Trapped In His Darkness

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This story takes place in medieval times, a cold-hearted ruthless king is obsessed over a young girl. The ruthless king captured the girl and brought her to his castle. Why? Find out soon.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter: 1

Ivy’s POV

The day started like any other, I woke up early to feed the chickens and animals on my family’s farm. It was my chores every day. If I didn’t do my chores, or I was late on doing them; my parents would beat me. My father never raised his voice, it was always my mother beating me. My father has never raised his hand to me. He would always just give me a death stare and I knew I was in trouble. My mother felt like men don’t know their strength so it was always up to her.

I always love looking after and taking care of the horse, they looked wild and free. I wish I could take a horse and a few of my things, never look back. Then I would be free. I would want Damian to come with me. We have been childhood lovers since long as I can remember. He’s very sweet and very kind, their farm is next to ours. If we were to marry then, our families could have one big farm instead of two smaller farms. Of course, we would want our own land. We could trade some live stock for more land. Damian and I could have a great life together.

The day was almost done, after I finish brushing the horses I can go inside and have dinner. Only a few more hours of daylight. I wonder if my mother made her potato stew, it tastes even better from a hard day’s work dealing with all the animals and doing things around the farm.

Brushing one of the horses, my mind snapped out of daydreaming when the king’s knights stopped in front of our wooden fence of our farm. My father stopped what he was doing, “Welcome to our farm. Your highness.”

“It’s a small farm.”
“Yes, your highness.”

My father bowed, then the man he was talking to walked out of the carriage. I looked around even my mother was bowing. “You crazy girl, bow. Right now! He will have your head!” She tried to yell but in a whisper.

One of his men that was already dismounted from his horse, he unsheathed his sword and put it to my mother's throat yelling at my mother. “Quiet woman! You don’t talk unless you are spoken to.”

My mother kept her head bowed, then I hurried to bowed my head. It was the first time I saw the king. I always heard rumors about our king. I would have never imagined he would come to our small farm. His dark presence is not welcoming.

Being lost in my head again, the king stopped in front of me. I still had my head bowed, I didn’t dare move a muscle. With one word he could kill me and my family.

“The girl.”

He only spoke two words, those two words he spoke was enough. One of the king’s men, took my arm. It was enough strength to put me on my feet. He pushed me into the carriage. The king followed behind me. He sat on one side of the carriage and I sat on the other side. I didn’t dare speak or even look at him. I am too lowly, I don’t have the right to look at him; I can feel his presence.

“Return to the castle!” The king ordered his soldiers.


After a short little while in the carriage, the whole ride was silent. I only hear his deep breathing and the horses racing to the castle. My heart felt like it would beat out of my chest. We arrived at the castle, the castle was grand. Little did I know these stone walls would be my home.

I heard from my father that the last king was king and generous. Nothing like the king that sits on the throne now. My mother said this king is cruel and heartless. That I was never to set foot in the capital where the castle is because of the new king and his heartless soldiers.

The towns people all kneeling in front of the new king. He became king three years ago, he fought many battles for the old king and won. It has been said that the new king has scars from each battle he has won. Any man that dared to fight him, had no chance in hell to beat him. He is very skilled in battle, war, he was the king's right-hand man. The old king never had children so it would be right for the hand of the king now to take his place.

The king took my hand and pulled me out of the carriage. I could only stare at my feet, my worn out clothes and shoes don’t belong in a place like this. I don’t belong to a place like this.

“Bath her. I want her in my chambers.”

The king pulled the wooden doors opened, and he walked into the castle. Two servants girls grabbed my arms and pulled me into the castle. We walked up and down different hallways and stairs until we finally reach the room I would be taking a bath. The two servants ripped off my old shoes and clothes. It wasn’t much to rip off but I felt so uncomfortable.

I’ve never been naked before. I would bath in my undergarments at my parent's farm in the barn. No one has seen my naked body before. Not even Damian has seen me. My naked body is for my husband to see. I am old enough to marry now, I am at the right age to produce an heir. I have to save myself for marriage. My parents doesn’t have anything to give anyone for my hand. I only have my virginity. It’s the only hope for me to find a good husband. I want to give myself to my husband for the first time. I don’t want to shame myself or my family.

My mind stopped wondering when the two servants scrubbed me down with lye soap. The soap started to irritate my skin and started to hurt. Maybe I can get the servants to talk to me.

“Why am I here?”
“We aren’t supposed to talk to you.”

“Why?” I questioned the girls. Hopefully I get an answer from them. They look only a few years younger than I am. “Please tell me.”


I was pulled out of the bath and the two servants girls put me on a blue silk night undergarment. “Is there more to my dress?”
“Shhh.. Go lay down on the bed.”
“No I will not.”
“He’s going to come any minute now.”

The woman quietly said something under her breath, I didn’t understand it before she left the room. The room was cold and dark, the only light in the room was the fireplace. My stomach growling of hunger. If only they would have came after dinner I wouldn’t be so hungry. I took a blanket off the bed and wrapped it around my shoulders in front of the fireplace.

After a few minutes staring into the fire, I could feel someone’s dark presence in the room with me. The king moved to me, I quickly bowed.


I still didn’t dare look at him. I still had the blanket around my shoulders. He ripped off the blanket.

“Look at me.”

The king spoke. I could feel his authority in his voice. Something about his dominant aura that made my skin crawl.

“I don’t dare to... your highness.”
“I didn’t say talk. I said look at me.”

I fear he would hurt me if I didn’t do want he commanded. I slowly look up at him. His dark eyes staring into my soul. The side of his face was burnt, it must have been from a battle. The scar on his face made me sad and I wonder want hardships he had to endure in battle to get so many scars. The king’s scars made him look even scarier.

“Undress and get on the bed.”
“Why am I here? I don’t belong here.”
“I said get undress and get on the bed.”
“Please let me go.”
“No and that is final.”

He walked closer to me, I walked backwards to get away from him. I backed into a wall, he ran over to me. Grabbed my wrists pushing me into the wall.

“Please your highness let me leave. I want to go back to my family and farm.”
“You can never leave.”

There was no emotion in his voice, only coldness. I have to get through to him, I have to beg him to let me go.

I closed my eyes fill with tears running down my face. “Please your highness.”
“I said no.”

“Have you been touched by a man.”
“Answer the question.”
“I’ve only been kissed your highness.”

I looked up at him, hopefully he can tell I’m telling the truth. He didn’t say anything to me, with one arm grabbing both my wrist above my head then rubbing down below. Where I’ve never been touched before, I moved every way possible to get him off of me. My undergarments became wet. The sensation made me uncomfortable, I never experienced something like this before.

The king smirked and threw me in the bed. I didn’t have time to react, when he ripped off his shirt. His shirt ripped into pieces, the king showing off his solid and defined muscles. With one hand he held onto my wrist and then with his other hand, he loosened his belt; removing his pants.

I screamed and screamed for someone or anyone to help me. “Help! Please your highness, you don’t have to do this.”
“Stop screaming.”

He moved his muscular body, hovering my delicate body without hesitation. He didn’t care if I was screaming or crying, he was going to make me his. I would be ruined. It seems like my screaming and cries made him even more aroused.

He ripped the blue silk night undergarment into pieces. I screamed even more, cried even harder. My eyes widened, he kissed me firmly on the lips. He kissed me so hard I couldn’t breathe, he was taking my oxygen away. I started to whimper, with every kiss, I never kissed him back it had him angrier with me.

“Kiss back.”

He bit my lip, blood coming from my lips, he didn’t care. He kept kissing me, I slowly kissed him back in fear of his wrath. I didn’t want him to hurt me even more. Little did I know the night was not over for me. The king was not satisfied yet with me.

“Please your highness have mercy.”
He moaned, “I will not show mercy on you.”

I tried moving my legs, so he would move off of me. I tried kicking and everything I could think of, I am still struggling to be set free. He forcefully moved my legs wider so he would have a better view.

“No! Please I won’t be available to find a good husband.”
“I am all you need.”

He almost tried calming me down, he careless my right check then he held my waist so tight nearly cutting off my circulation.

“No! Please stop I love someone else.”

He stopped for a moment. I squirmed until he grabbed a cloth and forced it down my mouth. He grabbed my neck and began to push down on it.

“You will never love another man but me!”

He barked at me. I have never seen him so angry in so little time. Was it something I said or something I did?

I stopped fighting, I didn’t have any fight in me left. He won, if I moved I would be dead; we both knew it. He pressed down on my neck more than kissed me. I blacked out.


I opened my eyes, I don’t remember what happened to me after I blacked out. I quickly blinked my eyes and noticed someone sitting down in a chair in the room. The person’s face in the darkness with the light of the fireplace. It was hard to see anything. I sat up on the bed, “You are mine now.”


I moved the blanket off of me, a blood stains where on the bed, and I was completely naked. I tried covering myself with the blanket.

“I’m done with you for the night. Just remember I only went easy on you.”

I remember everything happened till I blacked out. From the blood stains and the soreness I feel down below in my lady parts. The king put on his clothes and slammed the door behind him leaving me in this cold dark room alone.

The king raped me; the king did despicable things to me. I have to escape from here, I don’t belong here. Damian will never marry me but I always have my family. I have to escape...
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