The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 23~

Eliza snorted as she walked from the room and back the way Emily had led her. The image of her sister and the Highlander as they looked at each other played softly in Eliza’s head. She had never seen a look like that, the look of need that went way beyond lust. Eliza stopped at the top of the steps at the foolish thought. If her sister wanted to keep a beast of a man then who was she to complain. Eliza got what she wanted in the end, the knight. . .

Eliza laughed lightly to herself as she realized she had forgotten the man’s name. Though she didn’t need to know the man’s name to marry him, a lady only needed to know how to spell hers. As she continued down the stairs a man leaning against the door smiled at her.

He was a slender man in his suit, nice dirty blond hair that was pulled back to his neck. Though his looks were of a boyish charm, Eliza found herself a little disappointed. That is until she looked into his eyes. Black as a winter’s night, his eyes held her captive . . .

Daring her to look away, but she could not, for the eyes of a hunter were upon her.

And she liked it.

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