The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 5~

When Molina had found her, Emile found herself getting a stern talking to about running off into nowhere.

Then pushed back into the carriage. Where the older woman proceeded to give her the evil eye.

When they finally made it to Lord McKenna castle, the head maid of the house sadly informed them that the lord was out for the night and wouldn’t be back until morning.

Giving Emile time to calm herself from the lust, the strange man had shown her. It made her wonder would it be like that for her and her own husband or was it a one time thing.

She hoped not, the fire that wild man made come out of her was something Emile wanted again and again. Perhaps if they met again, she could talk him into being her male mistress, or would he be called mister.

Not like she hadn’t heard of a few women who were ‘taking care of’ a few men here and there.

Emile laughed lightly in the dark, it was a fun thought but that was all it could ever be was a thought.

Besides she would never wish that life on anyone.

Slowly turned on her side Emily fell asleep with a smile.

When morning came, so did her wit. What had she been thinking letting that man touch her like he did, he could have taken her maiden hood. A hot bloss of shame fell over her as she realised that she would have let him.

She must have completely gone mad, not only had she kissed him, but she had told him her real name.

For all she knew he could be Mckenna’s brother or close friend. Either way if he saw her, Eliza’s marriage would be over before it even started.

With any luck she would never see that wild man again.

. . . And that was . . . Good?

Taking a deep breath of sadness Emily got to her feet and let her sister’s maid dress and make up the bed. Finally Emily walked down stairs for her first meeting with her sister’s betrothed.

Emily froze on the top step her world shaking from beneath her feet at the sight of him. He was a tall man, thick in sizes but not plump like her father. No this man was steel and beauty. With hair too long to curl and a face to beautifully made for a human man. Her sister’s husband was a good-looking man.

One that left her breathless and nerves, at the sight of him.

Standing at the bottom of the staircase, Mckenna seem to be in a argument with a cook.

The cook was just as tall as Mckenna, though way more skinny and frail looking.

With a shake of his light brown hair the cook walked off, his hands flying as he walked in to a nother room.

Turning her eyes back to Mckenna, Emily felt her heart stop. As glowing blue eyes looking back at her.

A look of surprise bloomed over his face before a slow smile of amusement as he took one step foreword.

Body going stiff, Emily could help but think of all the things she had let her sister’s fiance do to her.

Good lord would he call her a whore and call off the wedding.

Emily cringed at the thought of once again wronging her sister.

With a pinch to her arm, Emily felt her maid hiss in her ear. Don’t keep the barbarian waiting. Besure to address your betroth, as lord Devon McKenna. Control your tongue Eliza.” Huffing out a breath Molinda muttered softly to herself, as they continued down the stairs. But even as low as she spoke, Devon’s head still snapped to her as if they had been yelling.

The look he gave the older woman was far from the playful smile he had given Emily just moments ago. Making Molina flench back as if she were smacked.

“I see you are awake, I hope you had a good night’s rest.” bring his eyes slowly back to Emily. He spoke as if they had just met today, and not at night in heated passion.

Emily blood cooled at this, if they were going to play this game, then she would put on the best show she could.

Smiling with the grace only a lady could have, Emily raised her hand for him to take. With ease Devon took her forearm and gently ran his hand down until he was holding her fingers and kissed them gently.

A shock wave of heat, took her breath away. Turing her on with such force that Emily was shocked it came from just a touch of the hand. “Yes, I slept wonderfully.”

“Good, I doona want you tiered tonight.” The heat in his eyes as he looked up at her and the deepness in his voice had Emily’s blood rushing to her face.

Quickly bring her hand back to her chest. Emily looked away wondering how she had let herself become trapped by his eyes again.

She needed to get a hold of herself.

He would be marring her sister. Which made him off limits.

Opening the door behind him. Devon reviled a nice dinning room of soft green and gold.

“Tonight? what will happen tonight Lord McKenna?” With a lift of her eyebrow, Emily walked over to the dinning room table.

“It will be your wedding night.“he said with a wolfish smile

Making not only a shiver of excitement go up her body, but a flash of fear.

She couldn’t marry him, yes he made her hot in a place she never thought she could burn in, but again he was her sisters betroth and if she had to tell herself this over and over again then so be it.

But now she had to handle this without giving herself away . . . What would Eliza say at a time like this. “No, no we will not, I have only came here to meet you not marry you.” Her inner Eliza’s voice was stern, were it would have been light had Emily not draw from her sister. Making her wonder, why she hadn’t tried to do this before.

It was like she was being blatantly rude without being rude. Making her feel good even though she had said what she truly felt.

That wolfish smile of his didn’t fade or flicker at her words. He kept it firmly in place as he walked over to pull out her set himself.

Hesitating for only a moment Emily walked over to take the seat that McKenna had offered. Once she was close enough he lightly whispered in her ear. “I will wait no longer to have another taste of you.”

Out load for her chaperone to hear, “I feel we should wait no longer to start our life together.”

Unprepared and feeling slightly outwitted Emily remind me to collect yourself. She had thought it would be them dancing around what they had done last night, not insisting on a immediate marriage. “Will, I’m afraid to inform you that we shall not.”

“Eliza!” Molina said her voice showing that she expected no less from Eliza.

Good, Emily didn’t need the old woman thinking she was anyone else. Though Eliza had told Emily that the older woman had long stopped paying attention to her Emily knew not to let her guard down around Molina.

“May I have a moment alone with Lady Eliza?” McKenna asked, looked up at Molina as he sat down at the head of the table.

Molina gave a look of shock at the idea. “I’m not sure-.”

“We are to be married later this evening, will a moment alone truly hurt.”

“Will, no but-.”

“Then let us have a moment to know one another.” McKenna said already dismissing her from the room with just his hand. When Molina finally left the room, everything about the civilized McKenna seem to change. It was only her and the beast called Devon McKenna.

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