Trapped In His Darkness

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The prey Part 1

Chapter 20

Victor’s POV

I heard Ivy scream; I know it’s Ivy from the scream. I can spot her out of anywhere. She is not the type of girl to scream at a bug or a snake. It has to be something wrong for her to scream.

I jumped up from where I was sitting. I ran the direction where I heard Ivy scream. Our tent, she was going to our tent when I heard her scream.

I looked in our tent, Ivy was nowhere to be seen, “Ivy!” I screamed out her name. No answer.

I ran outside the tent, my knights standing around. They must have heard Ivy scream too, “Why are you standing around? Go find Ivy!”

One knight limping with blood running down his face, “They went that way. I tried to stop them, Your highness. I was attacked.” He pointed in the direction of where they were going.

The knight tried to bow to me, but he fell on the ground. Two knights rush to his side and carry him to the servants to be bandages up. I turned to my knights, and screamed, “I want all of you to find Ivy! Take no prisoners!”


It’s been hours since I heard Ivy scream. I’ve had my knights looking for her all night. The next morning, King Leo thought it would be best if we cut this hunt short and take everyone that’s not needed to find Ivy back to the castle.

He was right, we can’t risk anyone else be kidnapped. I can’t have King Leo thinking I am weak. That I can’t control my kingdom.

A small group of people rode back to the castle. I wanted to take this horse and ride off to find Ivy myself. I have no one to watch the kingdom for me. I needed to make sure King Leo was escorted safely back to castle.


We made it to the castle. My knights from. The search party hasn't come back yet. I walked into the throne room, I couldn’t help but to pace back and forth in the room. Then one of my knights came in.

“Have you found her? Please tell me you found her!”
“We haven’t. Your highness.”

“Where is Vance? He needs to come here now!”

The knight bowed to me, with his head down, “Your highness. We have a problem... Also, Sir Vance is nowhere to be found.”

“There are fires everywhere. In your country your highness. We think it’s the rebels.”
“That means, the rebels took Ivy. Have they taken Vance too?”

I walked around the throne room and threw everything I touched to the ground. Still pacing back and forth. Throwing things at the walls, on the ground.

I feel like I can’t do anything for her or my people. As a king, I can’t. My people need me and I can’t help my people. Ivy needs me and I can’t help her. I can’t help anyone.

Where is my brother? Where is Ivy? They wouldn’t have run away together. No... He wouldn’t dare. He knows I would kill him if he touched her in any way. She knows I would kill her or make her wish she was dead.

The rest of my knights walked in and all the knights waited to hear my orders. With everyone looking at me. Even King Leo and his knights came into the throne room. King Leo and his knights stood behind my men.

“Who is our traitor? Come forward!”

My knights looked around at each other then back at me, “We have a traitor in our knighthood, me and only my knights knew where we were going to be hunting in which part of the kingdom... Which one of you is working with the rebels? With the rebellion to overthrow me?”

My knights looked around at each other then, back at me just like my first question, “I will find out who it is and I’ll have his head on a silver platter...Every available knight needs to stop looking for Ivy, and put out the fires.”

My knights walked out of the throne room. My heart sank. Ivy means the world to me. I would give her my last breath. I would die for her. My people need me too.

“King Victor, we need to talk.”

King Leo walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder, turning away from his head standing behind him.

“I will help you find her and my knights will assist with putting out the fires. We are allies. Agreed.”

King Leo put out his hand to shake my head, “You can order my men as you wish. I want one thing in return.”
“What would that be?”

King Leo leaned closer to my year and whispered something. At first, I thought it was joking but from the look on his face, I know he wasn’t. I know that look.


King Leo and I shook hands, while shaking my head. He turned to his knights, “You follow his orders and his men. We are allies until this is over. Then we will discuss future partnership.”

His knights cheered and walked out of the room. King Leo and I turned to each other and discussed our future partnership.
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