The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 19~

Why do things never go as planned? She should have seen this coming. Here Eliz had thought that her parents had all but forgotten about their other daughter Emily.

But no, they had given Emily the best suitor.

A man whose family had been high knight of the king since his grandfathers of great grandfathers. His family had all knew how to handle their money well. Having two estates and a very diverse portfolio. Gibson’s wanted for nothing.

Eliza clenched her teeth at the thought of the animal they had tried to throw at her.

A small border lord who would have beat her for every other word she spoke.

It had only been a moment of self-preservation that had made her send her sister off to that barbarian. Knowing that Emily’s submissiveness would keep her untouched, hell for half of her life it had kept her unseen. Emily would be fine, the letter she had sent was nothing more than Emily overreacting.

And even if she told anyone who she was, no one would believe her.

“Oh dear sister.” Giving a soft laugh Eliza sat back in her carriage and relaxed.

Knowing that this lord Edwin Gibson would spoil her rotten.

She’d cry, she’d whine, and she’ll get everything she always wanted. That’s how it was and how it always would be.

She would have a lover or two, one a blacksmith and one a stable-boy. The powerful upper body of a blacksmith who spent hours working day in and day out, made her knees weak.

Let’s not forget that the powerful lower body of a stable boy who trained with his houses day after day, would have her ready to ride him. Yes, she was a muscle lover, and sadly muscles were something higher up’s didn’t have. Never having to lift anything bigger than a teapot, left them frail, weak and unattractive.

How could a man like that truly possess his woman’s body. How could he truly dominate in the only place it counted (at least for Eliza it’s counted) in the bedroom.

As the carriage took her to Edwin’s home, Eliza looked over at her new lady in waiting.

She had to leave Emily’s old one at the house. The woman had been too suspicious.

Now Eliza had a new much older maid, one who found it hard to stay awake for more than a few moments. Eliza would be able to do whatever she wanted. Even look for an old acquaintance, from a moonlight night of passion.

Smiling Eliza lightly rub her neck, were he had bitten her. Though her memory of him had been something like a dream Eliza still held hope that he had been real. That they would meet again.

Out of the corner of her eye Eliza saw something go passed them. The soft sound of pain following.

Looking out the back window, Eliza saw a man lying still on the road.

Had they hit someone?

Beating on the top of the carriage Eliza commanded the man to stop. They couldn’t leave someone to die.

As the carriage slowly came to a stop Eliza lessened to the carriage man’s soft footsteps as he came over to her door.

“How you hit a man with all this space-.” Eliza words were cut off as a bag was through over her head.

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