The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 15~

She had been left alone in the carriage on the way to the small inn. Hell he had half Jumped out the moving carriage after kissing her witless.

Leaving Emily so dazed that when she had arrived at the inn. She had no time to be shocked that a room was already prepared for her.

Exhausted from the mental back flipps Devon seem to put her through Emily found herself ready to lay her head down.

But the older woman who had shown Emily to her room was now rushing around it, frantically making sure everything was in place.

It was like the woman was afraid of Emily finding anything objectionable.

“This will do quite nicely, thank you.” Emily said to get the older woman’s attention. the The Innkeeper spun around. Her fear and worry flashed behind her smile.

“Aye milady, supper be served at noon. If ya need anything just ask for Abby.” She placed her hand on her chest to show that she was Abby.

As she walked passed her in a movement that was jittery and fear filled, Emily found herself moving in the woman’s path.

Emily’s heart jumping at the sight of Abby’s fear.

A euphoric excitement filled Emily at the idea that the old woman would run . . . even as she pray that Abby wouldn’t run.

In a slight panic Abby’s hands waved back and forth, as she put her head down. “Milady?”

Was she avoiding eye contact?

Good, Emily felt it would be a bad idea for her to be stared down.

“Why are you afraid?” The words were harsh and pushed forward with aggression, more so than Emily ever thought she had spoken to anyone.

“Ex-excuses me . . .?”

“Why are you afraid of me?” there was a loud thumping in the room, that seem to be coming from the old woman’s chest. A sound that reminded Emily of feet running in the forest, making the need to catch and kill her prey-.

Emily shook her head, her fear of her own thought’s making her take a step away from the scarred woman.

What was she doing?

Why were those animalistic thoughts in her head?

Knowing she needed to fix this Emily quickly added. “I mean you have nothing to be nervous about, this room is more than lovely.”

The woman’s breath grew easy as Emily step to the side, finally letting Abby leave.

A soft thank you and the smell of fear was the only thing Abby left lingering after her departure.

Flipping on her bed Emily rubbed her hand over her face. What ever wildness that had come over her, seemed to have calmed down to a slow grumble.

Dear lord what if Molina had been around to see that? Or if Devon had seen it?

At the thought of Devo, Emily’s thought drifted to the night before.

The fear she had felt, the fear she had made that woman feel.

What was wrong with her?

Needed more air, Emily moved to the window.

Emily stopped at the sound of a knock at her door. Moving to answer it —.

Glass shattered behind her, making Emily scream as she turned away from the window.

What had just happened?

“Emily!” The sound of Devon’s voice rung in her ear, as her door was forced open.

When Devon pulled her into his arms, his words went unheard, as her eyes zoomed in on the arrow that pierced her wall.

“Sweet one look at me . . . Look at me.” His hands touched her cheeks as he moved her face to look at him. But her eyes wouldn’t leave the arrow, or the strand of her hair that was on it.

When Devon eyes followed hers to the arrow, everything about his body language change. With a calm movement Devon walked towards the arrow and pulled it from the wall.

“Devon it could have been a bird hunter-.”

Before she could finish speaking, he was rushing from the room. A deadly air following after him.

Knowing she couldn’t let him do something he may regret later, Emily followed after him. But by the time she was on the steps he was already out the door.

There was no way she would catch up with him, her dress was holding her down. If anything it would be wise to sit back and wait for his return. . . And yet Emily found she couldn’t do that.

What if it hadn’t been a mistake? What if they decided to hurt Devon?

Emily couldn’t let that happen.

With a burst of energy, she hadn’t known she had Emily run out the inn and to the side of the house where her window was located.

Not only did logic tell her that this was the way he would go, but the smell of Devon was easy to follow.

Thought Emily didn’t understand how she could follow his scent.

Yet oddly enough she somehow felt drawn to his scent, as if she had no choices but to follow.

Emily ran after Devon, into the forest his scent somehow got weaker as if he were trying to hide it.

Emily stopped and shook her head knowing it was a ridiculous thought. That night with Devon was messing with her head . . . Had her thinking she was some kind of animal. When she was as far from it as Devon was.

But with that thought came the image of glowing eyes, and teeth too big for a human mouth.

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