The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 7~

Good lord, she needed a new plan, especially if she was going to get out of this marriage. Yes his kiss had lifted her shaken to her core, but Emily was sure every man’s kiss was just as good.

Yet the stables boy’s kiss hadn’t been that earth shattering. Which only lift her to believe that no other kiss would be like his. That only he would take her feet off the ground, would make her heart skip beats?

“Oh stop being a romantic.” Emily said to herself as she walked about outside.

Just under the tree line of four trees. Across from McKenna’s home was a very steep hilltop that leads down to an ocean. The sound of the crashing waves calming the heart attack Davon’s kiss had nearly given her.

Emily had learned long ago that marriage was not to be romanced, but carefully planned out, so that way every family got what they wanted in the end.

Emily sighed as she realized she would have to explain to Molina why she had run from that room.

As she turned away from the ocean cleft, she caught sight of a gray objected flying to her, right as it made contact with her face.

Emily let out a scream as she almost tumbled back, but caught herself in time to land on her knees.

As blood spilled from her lip and nose, she saw the movement of someone moving away from the trees and into the shadows.

Giving a scream of pain Emily tried to stop the bleeding.

The far off sound of a door opening showing Molina running at her.

The blood ran into her eyes, as the crying voice of Molina ran over to her. Annoying as Molina voice was, Emily let her look at her injury. The pain in her head making her dizzy and her stomach jump and quiver. Not knowing what else to do Emily got to her feet.

Rather tied until she was pushed down by Molina. “Stay here I’ll go get help.” Her voice was filled with fear and worry-making Emily sat down to give her some sense of composure.

A look of shock crossed the older woman’s face right before she ran off. Giving Emily time to get to her feet once again.

Awave of pain seem to crack through her even more. Making Emily fall to her knees and vomit.

Feeling another throb of pain, Emily welcomed the darkness that came after.

When Emily awoke, once again the moon was in the sky, she could see it from the window across from her bed. The moon light drifted in slowly, as if too afraid of what it might find.

As the moon hit the edge of her bed and the drapes moved from the soft breeze. Emily closed her eyes, the wind felt good against her skin. Making Emily open her eyes when the sound of a wolf howling rung like a soft bell through the night. The sound somehow calling her out of her bed and to the window.

Below sat a dog . . . No a wolf, a wolf sat looking at her window. Its blue eyes locked with Emily hypnotizing her somehow . . . Drawing her closer to the edge. Only when it barked and jumped at her teeth drawn did Emily pop up from her sleep.

It had been a dream?

But the blue eyes looking back at her from across the room were real, all too real.

Emily jumped up right in her bed and looked at Devon McKenna as his big body looked back at her.

The wolf was in her room.

Thats how it felt at least.

Emily opened her mouth to speak, but was stopped when she heard the low wheeze of Molina in the chair far off. In the corner. Emily didn’t know if she was more happy that Molina hadn’t awaken to find McKenna in her room, or that it would stop him from doing something so right . . . no wrong something so wrong.

Emily tried to shoo him away, only to find him moving closer. Emily squeaked not knowing if she should scream and wake Molina or let Devon have his way with her. As he drew closer and close, Emily found it was too late. He was already leaning into her bed, his lips so close, she could feel the slow breath against her lips.

“I thought I lost you.” He whispered his voice heavy in her ear, yet light as the wind. Only for her to hear. Her heart opened with his words, but Emily knew she had to quickly stop, this was her sister’s husband not hers. When he saw her sister, he would never notice the difference between them . . . No one ever did.

“I was just hit with a rock no big deal.” She moved her head away from his not wanting him close enough to see her blush in the darkness.

“Sweet one,” he gently tucked a finger under her chin and brought her face gently to his. “I wish to protect you from everything.”

Maybe she hadn’t closed her heart to him as she had thought, maybe she was at his mercy.

And yet, even as his eyes glowed with concern in the darkness. Emily knew Devon had no mercy . . .

And she liked it.

“No Stop.” She said when he moved in for a kiss. Knowing that if she gave this man anything, he would claim her wholly and completely.

Something she couldn’t let happen, something she was too afraid to let happen. The look in her eyes must have given her away because the Mad Highlander moved slowly back. Letting her unwind from the tension he had put there.

When he finally dissipated into the darkness. Emily found herself able to breath lightly again. Was he a madman, did he not know the danger of coming to her room like that. How easily Molina could have awoken. Who knew what Molina would have thought of finding McKenna right over her bed. Most likely, what she already thought of Eliza . . . A whore. That’s what her sister had been called countless times, whether it was to her face or to Emily’s face, the words were still said.

Somehow, Emily found that they hurt no matter which one of them heard it.


Devon could do nothing but be angry with himself. He had failed his mate, he had let someone come and hurt her. No wonder she hadn’t wanted his touch. Who would want the touch of a weak man. Of a man that couldn’t protect his woman. A shock wave of anger and rage started to build within Devon, taking him whole like an earthquake rocking his body.

Devon needed to run, to hunt, he needed a way to get out all the energy he had built up within him.

Getting to his feet Devon walked from the dining room to the back porch. Just beyond the yard was a forest. A forest that had been used to hunt for years. Going to the edge of the trees and staying out of sight Devon changed. Hoping that going for a run in his wolf form would not only calm him but also help him think clearer Devon ran hard, harder than he had ever ran in his wolf form. He would never fail his woman again. Devon would make damn sure of that.

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