The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 10~

“Damnation what did you do now Eliza” Molina said picking her up off the floor, her hold strong as she slowly lead Emily to the other room. “Come child we must get you ready for the wedding.”

To slowly Molina’s words sit in. Making Emily quickly get her wit back. She couldn’t marry Devon, she not only didn’t know him, but Emily knew that soon someone would see what she and Eliza did. “No,” she whispered as the Maid dragged her further down the hall. “NO!” she yelled pulling her hand from Molina’s grasp.


“I am not Eliza.”

“Enough Eliza, haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough. Now you have to bring your sweet and innocent sister in it.” Molina smacked her across the face, sending a wave of shock through her. Emily looked up at Molina as the woman raised her hand to smack her once again.

But Eliza couldn’t name what came over her, as she took Molina’s hand, stopping her from hitting her again. Never had Emily ever been smacked.

But how many times had Eliza suffered at this woman’s hands did mother and father even know about any of this.

“You will not touch me.” Emily yelled at the woman, as she pushed the other woman away.

Taken back, Molina moved away. Eliza must have never stood up for herself before because Molina seems to have fear as she spoke again.

“Don’t you- you touch me you little harlot. If it wasn’t for me everyone would know ’what you did.” She hissed through clenched teeth, Molina’s words somehow give her strength, making the older woman move closer. Letting her go Emily straightened her back with fear. “What . . . What are you talking about?”

Face going red Molina whispered so no one else could hear. “How your stupid actions got you what you deserve.”

Emily froze her heart stopping at Eliza’s maid.

Why did this woman’s words send a chill through her body. “What are you talking about, what happen to Eliza?” Molina rolled her eyes at Emily’s words, not believing that she was truly Emily.

“Either you marry border lord McKenna or I’ll tell everyone that you’ve lost your virtue. Then no one will want to marry you or your sister, not that you have ever thought once of how your actions would affect her.” Emily was speechless, not only did Molina just tell her that her sister was raped, but that she was going to blackmail her into marriage.

Emily wanted to cry for her sister, but also she wished she were around so Emily could hold her.

Like when they were younger and they had both been afraid of thunderstorms. They would share a bed and tell each other secrets.

“Now what will you do Eliza save your sister from roughen or let her live happily like ‘she’ deserves.” Good lord it hurt, it hurt to know that she might just have to sacrifice her own happiness for her sisters. Hell’s bells it was the least she could do for not seeing the pain her sister had went through, if anyone should have seen what her sister was going through, it should have been her.

Maybe, Eliza had reached out to her.

Emily could think of countless times her sister had tried to invite her for a walk or asked for help with her lessons. Though most of thoughts moments had been in the earlier years of them drifting a part.

Emily had still turned her back on her sister. All because Emily was jealous, jealous that her sister did and said what she wanted and Emily was stuck being the perfect lady.

Could it be that the only reason Eliza did what she wanted, was because she knew that she was ruined.

No true suitable gentleman would want her if they knew..

Tears slowly slide down Emily’s face, as she looked down at Molina’s hand. The older woman paying her no mind as she dragged Emily down the hall. That is until they came to a abrupt stop.

“Lord McKenna . . . Lady Eliza will be ready for the marriage in just a-.”

“No need,” Devon said making Emily’s face shot up in fear and shock. “Me and Lady Eliza will not be getting married today. If you will please met me in my study . . . Alone lady Eliza.” His voice was as cold as a England winters.

“But my lord-”

“No buts, get moving now.”

Without further delay Emily half ran to Devon’s study.

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