The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 18~

Emily looked out the bedroom window, at the cloudy sky, her thoughts on the talk she’d had with lady Mckenna.

The woman was scary when she wanted to be. Even worse was that Devon’s mother knew of Eliza’s nickname.

Who knew such gossip would have reached out here.

Covering her face Emily looked back at the room she had been led to by the only maid they had. She had been a kind old woman, that had spoken of how she had worked for the Mckenna’s for years.

As Emily’s looked over at the bed, Emily didn’t jump when she saw Devon in the room with her.

She had felt him coming long be for his scent hit her nose.

Hw stood to the far side of her bed. His black hair, and Blue eyes, screamed danger.

What the hell was she getting herself into?

What was she getting Eliza into?

“Are you cursed Devon?” Emily watched as his body stiffened at her question. His full lips cracking in a smirk as he walked over to one of the two candles she had lit in the room. It was then Emily knew he was going to give the same answer as his mother.


He blow out the candle, letting the darkness rush over him.

Only what should have been a blank dark spot next to her bed, was as clear as daylight.

As if she was right next to her Lady Mckenna’s words rang in her ear, ‘There is no going back for you.’ what did she mean, it was no going back for her? Did she really mean curse like in her story or something else? “And you . . . You turn into a wolf?”

Devon folded his arms over his powerful chest, making her realize that he was now in his plaid kilt. Some how he was more mouth watering than ever, he made her want to touch him, to kiss him.

“I answered one of your question’s Emily now it’s time you answer mine.”

She should have known it wouldn’t be that easy. “Fine.”

“Why are you so determined to have me marry your sister.”

Emily bit her lip, not knowing if she should tell him why.

Was it even her place to tell? Knowing he would find out anyway, Emily elevated her chin and ignored the sickening thought of him with her sister in any sexual way. “Because she was rapped and will never get married if anyone found out.”

“. . .I see, I’m sorry to hear that. But what does that have to do with you, and your happiness.” He snapped out the last part.

Angry that he didn’t understand, Emily quickly snapped back at him. “It has everything to do with me, I should have been there for her. But all I could think about was the way she made us look to others.”

A softness hit Devon’s eyes as he spoke to her. “Emily, you can’t punish yourself for something you couldn’t have known or changed.”

Shaking her head Emily looked at the door he had silently come through, even with her now improved hearing it had been hard to hear him coming. “You don’t understand.”

Devon gave a snort at her words as he quickly spoke again. “I understand what happen to your sister was bad, I agree. But what she tricked you into doing. . .in ‘this’ she is not the innocent victim.” she could see he was trying to be gentle with her, but his anger still filled his voice.

Emily’s voice grew higher, the thought of anyone hearing them no longer mattering. “She is the innocent victim!”

“If she so innocent then why are you here and not her.”

“Because I was the reason she had to marry you.” Her words were harsh and held nothing back.

Devon blinked with shock at her words. “What did you do to anger the king?”

“I—Wait . . . King?”

“Yes, the king had ordered our marriage for the day of our first meeting.”

“But . . . She wouldn’t have . . . She couldn’t have. . ?” Had her sister really planned for her to marry Devon in her place. How long had she been planning this?

Everything shifted around Emily then, making her foam with rage.

Her sister had truly betrayed her. . . No worse than betrayal she had used her.

There was no way Eliza didn’t know that she would be getting married the day she had sent her own sister in her place.

“What would make you think it was your fault for the engagement?”

“I had kissed the stable boy and they thought it was Eliza. She said that it was my fault that she was to go get married.” Once the words were out of her mouth, Emily knew she shouldn’t have said them.

With little to no steps Devon was upon her, his big body trapping her against the wall.

His body was too close, yet too far away, what should have been fear in his overwhelming her space was replaced by hot lust. A lust that had her panties damp and her nipples harding with the need for him to touch them.

Looking him deep in the eyes Emily said the one thing she know she shouldn’t. “Jealous.”

Opening his mouth to speak, Emily was surprised when he only laughed, then smashed their lips together.

His kiss driving her lust higher. As he made her moan and whimper beneath his passion.

Her own hunger becoming harder and harder to hold back. Putting her hands around his neck, Emily ripped away the kilt that crossed over his chest.

As if her touch was a trigger, Devon moved his hands to take off her dress. As he ripped away anything else that shielded her from him.

With one big hand, Devon pushed two fingers within her core. Emily shivered with every hot wave of lust he made her feel.

Her walls welcoming his fingers with ever hungry thrust he gave. “Watch my fingers Emily, watch how only I can make you this way.”

He pulled his fingers out and rubbed along her folds. Making her cry out as she gripped his shoulders to keep herself up.

“Now ride my hand baby, show me how you want me to take you.” There was no need to repeat himself.

She moved slowly against his hands. Her lovely hips hungrily taking her pleasure in a nice slow motion. Right before she begin to speed up. She rode his hand harder now, her little fingers digging into his skin as her moans grew louder.

Devon became hypnotized, as he watched Emily take her pleasure.

Her beauty in the heat of passion, her moans as she grow closer to releasing.

Groaning deep in his throat. Devon started to mutter, his words becoming almost unrecognizable.

With one smooth motion she was up against the cold wall, his body melting against her own. As she whimpered from the lost of his hand.

She had been so close to her satisfaction.

“No one else can have you, Emily we are mated, you are mine.“His voice was a deep grumble in her ear.

As he took her hand and placed them on his manhood. “Do you want it inside you, filling you.”

“Yes,” She moaned out her hands already rubbing him until he was almost made with need.

“Guide me in, my sweet flower.” Wrapping her legs around his waist Emily impaled herself on him. Her gasp of pleasure only adding to his own delight, as he slid easily into her wet heat.

Her hot walls squeezed him tight, making him so close to coming that he had to stop and bite his tongue. Not yet . . . He had only just gotten started with her.

Slowly he moved his face closer, as he moved both her hands above her head.

Leaving her nowhere to run.

She didn’t want to run, she wanted his lips on her’s, she wanted him to move within her.

Even though her body was coming down from her last orgasms, Emily wanted more.

But he only growled again as he moved his face a little closer. His lips lightly brushed against hers, sending a heat that made her body shutter. Too hungry to be still, Emily tried to kiss Devon deeper, only to have him move away. Emily closed her eyes and whined in need, her hips wiggling making it harder to control himself.

“Look at me.”

He commanded his deep voice vibrating through her. Making her eyes open to look into his.

Devon pulled out slowly, before thrusting back in with one hard stroke. The pleasure at his thrust had her clenching and unclenching around him.

Her pleasure somehow intensifying as she looked into his eyes.

His gazes tearing her apart as he touched within her mentally . . . Emotionally.

Eyes so intense and deep they bright her pleasure like each and every blow he gave her.


When he moved his gaze away it was only for a moment as he looked at her breast, as they move with every pump with in her.

Their motion like a dance of passion, that neither could escape.

He moved faster and harder.

As if he were trying to reach a place she had never known existed until his touch.

When they came, they came with a wild howl of satisfaction, that rocked the very room around them.

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