Trapped In His Darkness

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The prey Part 2

Chapter 21

Unknown POV

The king sent out his men to scour the woods for any signs of where Ivy could be. The king sent the rest of his men to put out the fires in the rest of the kingdom. Even King Leo, sent his knights out to help. King Leo is trying his best to help King Victor.

Everyone in the kingdom is talking about the knighthood. The knighthood has a traitor in their knighthood. How could that be? How could King Victor let that happen?

The knights have always been well looked at. Everyone in the kingdom respects the knights. How could a knight betray his kingdom and his knighthood?

The rumors about whom it could have been spreading like wildfire. Everyone is running around in a frenzy because of the fires and the rumors. There are even rumors about people breaking into people's homes. No feels like they can trust anyone.

On top of everything everyone is chatting about king Victor is losing his mind over not being able to find Ivy. I do hope they can find that sweet girl. She seems like she would be sweet.

Ivy’s POV

The last thing I remember is, I was screaming then everything went black. I don’t remember why or what for. Just darkness.

“Ivy wake up!”

I heard my name. The voice sounds so familiar. Like I recognize the voice. I heard that voice before.

I think I hit my head. My head really hurts. I feel dizzy. Really dizzy.

I tried opening my eyes, but some cloth was over my eyes. A cloth is covering my mouth preventing me from speaking. I noticed my hands are tied up with rope. I tried moving my hands to break free, but I couldn’t. The ropes are tied too tight. The tightness of the ropes are hurting my hands.


I shook my head, I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t speak. No words came out of my mouth. I felt a hand removing my cloth covering my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, I could see Vance. Why is Vance here? Is he here to rescue me like before? This would be the third time he has rescued me.

I tried screaming and trying to move to break from these ropes. Vance is standing in front of me. Why isn’t he helping me?

He removes the clothes around my mouth, “Ivy?”
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