The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 24~

Emily had been lifted in a hot heat. The lust that Devon left upon her skin burned with pleasure.

No, not just her skin, but scorched to her very heart and soul.

Yet he had left her, needy and weak.

Though now Emily sat in the garden Devon’s mother showed her, Emily could take her mind off his words.

“I just pray you want me afterwards.”

Had she truly been drawn into the family curse? Was his mother’s story true. Would she turn into some half human, half woman thing?

“You think too much.” Lady McKenna said as she tended to her garden. The hum she sang as she works, made Emily calm she thought for a moment. As she looked out at the late evening sun . . . And knew if there was ever a time to run, it would be now.

“Can you see yourself happy with my son?”

The answer came quickly before she had time to think, “Yes.”

Devon’s mother smiled as she looked over at Emily. “Then there is nothing to worry yourself about, just know it will only bring you closer.”

There was a long silence between them as Emily realized that just like Devon had needed to know who she truly was, so did his mother and father. “My lady I must ask for your forgiveness for my deceptions, I am not Eliza but her sister Emily.”

Again silence but this time it was only stopped by Lady McKenna laugh.

Not understanding Emily looked up from her hands and at Devons mother with confusion.

“My sweet girl I had a feeling you weren’t the she-devil the moment you stammered your name.”

Emily frowned at the woman now. “You’re not angry with me.”

“If I weren’t so relieved, then yes I would be.” Getting to her feet, Devon mother gave Emily one last smile before heading to the door.

“And what of the king” Emily said as if that was her only worry.

Lady McKenna laughed as if they were talking of dinner arrangements, and not a king that could take off heads if he so wished it.

“The king will be annoyed yes but not so much so that he would kill over a simple mistake as small as the wrong sister marrying his chosen suitor.”

Looking back at her hands Emily thought about everything. Hoping she could put it all together.

But only getting the feeling that lady Mckenna didn’t tell her of the curse because she still feared Emily would run away.

But Emily couldn’t help thinking that she should, that it would be the wise thing to do, to leave. But the thought of leaving Devonpained her heart.

Getting to her feet Emily walked outside, wondering what she was going to do next.

If she wasn’t leaving and no one was talking about the cures then . . . What. As Emily moved closer to the forest edge an all too familiar smell hit her nose.

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