The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 13~

This man would not let her go, Emily could see that now. Could see it in the way his eyes had shined true anger at the thought of her leaving him. It seemed that he would have her any way he could get her. By making her his mistress he had relinquished her future to nothing more than a life of shame. Not that it mattered now, having had her maidenhead taken there was no marriage in her future. But to know that he cared nothing for how she felt on the matter, hurt more than any blow to the head ever could.

Getting from his bed Emily wasn’t surprised when his hand shot out to stop her.

“Where do you think your going mistress?” He grumbled out, his voice a seduction all its own. Knowing she would have to stay strong Emily raised her chin. “I’m going to my bed, you got what you wanted Lord McKenna.”

There was a wolfish growl before she found herself once again on Devon’s bed. His body quickly rolled on top of her’s, kissing and touching like he would perish if he didn’t.

For too long a moment Emily found herself falling under his need as well, but pulled back just in time to say. “You will only have me once a night, that will be the rule.”

Devon halts his devils licking of her neck as he laughs deeply, “My darling when it comes to seduction there are no rules.” He took her lips with no mercy, his hunger not only melting her but the bed itself. Emily was not ready for such passion, had never thought or dreamed of it. but Emily knew she couldn’t let it go, as she fell into her highlander’s lust.


Emily awoke to a light chill in the air. Opening her eyes to the dark room Emily looked around at mess of sheets and clothing on the floor. Reminding her of what she and Devon had done earlier that night.

It was enough to make her blush at just the thought, yet become ready for more.

When Emily rolled over and found Devon was nowhere to be found, she quickly sat up in bed. To the side of the room sat two glass doors. They lead outside to a dark forest.

Out on the balcony stood Devon. Wrapping the covers tightly around herself, Emily got out of the bed and walked over to Devon.

As she drew closer Emily started to notice that he was not only naked but covered in dirt.

Had he been running through the forest . . . Naked. Emily couldn’t act too surprised, that was how she met him, how she had gotten her first taste of passion.

“Do you run through the woods naked every night.”

“Yes,” he said, not caring to give an explanation to why he ran naked at night.

Emily moved closer making sure to take the covers with her. “Will you’ll have to stop I—mean Eliza will not like it.”

Emily found the words to be tasteless and better coming out her mouth. Devon grumbled and leaned on the railing, “I doona care what she likes.”

“You should, she’ll be your wife.”

“I doona want her ta be my wife, I want you.” He barked so strongly it made her jump, his Highlander drawl strong with his anger.

Before she could move away, Devon was on her, his eyes glowing blue fire in the light of the candles, his teeth looking too sharp in his mouth. Emily could only let out a gap of air as he bites into her neck.

Emily awoke with a silent scream, her heart racing in her chest. It had been a dream, a nightmare. Devon hadn’t attacked her, his teeth not sharp . . . A dream just a dream. Looking down at herself Emily found both her and Devon naked in a coverless bed. His arm around her waist, his head tucked tight into the pillow. Taking the time to look at his now soft face, Emily found her breath taken away. He was all ways so playful and when he wasn’t playful he was serious. Never had she seen him so calm and relaxed, he was lovely this way. Emily had never thought a man could be so lovely.

When he took a deep breath and pulled her closer to him, Emily let it happen. Let his touch comfort her, even the smell of clean hard male calmed her. With him so close Emily had never felt so aware of her surroundings. Even the smell of dirt tingled her nose.

Emily’s eyes popped open as she slowly lifted her head and looked over at the Glass doors.

They were closed . . . but dirt clung to the covers that laid on the floor. Making Emily set up in bed, her hands slowly drifting to her neck. When she hissed with pain Emily pulled back her hand and looked at the light spot of red.

Looking over at the man who slept next to her Emily realized that she may have made a deal with the devil.

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