The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 17~

Emily was going to kill Devon McKenna if it was the last thing she did this day. How could he have not told her they were stopping by to see his mother and father? It was embarrassing and infuriating to know he did not once think to tell her this. Not only that but Emily didn’t know how to act, should she be her rude and outspoken sister or her quiet and timid self.

As Emily took Devon’s hand so he could help her out of the carriage she stopped. The thought of going back to being the timid wallflower she was making her sick.

Yet the thought of being a rude she-devil to Devon’s mother and father didn’t sit well with her ether. Emily didn’t know who to be, if not herself, if not her sister then who?

“It will be fine Emily.” Looking up at Devon as he stood before her, his black hair, and blue eyes soft with caring and understanding. She couldn’t help but smile-.

Emily found her new found smile quickly vanished as a man punched Devon in the face, knocking him to the ground. Emily let go a scream of surprise as the man advanced on Devon, picking him up just to hit him again. Emily watched as Devon did nothing to fight back. Not understanding why Devon would do nothing to protect himself or get away. Emily jumped at Devons attacker. Jumping on his back, Emily did the only thing she could think of, she bit him on the neck.

They all froze.

She wasn’t sure why her first thought had been to rip his throat out.

With a growl of anger and frustration the man lifted Devon closer to his face.

Making Emily bite down hard enough to break skin, the tasted of his blood on her tough not stopping her.

“I knew it, you bit her. After your mother ordered you never to do so.”

“I did . . . Father.”

With a grunt of anger Devon father pushed him away, his anger showing through the calm demeanor, his father gave off. Even as a wild woman bit him.

Without thought, Emily let go of Devon’s father and ran to his side. He didn’t seem to be hurt or rattled from what his father did.

As if he had been expecting his father to attack him. Something Emily didn’t understand. Did his father not like that his son was going to marry an English woman?

“Are you ok?” hands lightly on his chest, Emily watched as he sat up and looked at his father for a long moment, before turning to look at her.

He frowned as he smiled at her showing he was only trying to ease her worry.

“I’m fine.” Devon whipped his hand across her face. wiping something away. With a hard blink Emily wiped at her mouth.

Blood, she saw blood on her hands, making her frantic as she tried to get the blood off her face.

The soft calm hands on hers made Emily look up at Devon.

With all her confusion and fear showing Emily looked at Devon for answer.

“What is wrong with me?” Her voice cracked as tears filled her eyes.

“Came, let’s get you cleaned up.” A woman said from behind her, drawing Emily eyes to a slender woman, who looked a little older than Devon.

An older sister maybe?

With long dark brown hair, skin kissed by the sun and blue eyes that looked too much like Devon, it was clear she was part of his family.

This woman stood strong and proud in her plaid colors of red, blue and green. The man beside her, the one Devon had called father looked young too, his body still strong and in its prime. He had a mess of black hair that looked like it would never be tamed, and eyes as gray as the highland mist. His plaid kilt the same color as the woman.

Taking the hand that was extended, Emily found herself being helped to her feet by the woman.

As she guided Emily into the house she couldn’t help wondering where all their servants where.

Even at Devon’s home there had only been one cook and two or three maids.

Not counting her sisters lady in waiting.

Lead into a small room, Emily didn’t wait for help, as she rushed to the water in a bowl and cleaned her face and mouth.

Hands shaky, Emily tried hard to breathe, to calm herself, but the images of that night were playing over and over in her head. His eyes . . . His teeth.

“What is your name child?” Emily found it odd a woman who could only be a few years older than her calling her child, but she said nothing.

“Em-Eliza my name is Eliza Maglite.” There was no point telling his woman who she really was. It was her sister who would marry into this family. It was Eliza who would get to know this woman, and she would have Devon’s children.

Anger, sorrow . . . It was not what she was feeling, she would never let herself get to that feeling. She would never fall for a man that her sister would get in the end. Her sister always got what she wanted in the end.

“I see.” She hummed lightly as she looked at Emily a little closer. “I’m Marry Mckenna Devon’s mother.” She said softly, Emily blinked as she looked over at the young woman. Or rather older woman. Smiling as if she new Emily’s thoughts she spoke again. “Sorry we don’t have more services to help, we are a family that likes its privacy.”

“No need for apologies milady.”

Marry lightly took her hand and guided, Emily to a small room with a fireplace. Just a few feet away from the fireplace sat two chairs.

Taking a set Lady Mckenna gestured to the seat across from her.

“A moment of your time please.” Nodding her head, Emily took a seat without question. Lightly folded her hands in her lap, Emily felt an edge of intimidation.

The woman had been nothing but nice to her since Emily had arrived. But now that they sat in this room alone, Devon’s mother’s eyes studying her.

“You know there is an old story about our family that many around here know.”

“Really and what is that, if you don’t mind me asking.” Emily said truly interested in what lady McKenna had to say. It was the first words she had spoken since they had come to be alone in this new room.

“At one time in this family we use to be farmers. Simple people who made their own with just a small land they were given.” She looked off out the window as if she could see the small piece of land. “But dark times came, war after war not just with the clans and the Englishmen but with clans against clans. And our family’s poor little land begins to get robbed of its food and vital needs.

“Until we had nothing, nothing to feed our family. You would think these worries, who had taken so much from the small family would move on . . . But they did not. They beat the men of the family half to death and took the women of the family to be raped and beaten.”

Emily held back her shock and fear as best she could, not wanting to stop the woman from her story. Though Emily could not imagine what that small family was going through.

She had to think that there was some lesson in the story, some reason for this woman telling her this horrid tale.

“But you see this family, that had been torn apart by war, was a strong family, this family had one thing that connected them all. . . Their faith in Caridwen the goddess of corn.”

“Goddess of . . . Corn?”

Lady McKenna laughed as she looked back at Emily for the first time, since starting her story. Her blue eyes shining back at Emily’s green ones, just as Devon did when he found something amusing. “They were farmers my dear, of course a corn goddess.” She said as she laughed again, Emily joined her but silently wondered what a corn goddess could do for the small family.

“They had no war god or protector god to call on only Caridwen, she was all they had. And she heard their call and answered. For that night she cursed the small family to turn wolf.”

“Wait why would she cures the family.” Frowning Emily moved a little closer now, need to understand why, the goddess would do the family more wrong. “Why would she do them like that when they need her the most.”

“Their pray’s, they wanted bloodshed, they wanted death, they wanted those who hurt them to pay and those they loved to pay as well. Their prayers were so dark and hated, that the goddess who is also known as the white goddess mind you. Was disgusted with the family, so much so that she turned them into wolves.

‘If you are to be blood thirsty as the beast, then you will become the beast.’ So the goddess spoke it and so they were, they killed those who had hurt them. But in the end paid a price that would live with this family forever.”

Emily frowned, not really understanding the lesson in the tale. “So this family is cursed?”

“Yes and coming into this family you have now taken the curse upon yourself.” Her voice was composed and collected as if she were telling Emily of her wifely duties to her son. Yet her words were crazed, so crazed that Emily stood on her feet. “Please sit back down.”

“What are you saying?”

“I said sit.” Her voice was so strong and deadly that Emily found herself obeying within moments. Something within her telling her to submit to the woman before her, to not make eye contact. “My dear there is no going back for you, my child has chosen you and you ‘will’ stay and you ‘will’ be a good wife . . . She-Devil of Maglite.”

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