The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 16~

Devon had lost his pray damn it. Not only that, but Emily was right behind him. The only good thing about the night was that he had got the bastard scent. If he showed up again Devon would tear him apart.

But for now the danger had passed, and his woman was now wondering the forest looking for him.

That she had gotten this far on smell alone, so soon pleased him. It made him want to see her wolf form, made him want to take her in wolf form, a complete mating.

But he would have to wait, her wolf form was not yet ready, not until the full moon. It was two nights away, and if Devon didn’t get her to the safety of his home she would not only be in danger, but the people she was around would be in danger.

Covering his scent Devon circle back. Making sure he stayed out of her vision, but kept his little mate in sight. Her curly blond hair was down, no longer on top of her head. It was so wild and lushes flowing down her back.

Devon wanted to run his hands through her hair, to take in her scent and mark her with his scent.

To claim her out here in animal and human form would be the act of true mating.

A true mating he couldn’t do with her . . . Not until they were safely on his pack’s land.

But first he would have to get them to his friend’s house. It was no longer safe to keep Emily in this inn. But just as he was about to step out the thought of the danger his mate had been in dawned on him. Someone was trying to kill her, someone was trying to take away his mate. The only question left was who.

Teeth aching to bite into the flesh of those who wanted to take his woman away. Devon walked out to Emily, no longer hiding his scent.

She turned quickly, her eyes wide as she looked at him. Knowing his rage was showing Devon quickly hide it behind a soft smile, he didn’t need his mate fearing him more then she most likely already did.

“Devon . . . Are you alright?”

Without answer Devon took her hand and pulled her in for a kiss, his need to know she was alive and well taking over. Emily was sweet on his tongue and smelled of the loveliest flowers. Her touch, her scent, her smile alone calmed him more than anything else could ever do.

Pulling away slowly Devon looked down at his soft little mate, her eyes close, her lips plump and pink. How he wished to take her again. But he would not, not on the forest floor, she would never forgive him for that. The forest mating would have to wait till her turning. “I’m fine, now come we must move, I fear this place is no longer safe for you.”

She gave no protest as he pulled her along. It would seem they would be arriving at his mother’s keep early.

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