The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 12~

Devon did not let go of her, not when every part of his body told him to stay close, to stay within his mate.

But the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her, so Devon pulled himself from her body then held her closer to him. She smelled of lavender and hot lust, a smell that tickled his nose and excited his senses.

He wanted her again, only this time on his bed. No not on his bed he wanted her on the ground of the forest in wolf form.

He could have that. With one bite and trickle of blood, he could turn her. He could turn her and have her bound to him for eternity. She would be able to have no other as he would have no other.

A nibble . . .one little nibble and he could have her like this forever.

Smack . . .

Right across his face, Devon didn’t know what happen, or what changed to make Emily fight him now. But it was enough to make him snatch her hands and pull them back over her head. However, he couldn’t control the growl that passed his lips.

“Let me go, damn you,” Emily tried to kick out at him, but Devon held her closer so she couldn’t hurt him.

“You’ve ruined everything.” Tears slowly slide down to her lovely flashed cheeks. Making him wonder what had just happened to make her turn on him like that. But all she did was cry and cry in his arms, her words unclear as she struggled harder to get out of his arms.

Finally, Devon let her go. He let her rise from the desk. Her eyes red and puffy as she cried softly now, making Devon want to hold her to ease her pain.

Not that she would let him help her or take her into his arms, yet he didn’t understand why she had at one moment been a ball of raving passion, then hateful the next.

Did she not like his touch, was there some other man.

Anger filled him at the thought, she was his, to have, to mate and whatever else . . . His.

With little to know control, Devon picked her up from the ground, his teeth clenched as he threw her over his shoulder and walked her quickly to his room.

Ignoring the stunned look of his servants Devon took Emily to his bedchamber and threw her on the bed, loving the sound of her gasp when she hit the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m about to take my wife to bed like she deserves.” He moved his hands to take his clothing off only to remember he had never put them back on. Great now he looked like an even bigger barbarian to not only his servants but also Emily.

“Then you should have waited for Eliza, because I will not marry you!” she shouted at him.

Her body slowly pushed up from the bed, her dress falling to show her lovely breast. Making Devon want nothing more than to push her on the bed and take her nipples into his mouth, to taste her sweet skin again . . . His mate, his.

“I doona want her,” he growled out, his hunger starting up once again. “I want my mate, I want what’s mine.” He was on her now, kissing her lush plump lips, but she only pushed away from him with another smack.

“Damn it Devon listen to me, if you don’t marry my sister then she will never marry and be constituted a whore.” She licked her dry lips as she tried to move farther back, but Devon wouldn’t let her. The jealousy taking him over, he had given her enough space to talk and that’s all she was getting. “I can’t let that happen, you have to marry my sister.”

Devon frowned at her words, was she so ready to scarify her future for that of her sister. Did she care nothing for her own being? “And what of you, not only have I taken your body but I have taken away your chance to marry another. To have what every woman wants, you have to marry me.”

She laughed softly the sounded filled with bitterness. “It doesn’t matter, I wasn’t there for my sister before but this time.” She cut off leaving it open with what he already knew. What was so bad that she would want to forfeit her happiness, for her sister’s happiness?

“But I want you.”

“I know but,” Her hand rose to push back her hair, “I can’t, I just can’t.”

With a deep breath of anger Devon collapsed onto the bed beside her, not knowing what to say, what to do. “Fine I will wed your sister but in return you will be my mistress.”

Emily gaped at his words, her eyes ripping with anger as she opened then closed her mouth. “Fine, but know there is a special place in hell for men like you.”

Devon smiled knowing she may just be right.

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