The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 22~

Emily had talked her sister into coming to her room.

Not an easy task.

She had talked Eliza into being silent. Another task Emily found harder than it should have been.

But she had somehow succeeded.

Now what Emily though as she walked back and forth in the room. Her mind running over what she should say.

The soft pitter-patter of her sister’s heart sounded softly in her ear.

To make her sister take her proper place . . . As Devon’s wife. Would leave her with the place of a mistress. Shunned by those in the higher society and whispered about by all.

If they had children, they too would walk a road of hardship and rejection. Was she ready to take that, was her sister worth taking it for.

“Why. . . Why did you do it.”

Eliza lets both of her brows rise as she falsely flashed a look of shock and pain. “What are you talking about-.”

“Don’t lie to me.” The smell of it was one that had Emily’s body ready to attack.

It was a smell that couldn’t be missed, it burned at Emily’s nose.

Making her irritable and snappy. “Just tell me why you hate me so.”

Eliza rolled her eyes as she wiggled on the same bed her and Devon had shared the night before.

Emily had to silence the growl that tried to overtake her. “I don’t hate you.” Eliza snapped back, the truth in her words stopping the burning feeling Emily had in her nose. “It was a thought that came in the heat of a moment to protect myself.”

“Protect yourself . . .?” Emily said these words slowly as if she didn’t wish to say them wrong.

Eliza rolled her eyes as she looked back at her sister once again. “We both know a barbarian such as he would beat a woman for speaking her mind–.”

“Shut up! Eliza you know nothing of Devon, he doesn’t beat women. He is not that kind of man.” Emily knew her sister was shocked at the outburst of anger.

Emily Knew proper English woman should never show such things. But she didn’t care.

Once again angry with her sister Emily walked back and forth in her room, knowing her sister didn’t deserve a man like Devon.

A man that would love her with all of his heart.

All Eliza would do was extinguished that fire in him. Something that Emily couldn’t let happen.

“When you leave here Eliza just know that it will be my name that will be next to Devon when we wed.” Emily watched as her sister’s face went pale at her words. The thought of the king’s anger moving throughout her body.

“Emily you can not, the king will not be pleased to hear that the wrong sister was married off.” she was on her feet, her heart racing.

Making Emily quickly take notice of it. She wished to tell her sister to calm herself, but she was already taken with the sound.

Stepping closer Eliza let her face fill with the anger and malice she felt for her sister at that moment. “Fine, I shall marry the barbarian and you can take your knight.”

The growl that came from her throat thereafter was one that silenced the room. “You will not touch him, he is mine.” The silence was an intense air that loomed in the room over them, only overshadowed by the opening of the bedroom door.

Devon stood strong and tall in the doorway. His English fit was nice on him, but Emily somehow found herself liking his kilt better. “If you chose me there is no going back, you’ll have me . . . Curse and all.” Emily frowned at his words. He was making sure she understood what she was getting into.

Though there was no way to really know yet, she was ready to find out . . . With him.

“I don’t fear you Devon.”

He said nothing to her words, just looked over at Eliza.

“Your betrothed is at the door, please take my rudeness for what it is and show yourself out.”

Eliza snuffed her nose at them as she walked from the room. They paid her no mind.

“I’m Sorry Emily.” He came to her then, his big body overtaking the room with nothing more than his being. “If you are to hate me for this curse I brought upon you I well understand. But this is a curse that cannot be explained only experienced. I just pray you will still want me after words.”

“I’m afraid,” she stated.

“I’m here, and if you’ll always have me, I’ll always be beside you.”


Before she could answer he was kissing her.

His kisses were demanding. Yet they seem to speak to her.

Begging her to ‘let him have her, to let him love her.’

It was a need he could not let go of, or control.

She was his, she had to be his. Not only did his wolf decree it, but his very soul did.

She was what completed him and when he took her in this full moon light she would know so too. But until then he would wait . . . He would leave her body wanting until tonight.

It had been hard leaving her wanting. But Devon knew that it was for the beat. He needed to give her time to think.

Walking down the hall Devon found his sister in her room.

She was gathering her things. Doing what she always did when she didn’t get her way.

“You can’t go after him Lorain, he has chosen his mate.” Walking into her room, Devon tried not to get too close.

Knowing that she was pissed that Edwin had come for his bride and left without even talking to her.

“No Devon, He does what that prick of a brother tells the king to do. I know that he will come to love me like I love him, He just needs me to show him.” tears spilled as she packed her bags with more force. Showing that she would not change her mind in this. Though it hurt his heart to see his sister destroy herself, he knew he couldn’t do anything about it.

Shaking his head, Devon felt like he was being pushed away from his sister.

Even more so Devon felt like he could not help her, and that was his biggest fear . . . Letting her make her own mistake.

Though it seemed she didn’t know how to learn from them yet.

Walking over to his sister Devon hugged her close and kissed her head lightly. “I will always be here for you Lorain.” Giving him a soft hug back Lorain got back to packing her things.

Turning to the door Devon thoughts went right to Emily . . . Would he be as dedicated to her as his sister was to Edwin.

Though he thought he was nothing like his sister, Devon knew he would be going just as crazy over Emily. Unable to let go of the need to be with her, Though once they were mated nether Emily nor he would be able to walk away from each other.

But that was only if Emily wanted to stay with him. Though she had said so earlier, Devon couldn’t help thinking that it had been a heat of the moment thing, that maybe she hadn’t meant it.

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