The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 14~

Devon was about to pull his hair out, as he watched Emily sit by him in the carriage. Her hands in her lap as she looked out the window.

Though Devon knew she was watching him through the reflection of the glass.

She was studying his face and eyes. She remembered last night and Devon knew she didn’t think it as a dream. But even knowing this Devon found it odd that she didn’t smell of fear, only her stiff body gave her away.

Knowing he needed to find out what to say, and yet knowing she wouldn’t say anything about last night. Somehow it messed with his mind, he wanted her to say something about it, he wanted her to be made and angry.

He had told her they were going to his friend’s Edwin Gibson estate.

What he didn’t tell her was that her sister was on her way there or that they were headed to his family’s home as well.

None of that mattered because he couldn’t tell her that he was doing this to bring her into ‘the turning’.

Thrill at the thought of his mate turning shouldn’t have filled him, shouldn’t have gotten him hard for another taste of her.

Biting her had been a mistake, it had been a moment that his wolf had taken, before he could pull it back. Turning her was not something he would take back. But how it had happened filled Devon with regret. She should fear him, he wouldnt blame her if she did.

But with this turning Devon could mate her for life, something they could never go back on.

Even if she didn’t accept it now.

In time she would . . . hopefully.

“When will we reach lord Gibson.” Her head slightly turned to him but not completely as she asked. Devon didn’t know why he disliked the action but he did.

It took everything he had not to tell her to look at him.

Hand clenched Devon let himself breath deeply then answered.

“Tomorrow, for tonight we’ll stop at an in.”

She nodded her head and looked off into the window again. But Devon didn’t let it stand, with one quick motion Devon draw her face to look at him.

Fear shined in her eyes when she looked back at him, only helping to piss Devon off. He didn’t want her to fear him, he wanted her lust, her hunger.

Angry with himself, Devon slowly took her lips in a soft kiss. Pulling back, Devon looked Emily in the eyes. “I’m sorry. . .I should have controlled myself.” turning away Devon looked out his own window.

Hoping his anger and lust wound ease. Devon took a slow and deep breaths.

In through the nose, out through the mouth.

He would not let the wolf out again.

In through the nose, out through the mouth.

He would be the mate she deserved.

In through the nose-. Her lust hit him so fast and hard Devon had to clench his hands together.

This was going to be a long ride. . . One she would have to make alone, because another moment in this carriage without having her would drive him mad.

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