The She-Devil's Wolf

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~Chapter 9~

“I’m to marry you?” Emily blurted out without thinking.

Emily’s head was spinning. She couldn’t have heard this man correctly. Her mother and father had never thought about her. Had never once spoken to her about her future, yet here this man was saying they were going to marry her off.

Though this man was good looking Emily found herself disappointed . . . but why.

Because he was nothing like Devon, from his wide body, and his wild blue eyes, or even his-.

A growl sounded off behind her, making Emily finally tug her hand from Edwin. Spinning around Emily saw Devon walking their way, his anger, and rage wrapping around them like a storm cloud. “No, you are to marry me.”

Emily found herself slightly aware of Edwin moving back. However, she could tell it was not in retreat but in preparation for the fight that may come.

“Quite right, Eliza I am to marry your sister Emily.” His voice seemed to go deep as he spoke warning off his friend. Though the words had been said to calm Devon it only seems to make him more wild, as he picked Emily up over his shoulder and practically snapped at Edwin.

“Mr. McKenna put me down, this is rather unnecessary. . . Devon!” Emily wondered why no servants or even her maid Molina didn’t come to help her. As Devon took her up the staircases Emily fight him, but he wouldn’t let up.

When he finally put her down, Emily had to fight off the shiver of delight that went through her body at the feel of him rubbing against her own. “You are mine Emily mine, mine to have and mine to marry.” A mixture of shock and desire went through Emily then, Shocked that he knew her true name and desire when he kissed her to blankness.

For a moment His lips took away her world and pushed her into a new one, one of surrender and pleasure

Before she knew it, Emily was pushed up against the wall, with Devon right between her legs. His domination over Emily’s body turned her on even more. Emily found her hands drifting into his black hair. Only letting go when he pulled her hair, making her reveal her neck to him.

Devon groaned, his instances to mark her almost overwhelming him . . . A little he would just bite a little. However, it was too late, Emil’s maid was already about to round the corner.

Quickly Devon moved away from her. Letting her slide to the ground in a heap of breath, “I expected you will not let it happen again.” Devon said walking away. The only sound he heard from Emily was a soft ‘as you wish.’

As Devon walked downstairs to meet Edwin, his friend for nine years, the man who had tried to seduce his mate.

Though Emily hadn’t seen it, Devon had, it was in the way Edwin had held her hand, had spoken to her in a low sweet voice. Devon shock his self, he had to calm his self.

When Devon walked into the dining room and found his friend sitting across from the door as if he had know Devon would be back. The light never touched him, though it was light throughout the room, Edwin always managed to avoid it.

“Devon before you get all fury, I was only doing what you asked me, trying to get her to leave you.”

“Well now you see I do not want her to leave.” Devon snapped out, knowing if it hadn’t been for that kiss with his woman, nothing would have held him back. “Emily is mine, you can have the other.”

“That’s the thing my friend, It wasn’t until meeting your betroth that I realized who the woman was from a year ago.” There was a gleam in Edwin’s eyes, a gleam Devon knew all too well.

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