiding but something is there. Something that I like about him. I will never tell him anything about it but I do. I like that part about him.

Victor snaps me out of my head, “Do you see that right there?"

Victor asked, pointing to a deer about ten feet away. A big mighty deer with big antlers. The deer is grazing on a small patch of grass that wasn't covered in the morning dew.

I watch, my breaths silent. Victor takes hold of his bow, snatches an arrow... aim... shoot.

The deer fell down. The servants go and pick the deer up.

We walked through the path and Victor spotted a duck flying by. Victor takes hold of his bow, snatches an arrow... aim... shoot.

Three more ducks fly by, and Victor takes hold of his bow, snatches an arrow... aims... shoots.

The four ducks fell down. Just like before The servants go and pick the deer up.

Seeing Victor killing the poor ducks makes me feel nauseous. My father used to kill deer, so I used to see it. Not ducks, he never shot a duck, like Victor. I always love seeing the ducks on the pond, where my father used to hunt. I think we are close. He would stay in a little wooden house. Much smaller than our house surprisingly. I was really little the last time I went with him.

Victor saw the look on my face when I started to feel nauseous, “It’s okay. It was quick, I promise. He's in a better place.”

At least he tried to say anything that would make me feel better about what he’s doing.

“Let's keep moving, we are almost to the stopping area!”

Everyone walked forward, the knights knew where they were going to stop. The royal hunt is supposed to last three days. From what I overheard the knights talking before left. They pick out a different spot every year. So no enemy can make a surprise attack.

“Sure," I mumbled, he must have heard it, because he chuckled.
“What don't you believe in heaven or a higher power?”
“No, I don’t think I do. But I do believe in hell.”
“Where is hell?”
“With you.”

He looked like I caught him off guard, then he smirked at me, “Heaven is in between your legs.”

Now I feel like really throwing up. How can he talk about something like that. Doesn’t he care that one of his knights or royals or even King Leo will hear him?


The horse and everyone walked forward after some time we made it to the campsite. This is the area that his knights picked out to be the spot where rest. The servants set up the campsite while Victor and his knights set out to hunt for animals. I set on my horse and waited till the campsite was finished.

That afternoon, everyone was eating, drinking and enjoying themselves around the campfire. Victor and Leo chatting about the kingdoms. His girl didn’t look like she wanted to talk to me or anyone else.

I whispered into Victor’s ear that I wanted to rest in our tent. He nodded and went back to his conversation with King Leo. King Leo smiled and nodded. I bowed to them, started to walk to my and Victor’s tent.

I was about to go inside the tent when a hand covered my mouth, I felt a knife pointing at my back. The man pulled me away from my tent. I screamed out as loud as I could then everything went black.
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