The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 4~

All her life Emily had obeyed the rules.

But now she was committing the most heinous of acts.

She was an imposter.

Lord help her!

The carriage jumped off the ground as they moved through the high hills and green files. It was breath takingly beautiful, not a lot of castles or people in some parts. But enough beauty to fill her eyes for years to come.

In a way it gave the feeling of being free.

Free of the watchful eyes of her peers.

Free of the constant comparison to sister.

All looking to see if she made a mistake, to see if she was just like Eliza.

But by nightfall, the small feeling of freedom, slowly turned into a chocking fear. As the carriage was slowly engulfed by tall lengthy trees. “Just up these hills now ladies.” The carriage man informed them, making Emily more and more uneasy.

Really what had she been thinking, doing this for her sister, if Eliza’s husband were to find out, who knows what the man would do-. Emily cut herself off from thinking any further, she couldn’t turn back now.

Or could she?

She needs to calm herself it was not as if she was going to marry him in her sister’s place. “I need some air.” She shouted out quickly, making Eliza’s maid Molina jump from her sleep and look over at her in surprises.

“Can you not hold it my lady, we are almost to the lord’s castle?” The older woman said once again, trying to fall asleep.

“No I’ve been holding it for too long now and I do not wish to meet my husband if I’ve soiled myself.”

With a huff of breathe Molina told the Carriage man to stop for a rest. Coming down from the top of the carriage, the man quickly opened the door to let Emily out of the small jail. Outside Emily slowly walked behind one of the trees as the Carriage man stood back to make sure nothing happened to her.

Once out of his sight Emily took off running, deep into the forest. Her heart racing as she tried to get away.

She had finally realized how crazy her sister plane really was.

That is until she realized how crazy ‘she’ was for running away from the only people who knew how to get her back home. Stopping suddenly Emily turned back around and looked at her surroundings.

Trees, trees and more trees . . .

Turning around Emily ready herself to run back. But came to a stop at the sound of a growl.

Turning around slowly, Emily saw glowing blue eyes looking up at her.

With a light squeal of fear, Emily found her back up against a tree. Her eyes locked on the blue eyes that larked in the shadows of the tree.

Slowly they began to rise higher and higher. Until Emily found herself looking up at the unknow beast.

Cleanching her dress Emily watched as a man slowly walked from the darkness, his blue eyes wild as he came closer. Makeing her crack her neck farther back, showing just how big he really was.

She wanted to scream, to run, but she couldn’t. His eyes wouldn’t let her move.

He was a tall man, his body toned in a way that she had only seen with craft men.

Something she drolled over silently but never spoke about out loud.

A mess of long black hair cover his face, only reviling his eyes. His pale skin was stained with dirt, something that would normally repulse her but on him made her want to draw closer.

“Your name lass, tell me it?” He growled out, his voice rough as it cut through the darkness, making her jump.

Without thought of lying she answered, “Emily.”

He was close enough to lean his hand against the tree behind her. His head lowering to hers.

“You are mine Emily.”

This was bad, this was very bad, not only did a crazy wild man clam she was his, but she got excited about it.

Shaking her head Emily tried to move away from him, only to have his face push up against her in a soft yet demanding kiss. A kiss that took her off her feet, and into another world. A world filled with a wicked kind of delight.

A soft moan escaped as she let this wild man push up against her. His strong hands lifted her off the ground, and closer to his hard body.

She should be yelling and screaming for him to get off her.

Not wrapping her hands around his neck to better balance herself with him. Not sighing softly for more of him. Even as he moved his fingers higher up her dress, and over her smooth legs. Emily could only run her hands through his hair. Letting herself enjoy the new sensation of a parson touching her in such a personal place. It felt good, it made her want him to touch her in more places, to do more with her.

But this desier . . .it wasn’t like her. It was wild and intense.

Like a flame, that engulfed her at just the sight of him.

What the devil was going on with her, it was like her hormones were taking over rational thought.

Why else would her need to feel the touch of another. No not another, but this man, this wild beast of a man. Who did not shy away from his lust, like the men of London did. No he clearly indulged in it, mastering it even.

“Eliza, Lady Eliza?” The voice of her sister’s maid calling out, knocked them both out of their passion.

Her more than him, because he kept kissing her down her neck. “I-I have to go.”

“Come to me again.” He whispered against her neck,

“Can’t . . . I have to go.” She finally got out, even as she gave a small hiss of pain when he bit her neck.


Slowly he pushed away from her. His eyes watching as he stepped back into the shadows of the forest. Leaving Emily breathless and dizzied, as she looked at where her mystery beast had once been.

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