The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 21~

Emily had been so wrapped up in hearing Devon’s words, that it wasn’t until he had stopped to look at the door that she had realized someone had entered the room.

A woman of soft pale skin and a mess of wild brown hair, walked in the room.

She was dressed like a man, with brown leather pants and soft white cotton blouse.

Though with all this on, she could not hide her womanly figure. Her breast was so big they pushed up against her shirt, making it rise and fall with every breath she took. The curve of her legs so outlined with the leather pants, it made her leg look as if they went on for days.

The only hard thing about the woman was her gray eyes. Eyes that seems to glow with a soft hint of blue.

“Lorain what is in the bag.” Devon said, as he got to his feet. Emily’s eyes quickly turned downwards as the woman dragged in a ‘moving’ bag behind her.

Had the woman been hunting, without killing. Emily hopped Lorain understood wild animals did not make good pets.

“Devon! It’s so good to see you.” Lorain breath out on a smile as she ran to hug him.

Emily watched in wonder as they hugged each other. The bond of brother and sister clear.

Emily wished she could say her and Eliza had been that close, having been twins one would think they were closer than any sisters could be. But nothing was further from the truth. As children they had fought with fist flying, now they barely talked to each other.

When Lorain pulled away from her brother to look him in the eyes, she spoke softly, almost too low for Emily to hear. “I have missed you pack mate.” When Lorain finally turned her eyes away from her brother and on to Emily, with a flicker of shock. Emily wondered what she must look like at morning meal with her hair down, and not up as it should be.

Though Emily wish she could quickly raise her hair, she knew she couldn’t. To do so would be to show the bite marks Devon had left.

It was only when Emily had noticed the woman shift of eyes to her bag, that Emily realized the look had nothing to do with ‘her’. But what Lorain had brought with her.

“Well I should be heading-.” She was stopped by her brother’s strong hand on her neck, his growl making the woman cringe up in fear.

“Who is in the bag sister.” This was not a question but a command. Even Emily could see that.

And even though Emily would like nothing more than to help the woman, Emily knew she had to stay out of it. This was a family matter, and if the woman really did have someone in the bag then maybe Devon really needs to be hard on the girl.

“Just a soon to be friend of the family.” She said with a frown, a frown that turns on Emily, as she tried to pull away from her brother.

But he didn’t let go, making her grumble out a few choice words for her brother.

Wanting to help the poor soul in the bag, Emily walked over to open it.

“No!” The girl yelled as, Emily pulled the bag open and the head of her sister popped out.

Eliza was not a crier, something Emily had long known. No, her sister cover her fear with anger and rage.

So when her bond and gaged sister started to throw insults at her through her gagged mouth, Emily simply closed the bag back up, and walked back to her seat.

“Dammit Lorain, you go too far!” Devon yelled as he pulled his sister off to the door.

But he stopped at the door, as if remembering something, his head slowly turning to look back at her. “Emily . . .?”

“I’ll make sure she doesn’t leave.” With a soft nod of his head Devon walked from the room.

He hadn’t expected Eliza to be here so soon.

Maybe not ever.

And if Emily was being honest with herself, she wasn’t pleased at the idea of her being here either.

But no matter how pleased or displeased they were with Eliza’s arrival. They both knew it was time to own up to their deal.

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