Trapped In His Darkness

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Chapter 3:

Victor’s POV

Now she only has me. She has no one. No one deserves this beautiful goddess. Not even me, but I am the only one that will have her. She will be forever mine. I lost her once I will not do that again. She means too much to me. Now I have everything I ever wanted. I have her. All that I need is here beautiful, sweet Ivy. She’s mine forever.

Ivy’s POV

I must have passed out, I woke up in my room I was in before, because the king is sitting on a chair in the room. With only the light of the fireplace in the room. The king gripping the hands of the chair, then sit up after he noticed I am awake.

“You’re finally awake?”

I didn’t nod or say anything; this man, this king killed the only man I have ever loved. Even my own parents doesn’t want me. I have no one. This man in front of me ruin my life. He ruined my life... I have to get away from this monster. He’s not a man; he’s a monster.

“Why did you run away from this castle?”
“To tell the truth your highness. To get away from you.”

“From me?”

The king slowly got up from his chair, slowly making his way to the bed. He slowly came on the bed and I just stared at him watching his every move. He came closer to me only a few inches more we would be kissing.

“You know better than to run away from me, don't you?”
“Just kill me!”
The king chuckled “Don't tempt me princess. What’s with the yelling?”

With tears falling and my fists into balls, “You killed him! He was going to pay you..for me.”
“It wasn’t enough. You belong to me.”
“I don’t belong to anyone.”

He grabbed my face and pulled me closer to his mouth. “You belong to your king.”

I pushed away from and got up from the bed. “You are no king of mine.”

He spoke, but I didn’t hear a thing that came out of his mouth. My mind wandered around the room figuring out how to kill the beast. Kill this monster.

The king had a small dagger on his belt. I can use his own dagger on him. How can I kill someone? But this man killed my love of my life. The only man I have ever loved. He single-handedly ruined my life. I have to make him pay.

I ran to the chair that had his belt draped on top of it. He must have taken it off when I was asleep. He had his belt on when we were riding on his horse. When we were on his horse, his belt was rubbing against my back.

I started slowly walking closer to the door. “You stay away from me. I will take this dagger and I will leave.”

“You will not leave this castle or leave this room.” The king started to climb off of the bed. “You are mine!”

“ stay away from me!”

I pointed the dagger at the king. “Stay away from me. I will kill you if you don’t stay away from me... or I’ll kill myself.” I closed my eyes and put the dagger against my throat.

Without a thought the king got on his feet, and He laughed, catching me by my wrist with his spare hand and spinning me around, so my back was to him and the dagger is still in my hands, but at my throat. My pulse racing, his arm moving her body closer to his.

“Drop the dagger. I don’t want to see blood on this beautiful body of yours.” He whispered huskily against her ear, pressing his pelvis into the small of her back. “Do you want me inside you again? Do you want your womb to be filled with my seed?”

Moving his free hand up and down the side of my body. To stop him, I dropped the dagger. He released me; I turned around and back away to create distance between us. “Stay away from me!”

“I want you.”

I recoiled away from the king. The king walking towards me. Walking back trying to make distance, I tripped over a carpet and backed against the wall. I wanted to recoil further when he pushed me against the wall and clutched my wrist forcefully and pushed me against the wall again. The king blocked my way out with his body.

I think the king did it twice to scare me. My breath raced, because I am terrified of his anger and the other way was he was standing too close to me. He killed my beloved without a thought. This man is a cold-hearted monster. I don’t want to be anywhere near the heartless king.

“Get away from me!”
“You belong to me. I don’t want any form of resistance coming from you. I have been gentle with you, but you try to escape again or do anything to anger me. You don’t understand what I could do to you... My little dove.”
“Dove?” I whispered to myself.

The king held me close to him. “One day soon.”
“You will be my wife, my queen.”

The king held my face between his fingers and squeeze my cheeks together, making them hurt; my lips are pushed together. “Soon.” The king lightly kissed my lips, then walked out of my room. I stood there rubbing my cheeks. The way he held my face made my cheeks and jaw hurt.
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