The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 2~

Devon McKenna, border lord and Highlander, was pissed as hell. Here he was standing before his only English friend Edwin Gibson, who came with news from the ‘King’, that he was to be married.

Not to a fiery highland hellcat as he’d originally planned. But to some soft English flower?! And not just any soft English woman, but the one known as the “she-devil” of Maglite estate.

A woman known for flirting with the help and starting unsavory gossip about her own friends and family. This woman was, his betrothed.

He, a man known for his Mystique and secrecy, now had to marry a woman who couldn’t keep her damn mouth shut. The irony was not lost on him and he barked a short humorless laugh at the absurdity of it all.

“I will not,” Devon said, abruptly turning his back to his friend as rage and fury filled him.

What the bloody hell had he done to get a promise like this? Was this for the time he had ravished a married woman at a higher party.

Its not like he had known at the time. And he had even come to like the woman’s husband, not that he’d ever tried to become friends with the man.

Could the good lord be punishing him for that? Or, maybe it was the time–.

Devon’s thoughts were interrupted when Edwin spoke again. “You have obligation to adhere to, the king has declared that you wedd, so you must.”

“Obligation. . .to who, the king or your brother.”

“Are they not the same at this point.” Edwin said with a bitter smark.

Devon gave a growl of displeasure right before an idea hit him. With a slow smile, Devon looked over at his friend, who seemed to sigh with tired eyes.

“I don’t think you should eat her, and I’m sure as hell not getting involved.” Devon laughed once again, remembering why they were friends. Edwin, like Devon, had his own secret that he had to hide.

“But what if-somehow- she refuses to marry me?”

Understanding dawned on Edwin’s features and a slow, mischievous smile crypt across his face. “Now that my friend, just might work,” Edwin sad as he slowly glided backwards, stepping farther away from the sunlight.

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