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The She-Devil's Wolf

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The quiet wallflower Emily Maglite has decided to be more like her twin sister Eliza, the she-devil of Maglite, a girl that speaks her mind and doesn't care who hears it. But now Emily finds that Eliza has tricked her into trading places. To tell Devon who she really is will ruin her and her sister's reputation forever. But Devon is a man as wild as the strange blue eyed wolf that roams his land. He draws her in with Passion that Emily knows she shouldn't be feeling for her sister's soon to be husband. However, Emily finds that she isn't the only one that is keeping secrets, exceptionally when those vary secrets may lead to her demise . . . Or her greatest desires.

Romance / Fantasy
L.D. Manning
4.8 13 reviews
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~Chapter 1~

“Must you watch your sister make a fool of herself?” Emily’s maid in waiting asked, as she made up Emily’s bed.

No, she didn’t have to watch her sister make a fool of herself, of them both. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop her from gazing disdainfully at Eliza.

“I must, less she gets a scandal that falls on both our heads.” Solemnly, the maid nodded in agreement and continued to tidy up the rest of the room.

Through the thinly veiled, satin curtained windows, Emily continued to watch with dismay as her sister shamelessly caressed the new stable boy’s broad shoulder.

What had ceased to amaze Emily, was Eliza’s lack of concern for her or her own reputation. After all, it is every ladies duty to remain a chaste and pure soul until marriage. Eliza carried herself as though she were the only one who would face consequence of her lascivious behavior.

Making Emily Wonder once again why the Lord had thought to give them the same face? They were clear opposites, in every way but looks.
Emily had always made it an effort to be the exemplary debutant. A young woman that would make her parents proud. She took care of household chores, no matter what they were. She honored every minute of her lessons. retaining every bit of information that she received.

When she sang, she put her heart and soul into each and every note. On numerous occasions, her performances had led to words of adoration from every tutor that stepped foot in this house.

Emily had always strayed away from lewd behavior, her main goal was to keep her reputation as spotless as her white ball gown. But alas, all of her efforts to be perfect for her parents, proved to be futile.

No matter what Emily did to get her parents to look her way, to pay attention to her, was for nothing. All Emily got was a simple smile and a pat on the head, then she was cast back into the shadows of her sister’s reckless Behavior.

Moving over to the door, Emily looked back to the only woman that truly knew and paid attention. Emily’s valued Lady in waiting, Cloy.

Cloy, unlike Emily’s mother and father, had seen her silent cries for attention, and had given her all the love and care she gave her own children. Although her parents loved her and cared for her, what she had needed had always been pushed aside for Eliza.

When Emily walked to the dining room to have first meal with her mother and father, she found once again that the room was empty. The sting of rejection that she felt as a child had numbed to a dull ache now.

Looking up from the table before her, Emily could see her mother and father talking to her sister down by the pond. She couldn’t tell if they were scolding her sister or not, and frankly, she didn’t care. Anger boiled in Emily’s veins, surprising her at it’s fury. She was done being pushed aside, done being unseen and unnoticed. From this day forth, Emily vowed to herself that she would never again be casted aside.

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