Her Resilience

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Usually people put family before anything, but when Nirvana's boyfriend Javier puts his hustle before his family, where does that leave them? Nirvana and her son Omari moved away from their home town, abandoning what they call home for safety precautions. How does she recover from the father of her child dying? Does she fully get over it? Find out how she takes her experience and uses it to her advantage. She maybe even finds love. ❤️ Cover by: MEEEE :)

Romance / Drama
LB 🖤
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•Her Resilience•

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Her Resilience

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This story is rated mature. May involve the following:
• explicit language
• sexual scenes
• graphic descriptions

This story is just my imagination in written form. Nothing in this story should be taken literal or offense though reality situations may occur.

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Started: February 2021
Completed: TBD

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Hey Lovelies, I’m new to Inkitt. I’m an author transferring all my work from Wattpad so it’s more accessible. I'm republishing this book in parts because I'm editing and revamping everything (characters included). Hope you guys enjoy it and sorry for the long wait.

-Loni ❤️
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