The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 3~

Emily remembered why she never misbehaved.

She wasn’t good at it.

Not only had her clear misguided plan failed miserably, but it had backfired. She found herself once again cast in the shadows. As they talked to Eliza. Scolding her for something she hadn’t even do, which only helped in making Emily feel even worse.

Why had her foolish rebellion been to kiss the stable boy.

Now after completely embracing herself Emily sat in her room where her sister now sat glaring at her. Feeling mortified with herself, Emily put her head down, ready to take the tongue-lashing that was sure to come.

Only it never did, just a collected statement. “Because of what ‘you’ did, they are sending me away to meet my new barbarian husband. They are hoping he’ll keep me in my place.”

“Eliza I never meant for that-”

“Oh please, spare me your lies, we both know you were angry at me. So tell me, are you happy now.” She spit the last part out with spite in her voice.

Emily tried to get another apology out, tried to tell her sister how it had nothing to do with her. But she couldn’t, how could Emily when it had everything to do with her sister. Could she have really done something like that on purpose? “Liza I-I didn’t know.”

“Now you do.” She said walking to leave the room. “I always knew you weren’t as sweet and docile as you want everyone to think. Just a self serving snack.”

Stopping in the doorway Eliza covered her face, as if to hide her tears.

“Thats not who I am.”

Snfling Eliza turned her head slightly. “Why, because you’re sorry and a selfless person right.”

“But I am truly sorry.”

“If you are truly sorry. You would help me with the meeting of my betrothed.” She said a little too fast, “go in my place.”

“What!” How could her sister ask her to do such a thing. Did she not think of the scandal that could arise if they were discovered, “you’re mad for even thinking such a thing.”

“It’s only a small formality nothing more, and it’s not like I got you married off to some highland barbarian . . . Oh- wait that’s what you like to do-.”

“Fine, fine, but after this it’s over I’ll not do anything like this ever again.” Emily said hating herself for even speaking such words out loud.

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