Trapped In His Darkness

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The Prey part 3

Chapter 22

Ivy’s POV

Vance standing in front of me calling my name. I must have hurt my head somehow. Everything is dizzy and I feel my head is spinning.


Vance turned around to the man standing behind him, “Why did you hit her head so hard? Who told you to do that?”
“No one sir. She was screaming. We didn’t want to be caught.”

Vance went up to him and punched the man right in the nose, “My orders were to bring her to me without being harmed in any way.”

The man bowed, blood coming from his nose. Vance must have broken his nose, “It won’t happen again sir.”

My head is still spinning, my eyes can’t focus on anything. I tried to look around to figure out where I am. I think I am in a barn. There’s hay everywhere on the ground, it’s a wooden structure like a barn. I’m sitting on hay with my hands tied with rope and my back is again a wooden beam.

Vance turned around to face me, “Vance save me.”
“I’m not here to help you.”

I mustn’t have heard him correctly, “Save me.”

Vance spoke up, “I am not here to save you.” He said it slowly but in a deeper tone than he normally talks. Bending down to my level.

I shook my head, “Please.”
“You should have ran away with me. None of this would’ve happened.”
“What do you mean, I don’t understand you.”

“I am a part of the rebellion.”
“I am the leader of the rebellion.”

“What I don’t understand. My head hurts.”
“You will. Victor isn’t fit to run his kingdom. I am! Victor only became king because he was the only one in the room when the old king died. Who knows who the old king picked to be king after him! It should’ve been me!”

Vance stood up, then paced back and forth talking. Most of what he said I didn’t understand. My head still hurts.

Vance stopped walking, then bent down to my level on the ground, “Are you listening?!” He screamed in my face.

“Will you join me and overthrow my brother? Then you will become my queen.”

His face lit up when he said, “my queen.” I was silent for a moment. I didn’t say anything to him. Is he serious? Why would he do this?

“No. Why?”
“Why What? Victor was never supposed to be king. He should’ve died on the battlefield with his men. The night became king. Many knights that we served with died. I almost died.”

I looked at him and I realized, “You are jealous of what your brother has.”
“Yes. I am. With his castle, his servants, his knights, his slave and you. He has you. I heard him go on and on about you. You saved him.”

Vance moved closer to me, “You should’ve saved me on the battlefield. It should’ve been me, you saved in your family’s barn!”
“I just saw someone that needed my help.”

“I need your help.”
“To overthrow your brother. Your king? No I won’t.”

Vance shook his head, “What loyalty do you have to him? You ran away many times? I have saved you. He hasn’t.”
“I am loyal to whoever wears the crown. I was taught to be.”

Vance pulled on my dress to pull me in closer to him, “Do you love him?”

“I can see you blushing. You do love him.”
“No I don’t!”

My face started to blush and red, Vance pulled me closer to him. He kissed me, “I love you.”
“No you don’t. You want me because he has me.”

Vance pulled me away from the wooden beam behind my back and pushed me onto the ground. He laid his hands around my neck and squeezed, starting to choke me.

With every kick he kept squeezing tighter around my neck. He looked like he was getting pleasure from hurting me. As his pleasure increased from choking me, so did his grip, my eyes closed.

My hands are still tied behind my back. I try to move away, but I can’t. I tried to kick Vance but Vance moved his body in between my legs.

Now I am starting to panic is Vance going to rape me like Victor? Could both of them be so cruel to me?

“Please stop this!”

He licked my neck then my collarbone, “Maybe I should treat you like Victor then you’ll love me.”
“Please don’t!”

He rips the bottom of my dress, then I gasped. I tried to kick him off of me. I even tried to roll over to my side. Then maybe I can get up then get away from him.

He just pushed me back down to the ground. For a moment he stopped to look at me, “Please don’t do this. I beg you. Please don’t be like Victor.”

It seemed like when I mentioned Victor’s name, it angered him. He rips the top of my dress exposing my breast. His mouth went straight to my right nipple. His tongue flicked on my nipple.

I moaned shamelessly, while arching my back, to have his mouth on my breast fully. He did the same with my right breast, while cupping my other breast in his palm and flicking the nipple with his thumb. He pinched my nipple gently and I let out a gasp.

Victor has taught my body to experience the excitement of sex, “Please stop Vance! I don’t want this!”
“Your body is telling me something different.”

Vance smirked, pulling down his pants. I screamed as loud as I could, “I’m pregnant!”


He stopped what he was about to do to me. He pulled up his pants and stood up. I pant, trying to catch my breath.

“Is it true?”

Still laying down on the ground with my hands still tied behind my back. He paced back and forth, he stopped then turned to me. He started to kick me in my stomach and back, chest everywhere he could.

Vance stopped. I have blood coming from my mouth, my nose, and my lip is bleeding. I am hurting everywhere, Vance turned to me. “I will finish IN you, in front of Victor.”

He yelled for his men to come into the room, “Tie her onto my horse. It’s time. We ride to the castle.”

Vance came back around to face me, “You are my prey.”

Now I see the truth about Vance. He is no hero or a good guy. He almost raped me and he beat me. I think if he didn’t want Victor to see him rape me then, he would’ve killed me right there.
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