The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 20~

Devon smiled at a mate well satisfied. Emily’s big green eyes sat half closed, as a soft smile sat on her lips.

A smile he notices came every time they sleep together.

There was nothing like that feeling of knowing you gave such pleasure. However now as she sat across from him eating morning meal, she didn’t even look at him.

The bright red bite marks he had given her the second and third time they had made love, were now hidden behind soft curls of blond hair that fell over her shoulders.

Making him want nothing more than to walk around the table and raise her hair, so all could see his claim.

But he held his self back, knowing that to do so would only make her angry at him.

Turning to his mother and father, who were still vary much angry and disappointed in their son, Devon asked where his sister was.

His mother gave a tired sigh, as his father grumbled out. “Over Edwin’s house trying to win his love.”

Understanding his mother’s tiered sigh, Devon shook his head. “I thought she had given up trying to marry him. After the last time he turned her down.”

“You know Edwin, the soft hearted fool told her that he had already chosen his wife and she was too late.” Him and his father laughed at that, knowing that wouldn’t stop his sister for long. She was a determined little thing.

“You have a sister?” Emily’s soft voice gently cut through the room.

Emily blushed lightly as everyone looked at her.

Put her head down Emily quickly apologized for being nosey.

With a soft smile Devon looked at his sweet mate. He didn’t understand why she was apologizing. But her apology did make him wondered if this was what she was like at home. A part of him could tell that eating with his family was a little odd for her.

But he wanted his mate to feel at home here.

“You don’t have to apologize, you are a part of my family now. Yes, I have an older sister her name’s Lorain.”

Emily looked up with big eyes as she leaned across the table a little “Older . . . Really, she sounds like a vary naive and young lady.”

“When it comes to what she thinks is love, I’m afraid my daughter is all that and more.” His mother said as she took a sip of her coffee. Before she made the face she always made, when her coffee didn’t have enough sugar in it.

Devon smiled at this, things here were still the same, and that somehow gave him comfort. To know that no matter what, there would always be a place for him and his mate here, in his home and pack.

“What if he tries to take advantage of her.” Emily said, her fear for Lorain touching not just him but his parents too.

“Edwin’s not that much of a fool, and he knows he is not Lorain’s mate.” His Father was a grumble at the thought of his daughter.

It was not that he didn’t like Edwin, it was the fact that his daughter was all over Edwin. The damn fool was just too good looking and nice for his own good.

With a silent head nod Emily took this information, but somehow Devon knew her thoughts had turned to something else.

“Please. . .” She said as she looked at her empty plate, before she looked back up at all of them, her eyes strong and determined. “I’m begging you to tell me of this curse . . . Help me to understand.”

Devon heart was on the edge of mayhem, fear of her knowing he curse.

Fear that if she truly understood the curse and how it now was upon her, would make her run.

But he couldn’t keep her in the dark forever, He couldn’t let her go through tonights changes without knowing what would happen to her.

“This is something I feel Devon should tell you.” His mother and pack leader said, her words not only telling him to obey, but telling him she was sorry that he had to do so alone.

But this was his journey, his selfish mistake.

Devon knew it should be him to tell her just as his mother and father did. So as they made their way to the door to leave, Devon said nothing just looked at his woman. Would she run . . . Would she call him a monster.

Wasn’t he a monster. . .

Taking a slow sip of his own coffee Devon sat up and looked at his mate, blond hair sat softly around her shoulders. Her green eyes focused on him.

Wanting to understand, yet fearing the knowledge.

“Emily I want you to know that I regret not speaking to you about it beforehand. And if it takes forever to win your trust. . .I will do so without question-.”

The door to the dinning room was slowly pushed open.

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