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Emily Mason Has Always Believe That She Was A Burden, But What Happens When A Stranger Moves In New Door To Hers And She Slowly Start To Fall In Love?. " So You Have Been Here 8 Year's, And You Still Haven't Left Yet?" He Asks. I nodded. " why not move?" He Asks. " I love it here " I answered.

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“ So what's on the list today?” I ask out loud. 8 years of being in my apartment and I still haven't left.

My friends and everyone I know left years ago and for some reason, I didn't want to leave.

It's almost as if the apartment has become my home.

I shook my head at that thought as my phone rang.

I ran over to my table stand and pick it up and place the phone on my ear.

“ Hello,” I said answering the phone. The voice on the other side of the phone made my legs wobble.

I haven't heard this person in such a long time.

“ sky money, how are you girl?! I haven't seen you in so long!” ben said over the phone.

I couldn't stop the tears from falling, but I took a tissue that's what's on my stand also and wipe away all the liquid on my face.

“ ben, I haven't heard since you left 5 years ago, and I am doing great- just trying to figure out where I'll be going next ” I replied.

I walk over to my couch and sat down and start to think to myself.

“ So when will you visit me again? it's been what 3 years?” ben asks.

I didn't think I could do it, especially what happened just a year ago.

But I didn't let him hear that. I just had to come up with a plan.

“ I'll come to visit you this summer, love and I'll bring robin too ” I answered.

He agreed and we talk for about an hour. Once we disconnected I walk over to my to-do list and look over everything.

I had to do laundry and clean the dishes and also I had to cook myself dinner.

I took deep breaths. Let's just get everything over with.


Okay, that's done, now it's all done, I can finally have some me time.

I took out my phone and put in my password and log into social media.

I scroll through everything and laugh at a few comments.

And then my eyes widened. I threw my phone on the couch and dial in a number.

I waited until the person picks up.


“ yes, it's this Mr. Evanson?”...


A / N - here's the first chapter. I'll probably update again Friday if I can.

The next chapter should be more into the story and longer.

Stay safe! And have a nice day / Night - Harmony.

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