Trapped In His Darkness

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Do you remember? Part 1

Ivy’s POV

After the king walked out of my room, I laid down on the bed. I couldn’t sleep, too many thoughts of my parents, Damian and the king. What did the king meant by I would be his wife and queen? And soon?

After a few hours went by I finally found myself asleep then I woke up in a cold sweat, searching frantically around the small room. As if he “the king” were really here, his piercing charcoal gray eyes haunt my dreams, and his face, there’s something about his face. The side of his face was burnt, but also familiar. I have seen him before. Long ago, but he wasn’t the king, just a soldier for the old king. I know about three years ago I think around the same time the old king died. I met a man that I helped him recover from battle. It could be him.... Could? He didn’t have burn marks on his face.

That man never said anything to me when he was recovering in my family’s barn. He was hesitant for someone or anyone to help him. I made him comfortable enough with me to help him. I changed his bandages and fed him. At first the man wouldn’t eat anything, but he was just thirsty. I don’t remember what happened after that. It was so long ago I almost forgot. There’s something about the king that reminds me of him. Could he be that man?

Victor’s POV

Ivy still after all these years like honey, the sweetest and purest. I want her for myself; I am king, it comes with the title of King to be selfish. I want sweetest and purest Ivy to be my wife, my country’s queen. I want her to be beside me and rule this country. I have high hopes for my country. My country needs a great ruler, I can’t be until she’s by my side. Together we can rule this country for the better.

The old king ruined this country. For three years I tried to bring this country back to glory. The old king’s greediness ruined this country. My only greediness wants her. I just want her. With Ivy’s pure heart, with her beside me I can do anything. We can rule this country together and bring it back to its glory. I have lived in this country my whole life and I have almost died for this country more than once. Under the old king’s rule. There’s nothing I wouldn't do to help my country.

Ivy’s POV

It’s been hours since a few female slaves came inside my room to check on me. When they came inside the room and told me about what the king wanted. I have yelled, screamed and throw anything I could get my hands on. The female slaves ran out of the room and hasn’t returned since. The slaves are from neighboring countries. They are sold for gold, land and more. Would I end up like them? Sold to another country if I don’t become his?

Maybe I can borrow a slaves clothes and escape from this place. My family doesn’t want me, and I am no good for them now. I can’t get a husband even if I wanted to. I am ruined. With Damian gone, I have nothing holding me back here. I can leave here and start a new life somewhere else. The king said he wants to be his wife, his queen. I don’t want to be a queen or his wife. I want a normal life, I want a family. Now I can never have one, I’ll be an old maid until I died or I could be a whore on the streets.

Leading against the window and looking outside. The doors to my room opened wide and the king barged into the room.

“Why do you insist on defying my orders?”
“What orders?”
“Don’t play stupid with me. I sent up your maids to have you dressed, bathe and come stairs before this time.”
“You mean female slaves.”

“Watch your mouth before I do something about it.”
I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms to my chest.

The king opened the doors again, “Come in and bathe her, dress her. I want her down stairs in the dining hall in half an hour. You have kept our guest waiting long enough.”

The two female slaves walking into my room frightened, holding a dress in their arms. “Yes, your highness.”

“Make sure she is dressed, and ready or it will be your heads.”

The female slaves started to undressed me, when the king walked out. One of the slaves, whispered “Please miss I do want he says. I don’t want to get into trouble again.” I could tell she was scared of him and what he might do, and the other slave was just as scared.

I nodded, after a few short minutes. I let them bathe and dress me. One of the girls branded my hair while the other one helped me put on the dress; she was carrying earlier. I have never seen this type of blue dye before.

“I do love this color blue.”
“It’s the king’s favorite color Miss.”
“We spent days before you arrived here dying your dresses different shades of blue and the colors his highness loves.”

“How did you dye this shade of blue?” I expected every inch of the dress. The dress is a perfect fit for me. It does show a little too much on the breast area.

“You took different plants and berries dye them.” The female slave smiled, she looked very pleased with her work and how I was admiring the shade.

The other slaved finished the last part of my brand, “I’m done, Miss you must hurry to the dining hall. It’s been almost the time he said.”

“Thank you, what are your names?”
“Beth and Gail.”
“Pretty names.”
“Miss you better hurry. Please miss.”


I opened the doors to my room and the two guards standing outside my room. Followed me to the dining hall, quickly got up from his chair and marched over to where I was standing. He forcibly took my arm walking back over to his chair. I looked around the room, he noticed that I noticed the girls in the harems filing sexual desires and drinking ale with men. Knights and the prettier girls in the harems are around looks like another King.

The king pulling my arms closer to him, “No one will touch you. No one dare to cross me. Liquor help courage men to do what they otherwise would not. But I am king. No one dares to define me.”

I rolled my eyes at the so called “King.” He sat down on his chair, “Love, come sit.” He pats the stool next to him and I lower my head and walked over to him. I sit next to him, and he's quick to place his rough hand on my thigh, causing me to glance up at him, “Drink and eat.”

The peasants' main food was a dark bread made out of rye grain. Normally peasants ate a kind of stew called pottage made from peas, beans and onions that people normally around here have grown in their gardens. Our only sweet food was the berries, nuts and honey that they collected from the woods. The food here looks amazing and nothing I would have at my family’s farm. The people here are drinking something different from what I have seen before. Normally around the village people were drinking ale, mead or cider.

The king noticed I was looking at what type of liquid the people here are drinking when he said, “We have different types of wines here. Here drink.” Pushing a cup to me, “You’ll like it.”

I took a sip of whatever that was in the cup the king gave me. I coughed and made a twisted face at the taste. The taste was bitter, and a hint of sweetness. At the farm I would always use to drinking ale or milk, the water was always dirty and for the plants, vegetables and animals.

The king spoke up, “It’s good after you get past the taste.”

I nodded and took another sip of the wine he gave me. I can feel my face is flush, and my body seemed to be more relaxed.

“Do you want more wine?”

I'm sure I am feeling the effects of the wine. I turned my gazed down to the half-empty cup. My breathing was altered, my flesh was blushes pink from the wine and starting to be aroused.

I looked up from my cup to see the other king staring at me. The king sitting next to me gripped the hem of my dress noticed also.

“Are you enjoying the night?”
“Yes I am.” With a curious look on his face, he smirked. “I would have a better night if I could use her tonight.”

“King Leo you can’t have any women in my harem.” The king opened his arms to the crowd and took a sip of his wine, “But beside this one, she is to be my wife and queen.”
“Oh, my apologies King Victor.”


So the king that was seated next to me is named, King Victor. King Victor couldn’t keep his eyes off of me the whole dinner service. The knights that helped me escape the first day he's standing up straight, protecting the king.
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