The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 25~

The moon had risen when she finally came to the scent of her quarry.

Emily could somehow feel his fear, feel that he knew he was being hunted.

Just as she could feel the beast within her growing more and more powerful. Even when Emily told herself she should head back, that Devon would be looking for her, maybe even think she had run away.

But the hunt, the need to kill the trespasser was to strong. Emily knew she wouldn’t turn back now.

Not when her prey was so close.

There was no sound as she moved, only the soft pitter patter of her prey’s foot steps.

Her heart beating faster and faster with every step closer to him she got. She could almost see him now, could smell the sweat slowly rolling down his face.

She knew him. . .but Emily couldn’t quite place where.

Stopping in the middle of the forest the man turned to her. Finally letting her see his full face.

It was the stable boy.

“You. . .you have been trying to kill me.” Emily said stepping from the shadows of the forest.

Turning to her quickly Emily watched as he stumbled back. Clearly he hadn’t noticed her until now.

But when he did look at her. It was filled with hate and anger.

“You fucking bitch, you ruined my life.” He took a step to her. Making Emily take a step back. Not from fear but the thrill that slowly taking her over

“If you had never kissed me, I wouldn’t be blacked balled.”

His aggression she could smell it.

She wanted to apologize. . .but before she could he pulled out a knife. Putting Emily’s body at full alert. An acking pain rocked through her maknig her lean against a tree. Changing her from the inside out.

Still he moved closer, determined to kill her.

With an unknown pull, Emily looked up at the full blue moon, her body shaking hard. A scream too much like a howl touched her lips. As she fell to the ground.

“What. . .what the blood hell are you.”

For a moment Emily just looked down at her golden body. At the golden fur that she quickly shook loose.

How could she have lived so long with feeling cramped up like that.

Her body felt lighter, as she jumped at her attacker, holding him down.

Emily could see it. . . she could easily rip into his flesh. With one bite she could taste his sweet blood.

Shaking her head, Emily tried to get the image out of her head.

This was not her, this need to kill was not her.

But this wasn’t just a thought, she was really over this man . . .

She could feel her tongue coming out to lick at her nose. Letting out another pain filled cry. Emily could feel her body turning back to human.

Blood cover her hands and face. As her prey cried and begged for his life.

Finish him! Something deep within her cried.

Stopping dead in her tracks, Emily moved from the man. Letting him escape into the woods.

Sitting on her knees, Emily looked up at the sky before looking over at the man in the shadows.

His intense blue eyes, locking on her hungrily.

“Do you understand now Emily, the curse my family holds . . . That you now hold.”

Walking next to her, Devon took her in his hand holding her closer to his chest as she cried.

“Yes. . .but.” Face pushed in his chest, Devon pulled her away so her look met his.

“I know your afraid Emily, but its ok to like it.” Pulling away, Emily looked up at Devon not understanding.

“why did if feel so. . .”

“Natural, because it’s a part of you now Emily, the wolf.“Shaking her head Emily moved away not wanting to believe his words.

Even when she could feel the excitement blasting through her body. Yes she was scared . . . Scared of the pleasure she had got from the hunt. From taking down her pray with her power alone.

Yet this man, this man of heat and passion was something she wanted. He was something she would let herself have.

The need to have him was too powerful to ignore. She wanted him now with the moon still high, with her blood still rushing.

With the speed of an animal Emily jumped at Devon. Kissing him hard and deep as she ripped his clothing off. Her need to feel skin on skin taking her over as she ran her nails down his hard chest. When he growled and tightened his hold on her ass. He pulled her closer and let her take charge.

Even as Devon ripped at her clothing with the same wild need to get close to her, to have his mate.

Let her mount him, Devon held her still and looked in her eyes. ” Are you mine Emily.”

Though her eyes were wild Devon knew she understood what he was saying.

“Yours now and forever.”

When she impaled herself on him, both their bodies shivered with the intensity of their union.

It was as if they were perfection in its simplest of forms.

Faster and faster she rode him, as his nails dug deep into her hips. His eyes never leaving hers as he pumped himself harder and harder within her. The feel of her walls tightening around him. Made Devon moan deep in his chest as he pushed harder and deeper within his mate.

When he moved to kiss her, she quickly bit his lip before sucking on it. Making him suck in a breath as he pushed into her wet heat.

When she finally came Devon gave another growl as he flipped his mate on her back.

“Now I’ll take you as my mate forever.” He pulled Emily’s hands over her head the best within him going crazy as he hammered his self with in her tight wet walls.

The sweet motion of her breast as he moved faster and wilder within her driving him even mader.

Mouth watering for the sweet taste of her nipples Devon sucked and nibbled as he moved.

“Tell me you love me” He growled against her neck. She moaned long and hard as she wrapped her legs around his powerful hips.

Emily opened her mouth to speak but only let out a moan. As he touched a spot that had her coming once again.

Taking his mate with the full strength and power he had.

Slowing down his motion. Devon waited for his answer, each hammering blow send a tantalizing pleasure all through their bodies.

Longing for her to truly except him as her soulmates. Devon slowed to a stop. Loving the sight of her squirming beneath him.

“I do, I do, love you.” she cried out to him. leaving herself open to him in every way.

Emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Making him become almost uncontrollable.

When the building of their climax finally overflowed. Devon held Emily close, not ready to let her go. The full force of their claiming moved through them as they laid in the forest.

When Emily opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a clear night sky.

Strong arms reached over and covered her with his warmth. The soft kisses he gave down Emily’s neck made her smile.

“How long have we been out here” Emily said turning so she could face him.

Though the leaves were in his long black hair Emily still found him charming.

Yet wild and free, somehow he had helped her feel just as wild and free. No longer thinking of what a proper lady should do, but what she wanted to do.

“It’s almost morning.” He said leaning his head on hers. “Let’s go back to my room and start up the fun again.”

“That man, what if he comes back?” Fear filled her at just the thought of putting Devon or his family in danger.

“It’s fine, my mother and father were hunting tonight, I’m sure they will find him.”

Not wanting to know what they would do with the man, Emily look up at the man she loved. Knowing that through this new journey was scary, it would still be with him.

The man she loved.

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