Trapped In His Darkness

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By His Darkness

Chapter: 2

I quickly got out of the bed, my lady parts are still sore from what he did to me. My dress was on the floor ripped, I grabbed my dress and put it dress on. I don’t have anything else to wear and I don’t have anything to fix the dress. At my family’s farm I can fix my dress. This dress has lasted me three years I’ve had to sew it up a few times, but buying a new dress would feed all the animals for a month and probably have money left over. I can't get away from here with nothing on. I have to leave here, I don’t want to be part of the king’s harem. You never see the woman again after they enter the castle. From what the king did to me that might be his plan for me. He might want me to join his harem and have sex with random men. The only man that I want to have sex with is Damian. Even now I’m not sure if Damian would still want me. I am a ruined woman now.

I can’t think of that right now, I have to escape from the hell. I have to think of a way out of here. If I don’t leave this place I will be enslaved and I have to surrender all to his or the harems, sexual desires.

I walked over to the door and opened the door. Two knights with swords standing on each side of the door.

“Miss we have strict orders to not let you leave your room. Please go back inside.”

I nodded and close my door. There’s no way I can talk them into letting me leave. I walked around the room and I ran over to the window. I am on the fourth floor of the castle. If I would jump down I could break something and I wouldn’t be able to run away. If I do break something I could get an infection and died. I don’t plan on doing that any time soon. If I’m here any longer, that might be a choice.

I can’t jump out of the window, but what can I do.

I thought to myself pacing back and forth in my room️. My candle that’s lit in my room is flickering, the wax is melted enough that the candle is about to go out. I still can see because of the fireplace, but the candle is about to go out. The candle.

I can use the candle to escape!

I thought to myself, I looked around the room and the red curtains beside the window I can use. I can lit the curtains on fire with the candle. That might just work it can distract the guards enough so I can get out of the room then out of this place.

I lit the curtains with the candle, then put the candle beside the wooden storage box on the floor. When the knights come in and see the flame the will think the candle just by the flame caught on fire by itself️.

I screamed and the two knights come rushing in. The two knights were busy with trying to put out the flame when I ran out of the room.

My plan worked, I am finally going to be free!

I walked down the same hallway that come in. Another two knights walking towards me.

“Help fire!”

The knights ran passed me and my heart pounding out of my chest. This is not going to be good if I get caught. I ran down the stairs, then when I got to the hallway that lead to the front of the castle’s doors. I stopped there was another set of knights with swords guarding the doors.

What am I going to do.

I just stood there peeking my head around the corner to see the knights. A man presented was behind me he touched my shoulder.

The king! He found me!

I jumped and the man covered my face with his hands so I wouldn’t scream. “Shhh... I’m here to help.”

All I could do was to look at him. I looked at him confused, he has knights armor on. Why would he help me?

“I know what the king did to you. I am disgusted by his actions. I want to help! You don’t have much time.”

I nodded and He released his hand away from my mouth. He walked past me then yelled for the two knights guarding the door.

“Go help the men upstairs, I’ll guard the door.”

The two knights ran up the stairs taking the servants stairs. The servant stairs were on the left side of the door. I ran past the man that help me. I ran and ran as fast as my legs would go. I held onto my dress that was ripped and kept on running until I saw my family’s farm. My legs made me stop, I took a second to catch my breath, then ran again to my house. My house was nothing special one room house with everyone sleeping on the floors. The house was always dirty and falling apart. My father did want he could with it and still took care of the animals. My mother grows a vegetable garden it was enough to feed our family.

I ran inside and opened the door.

Victor POV

“I want our nations to make a treaty. Both our kingdoms need this.”
“Yours more than mine.”
“Yes that is true.”

My beautiful woman is lying in the bed I left her. I want her, I need her. Now I have her I’ll never let her go. Maybe it was wrong of me to do what I did. I went to check on her and I saw her with that other man my anger got the best of me. She was laying on a blanket in the wheat fields and I wanted to go up to her but another man came up to her first. They looked like they love each other. Just thinking of them together makes my blood boil. She belongs to me. I am king. Ivy, I love her so much, I waited long enough to come back to her, but she doesn’t remember me. I need to show her, but I have to hurry up and make this treaty with King Leo.

With his great army right now he could take over this kingdom. I will not give him the satisfaction of taking my kingdom away from me. The kingdom just won the last battle two years ago just before the old king died. Just before I became king, my lands can not take another battle. In a few years my lands would be healed, but I need to protect my kingdom. I would lay down my life for my kingdom.

“Is there anything that might persuade you in signing this treaty? My kingdom has many beautiful young women, and you can have any woman in my harem...”

I was cut off when one of my guards banging on the door. “Come in!”

The guard that was banging on my door was my most trusted guard. He’s my younger brother and I trust him with my life. He already knows about her and what happened after I got back from the last battle. The old king sent us both in front lines.

“Your highness. There’s been a fire and the girl escaped.”
“What girl?!”
“She did.”

I ran out of my room breaking everything that was in the hallway. I finally got her and she escaped? How did she escape? I have to find her if it’s the last thing I do.

Ivy’s POV

I ran inside and opened the door. Everyone was sound asleep on the floor. When my father heard the door open he quickly got up and grabbed his sword and pointed at me.


My father saw that it was me that came through the door, he lowered his sword. My mother and siblings heard the commotion and woke up from their beds.

“The king!”
“What? Why are you here?”
“The king did... he did...
“Speak up woman.”

“He did... despicable means to me.”

“You whore! You spread your legs like a whore!”
“Scandal! Who would marry you now?”

My mother slapped me across the face. “I had high hopes you would marry off well. You are not my daughter anymore. I’m ashamed of you. You have shamed us all. You are no longer welcome here.”

My mother’s words felt like thousands of swords cutting into my heart. I was raped by the king and my family is ashamed of me. They don’t see me as their daughter anymore. I have no place to go.

“Please I can't go back to the castle!”

My eyes watered, I tried pulling on my mother’s hem of dress. “Mom... Please.”

On my knees begging my mother to look at me, to say something. I looked over to my father, he didn’t even want to look at me. I shamed both of them. I am the victim.

“I’m the victim!”

A hard slap came from my father, the slap made me fall back a little; then he pulled my hair roughly to stand up on my feet with a stare of rage and disgust. After my father let go of my hair, I held my face in one hand. The red hand print emerged on my face is stinging. Tears falling from my eyes.

I already knew the truth, but I didn’t want it to be true. I shamed myself and them, what my mother said was right; they did have high hopes I would marry off well.

“Get out!” He yelled, the first time I heard my father yell. He has always been a soft-spoken man, never raise his voice about anything until now.

I could feel his cold and dark presence behind me. The king standing behind me with a smirk. “She can work for me.”

“I don’t want to hear anything that becomes of her.”
My father nodded and my mother sitting down crying.

The king’s guard pulled me away from my family. I tried to fight back, but with one swoop, the king's guard puts me on the king’s horse. We rode into the darkness. Only the night stars to guide us to the castle. The king holding my waist with one hand, then holding the rope around the horn of the saddle to keep us on the horse and for me not to go anywhere.

“I wouldn’t be worried about them. They are already dead to you.”
“You wouldn’t hurt them, would you?” He didn’t say anything, he just held onto my waist tighter.

Now I would be his. I was swollen by his darkness and I have no way of escaping. He got want he wanted. My family was my only hope. For a moment I thought my family would take me back, but I have shamed them. I was lost to them, my parents do not have a daughter anymore.

“Ivy! Ivy! Let her go!”

I looked back and my Damian was riding a horse to catch up to us. I wiggle out of the king’s grip, it made the king and his guards stop. Damian got off his horse, then ran to me and hugged me. I hugged him back.

“Release her or you’re dead!”
“Your highness I am here to pay for her. I can sell you any horses or money to pay for her.”

I whispered, “What are you doing? You don’t have to do this. We can still run.”

The king ordered his guards to lower their swords. They were ready to kill us both with one order from the king.

“Please your highness. We want to marry.”

The king pulled out his sword and with one hit, the king slid Damian’s throat.


Damian in a pool of his own blood. I went on my knees and pulled Damian’s body close to mine. Blood still coming from his neck, his breathing became slower and slower. The king killed the only man I have ever loved.


I cried and cried, the king walked over to us. The king kicked away Damian’s cold, dead body.

“Now you are mine. You don’t have anyone.”

The king walked to his horse and got on then nodded his head to his guards. Just like before with one swoop, the king's guard puts me on the king’s horse. We rode the rest of the castle in darkness. I cried the whole way to the castle. I must have passed out, I woke up in my room I was in before.
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