The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 11~

Emily wondered how much of there conversation had he heard? And what Devon would do to her now that he knew?

When he came in after her Emily lightly put her head down in shame. He said nothing just walked over to his desk and sat down. Too afraid to look up, Emily waited for him to speak. . .

“I don’t know what to say.”

“How about answering all of my questions . . . Truthfully,” Devon said coolly making her look up at him with shock. She was shocked to find him willing to listen to her story, before he pass judgment without trying to hear the whole story.

“Thank you Lord McKenna.”

“Tell me what happened,” he commanded, filling Emily with the need to tell him everything. Again Emily reminded herself that she needed to be smart about this. Thought there was no point in lying about who she was. Emily still needed Devon to marry her sister. If he turned her down then no one would want to marry Eliza.

Straightening up her back Emily readied her body for the conversation to come. “I would like to apologize for making a fool of you, Lord McKenna. I am not Eliza, I am her twin sister Emily. Though she can not marry you today, I am sure with a letter she will be here as soon as possible.”

With a rub of his chin, Devon was out of his chair. The sight of his quick movement, sent a shockwave of fear and excitement throughout Emily’s body.

Trying to stop the hot blush that crept up her neck Emily wondered why this man affected her body so much. “Didn’t you hear me earlier Emily, I have called off the marriage with your sister” He walked in front of her and leaned against his desk. His powerful body showed through his shirt.

“No what you said was that you would not be getting married to Eliza today.”

Head high Emily waited for him to continue. though what she heard made her lose half her wit.

“You’re right, I’ll be getting married to you today, not your sister.” Panic broke out within Emily, making her lose herself as she spoke out quickly. “What, no, you can’t . . . You have too . . . You have to merry Eliza.” Teasers filled her eyes, knowing she may have once again just destroyed her sister’s life.

She had to fix this, had to make it right .But he made it so hard when he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

Making her shiver as the heat of him so near, made her want to climb all over him. “Emily I want you, and I will have you.” His words came out beastly and strong in her ear.

Emily tried to control herself.

But it was too late, the beast kissed her and Emily gave herself completely over to him.

Emily opened letting the kiss become deeper. Letting his hunger devourer her entirely. Devon made fire burn within her blood with just the touch of his fingers.

Emily shivered as he moved closer, needing their bodies to touch. His hands cupped her rear, squeezing as he pushed his manhood closer. Making her moan out in pleasure, wanting more she rub herself against him, his body sending heat vibrating throughout her whole body.

He filled her up with a desire that couldn’t be stopped.


He grunted with need as Emily matched him kiss for kiss.

With a lift of her legs, Emily wrapped herself around him letting him push her onto his desk.

“Mine,” he rumbled as he held her hands over her head and ripped off the top of her dress. Emily shivered as the cold air hit her tight nipples.

A gasp of shock fell from Emily’s lips at having her chest free. But that quickly turned to a deep sigh of longing when Devon sucked and biting at them.

Body heating in a way that she had never felt before.

A wet heat gushed between her legs, making Emily try to close them with embarrassment.

Devon’s grumbled with anger as he moved away from her nipples and looked up at her. His eyes shined with deprivation.

“Open your legs.” He commanded, his voice almost unrecognizable in the heat of passion.

Astonished Emily’s eyes grew big, as she shook her head. There was no way she could let him see the wetness between her legs.

Even if it would anger him, there was just something a lady shouldn’t do. But Devon wasn’t angry with her, only kissed her lightly as he gently pushed his hips between her legs.

His one free hand slid up her legs and passed the edge of the dress.

Emily didn’t fight him she had no desire to. Not when his touch felt so good against her skin.

A cry left Emily at the feel of Devon’s fingers gliding over her wet heat. The pleasure that it filled her with making Emily grip Devon’s shirt.

The cool air on her chest making her moan louder.

With her thoughts only of pleasure Emily moved her hips to every rub of his fingers.

“Beautiful . . . You’re so beautiful like this Emily.” His words were a rumbling around her. Drawing Emily’s eyes to his own.

His stare was so intense it made her shiver. As if watching her was all he had ever wanted. Making her cheeks grow red and rosy with embarrassment.

“I want you like this forever . . . Will you let me have you forever sweet Emily?”

He didn’t wait for her to answer, only lifted her up, and put her on the egde of his desk.

Bracing herself Emily watched as Devon dropped to his knees and raised her dress over her hips.

“Wait what are you-?”

Shocked Emily gripped her gown as he kissed her womanly part.

A short cry escaped her as she sucked in a breath pure pleasure. The strange sensation of his lips and tongue touch her in such a way.

Unable to stop herself, Emily pushed her hands through his hair. not wanting him to move away. Growling Devon took firm hold of her legs and drew her closer.

Devouring her with the hunger of a wild beast.

“Look at me, look at me taste you.” His command was not to be denied but obeyed. So that’s just what Emily did. She looked down at Devon as he licked her, his powerful eyes staring right back into hers.

‘Don’t look away from me. Look at what your taste does to me.’ That was what his eyes said to her, that’s what she felt looking at him.

When he raised his body from the ground and took off his pants, Emily found that Devon would not let her eyes go. Not even when he moved closer to possession his self against her, did he let his eyes leave hers.

He had yet to enter her and Emily found her body already shaking from the need for him to do so. To complete this moment to make her whole with him inside her.

Only Devon inside her would do so. “Are you real, are you truly mine?”

“Yes,” she didn’t have to think, she knew it to be true in her heart and soul. He pushed his hands through her hair. His fingers tighten when he slowly pushed his self within her. Emily cried out when he broke through her maidenhead.

First came pain . . .then pleasure she had never known.

Emily wanted more wanted to feel him deeper, yes, he stretched her like she never thought to be scratched, but a greedy part of her needed more of him.

His thrust was slow and steady at first as if he feared hurting her.

Shivering with delight Emily wiggled her hips. Drawing a gasp from Devon as his strokes grow harder and faster. Somehow becoming more determined to push deeper within her. Her hand reached up and clawed at his chest, liking the sound of his groin as she moaned with every move he made within her.

Moving closer without pausing, Devon took hold of her lips letting her scream as loud as she could when the pressure within her became too much. The sound was captured by him and consumed as he too released himself within her.

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