Trapped In His Darkness

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Brother Against Brother

Chapter 23

Unknown POV

Vance and the rebels storm the castle. King Victor’s and King’s Leo fight to the death to protect the kingdom. Blood everywhere, townspeople screaming, fires are blazing in different parts of the kingdom, even the town. Some places are hit worse than others. Townspeople killing each other for food, money, etc. the whole kingdom is divided. Our kingdom desperately needs to believe in, we can rebuild.

Townspeople said that Ivy had been seen tied up on Vance’s horse with her mouth covered, when they rode through the town. Her dress is ripped, and she’s dirty with hay in her hair; even dirt in her face. She tried to wiggle away, but she still tied up. She tried to scream out for help for anyone to help her. Each time Vance would smack her across the face. Then if someone did try to help, the rebels would kill the town men on spot, without mercy.

Ivy’s POV

The truth is I have no idea if I am pregnant or not with Victor’s baby. I know what Vance was about to do to me. I didn’t want Victor and Vance to both rape me. It’s bad enough that Victor does.

For a moment I truly thought he was still going too. As we get closer to the castle, what is he going to do to me? Will he rape me in front of Victor?

I truly thought that Vance was a good person. I look around and see the destruction that Vance and his men are doing. This will not turn out good for anyone.

Vance and his men are storming the castle. Vance still has me hostage. I tried wiggling out of these ropes, but they are too tight and hurting my wrist. Vance is pulling me along. When I stop or close down, Vance pulls my hair and slaps me across the face to walk faster.

His men are fighting Victor’s knights and another set of knights, I don’t know whom they belong to. I don’t think Victor has a knighthood of secret knights. He would probably have already told me about it or I would’ve found out about it before all of this.

I closed my eyes from seeing the blood everywhere, on the carpets, walls and the dead bodies. Vance still pulled me throughout the castle’s hallways to get to where Victor is. I know that’s where we are headed too.


Victor and King Leo are standing around the feast table. They have moved the table to the middle of the room, the table has maps and paper on the table. It looks like both of them are trying to come up with a battle strategy to fight off the rebels, to end this rebellion. From the look of it, Victor needs all the help he can get.

We walked in immediately Victor’s and King Leo’s knights started to fight off Vance’s men. When Victor saw me, he headed towards me. With my mouth covered up with the cloth I can’t say anything. Also, with my hands tied up, I can’t say anything.

Vance pulled out his sword, pointing it at Victor. Victor looked shocked, he didn’t know what to say or do. He wasn’t expecting Victor to be the leader of the rebellion against him.

“Vance, it is true. I didn’t want to believe it but it’s true. You are the leader of the rebellion.”
“Yes, you always have everything handed to you. I was always your shadow.”

Victor tried to come over to me, Vance pulled his sword to my neck. I can feel the coldness of the blade. One tear came down my cheeks and onto the blade.

“No you don’t touch her.”

Vance moved me further away from Victor, “Do you know she’s pregnant with your baby?”

The expression on his face changed and his eyes got big, and then he stared at my stomach. Vance watched his eyes go to my stomach. Vance lowered his sword to my stomach.

“Order your men out of this room and Leo’s men.”

All the knights fighting behind us. Victor didn’t think about it, he motioned his men to stop what they were doing.

King Leo yelled out, “Everyone will fight outside these walls.”

There men did what they were told to do. No one dropped their weapons, they just backed out of the wooden doors. After shutting the wooden doors, you could hear them fighting. Knights crying out after getting hurt.

Victor, Vance and King Leo and me were left standing in the room, “Now let her go. I did what you asked.”

Vance pulled the sword closer to my stomach, then licked my neck, “Maybe I should rape her in front of you.”

“No this should be only one on one. Let her go!”

Victor quickly turned around and grabbed his sword off the table, then pointing it at Victor, “I know you don’t want to hurt her, you want to hurt me. Come and get it, I’m open.”

Victor opens his arms still holding onto the sword in his right hand. Vance pushed away from him, I fell on the ground. I scooted away from Vance. Vance didn’t seem to care that I scooted away from him.

King Leo dropped to his knees and helped remove the cloth away from my mouth. Vance seemed to care that King Leo was in the room or not. Or even helping me with the ropes.

Both Victor and Vance holding their swords in their hands and pointing at each other. Each time one of the moves then the other brother would try to make a move. Trying to get the first blow. But every time they did, the other brother’s sword would stop the blow by whipping around and all you could see and hear clashing steel.


King Leo tried as quickly as he could to help take off ropes around my wrist, “Can’t you help him?”
“This is out of my hands. This time is brother against brother.”

Victor closes the distance with a sword raised preparing for what appears to be a mighty overhead strike. With Vance’s sword still raised, he makes a hard kick to midsection.

Victor cry’s out in pain, while Vance quickly takes the chance to raise his sword to intercept against Victor’s sword. You hear clashing steel.

“This kingdom is mine! You don’t deserve it!”
“And you think you do?”
“Name one thing you did right for this kingdom!”

Victor steps towards Vance, and prepares to deliver a full force overhead attack on Vance with speed and intent. Vance wisely parries the attack with the forte (the strongest part) of his sword.

“I stopped the war!”
“With my help! You wouldn’t have stopped the war if it wasn’t for my help. The knighthood didn’t see you as their king.”

Without missing a beat, Victor follows up with what looks like the same attack that Vance tried to do to him, however..

“They respect me!”
“It’s because I did first then they followed my lead! You couldn’t have all of this if it wasn’t for me!”

While Victor is looking at Vance's head and keeping the actual target only in his peripheral vision, he sidesteps out of the way of any potential counterattack and attacks with one hand, suddenly dropping the attack into Vance’s foremost leg. Vance drops his sword and falls to the ground in pain. Blood coming from where the sword cut his leg.

“No, I earned where I am at with blood, sweat and tears! No one is going to take this away from me! You may look at it that way, but I know the truth and what you said is far away from the truth!”

Blood is all over the floor now. Victor pointed the sword to Vance’s throat, “You can’t do it, can you?”

The truth is Victor couldn’t. Traitor or not, Vance was still his brother after all. Blood brothers. He can’t break that bond.

“You can’t but I can!” With all of his might, Vance grabbed his sword and lunged at Victor. Stabbing Victor on the left side of his stomach.

Victor falls to the ground coughing up blood.


I screamed out, and I tugged on the ropes with my teeth and I broke out of my ropes. With full force I ran into Vance, and he lost his balance, he fell out the open windows.

I just stood there. What did I just do?

King Leo ran to Victor helping him up, then King Leo, Victor and I, we looked down and saw outside the window. Vance is dead on the ground. He broke his neck and leg. He fell out the window of a three-floor window. Vance died immediately. Blood coming from the ground under him, where his head is.

King Leo, Victor and I looked at each other. We knew the rebellion was over.

The End

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