The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 6~

“So lass what is your name?”

She didn’t blush but look away as if she had seen the question coming. Without wasting time, his English lass answered. “I am Eliza.”

“Last night you were Emily,” he said smiling, as she looked back at him. Devon found that he liked the name Emily, it was just right for such a lovely woman. . . His woman.

“Sorry you must have me confused with someone else.”

Devon looked at the English beauty with such hunger and heat, that he had to dig his nails into the chair.

How could she sit there looking so innocent?

With her beautiful blond hair that curled down her shoulders. To the green eyes that reminded him of the grassy hills just outside.

Her pink plump lips, was like a bow, topping off an innocence gift, that was wrapped in sexy sin. Making him want to take to open every part of her with his mouth.

“Come here lass.” His voice was a deep command of hunger.

He could smell her lust as a shiver ran down her slender form.

She made his heartbeat faster and his body rise in heat at the thought of mating her. of running after her in the darkness of the forest, where no one would hear her cries of pleasure.

“What?” Emily, as she had said her name was last night. Slowly shifted in her seat as if she had to catch herself from coming to him.

Devon had to hold back his smile, knowing that she had been so close to coming over and sitting on his lap.

Knocking a groan to the back of his through. Devon once again beseeched her to come closer, this time using his finger. “Come to me.”

A rosy blush bloomed on her cheeks as she looked at him. “Why?” She seems to lean forward her full breast pushing up against the tight dress she wore. Not only making his mouth water but also turning him wilder.

A taste, all he wanted was a taste of her.

Devon felt the slow smile move across his face, “Because my darling.” He got to his feet and in one graceful glide across the floor, Devon took her from her set, and pulled her against his chest. “I hunger for you.” She didn’t have time to gape are move away, it was far too late.

His lips were already taking hers, in a hot invasion of passion.

Taking like only a hungry wolf could, greedy.

When he let her pull back long enough to take a deep breath Devon took her back under, not able to take being without her lips.

When she finally melted against him her lush body, soft in every way Devon found himself pulling back to look down at her. Her eyes were low in dreamy delight, her lips plump and pink with the strength of their kiss, and her cheeks were flustered with their passion. Making Devon groan at the sight of her.

A slow swelling of pride filled him, just knowing that he had filled her with lust like this. Like a mark, for all others to know. . .


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