At The Edge Of Hopelessness

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Feelings She Might Still Have.

Alesha saw Austin walking towards her and her friend and cursed under her breath, “Shit, ” she held Leah’s arm and made her look towards her brother. Before Leah could react – Austin stood hardly a foot away from the two friends, “Seriously, Leah – what are you doing here?” Austin asked sternly. Leah sighed and gazed at her brother, “What? I am here for the exact reason you are here for, ” she shrugged. Austin rolled his eyes, “I was invited, Leah. You and Alesha weren’t, ” he told her before he glanced at Alesha who stood quietly beside her friend and saw the siblings argue, “I am sorry, Alesha. I don’t mean to offend you, but that is the truth. You two weren’t invited, ” He told her. Alesha sighed and bobbed her head, “I know, Austin – tell that to your sister, ” She pointed towards Leah, who groan lowly, “Oh come on – he invited me in front of you, Austin.” She said to him. Austin shook his head disappointingly, “Leah, you and I both know that it wasn’t an actual invitation.” He said to her to which she didn’t reply but look away from her brother.

Austin knows it too well about how his sister feels about Emmett and how he doesn’t feel the same for her. Austin doesn’t know how she can be so stupid. Emmett came to know about how Leah felt about him last year and he clearly told her that he didn’t feel the same. Austin was there to see Leah depressed and sadden for days, but nowhere she was again – ready to get her heartbreak when she sees Donna and him together tonight. Austin knows that Emmett invited her out of courtesy. He knows that his best friend didn’t feel right not to invite her when she was in the same room when we were discussing his party. Emmett has known him and her since we were kids.

Austin was actually exasperated to see his sister here. She is not a kid anymore – she should know better than trying to get someone’s attention who rejected her feelings for him before. “Fine, if you want to stay – then stay. But, don’t you even think that you can get his attention tonight or any other day, Leah. Donna threw this party for him and he is going to be with her all the time. This is not your dream where you can have him – this is a reality, ” He told his sister before he stormed into the beach house – leaving Leah and Alesha behind. “I told you it was a bad idea, ” Alesha mumbled to Leah who stood silent as she saw Austin walking in the house.

Donna stood with her friends as they laughed and talked while Donna kept looking at the two new girls talking to Emmett’s best friend Austin. She sighed and she sipped her beer while she sees Austin storming in the house. She felt someone walking to her and stood by her. She glanced beside her to see Jayden, her old friend eating a hotdog while he looked where she was looking at, “What happened? Who are those girls?” He asked as he bobbed her head towards Leah and Alesha talking to each other. Donna sighed, “You know Emmett’s best friend Austin?” She asked him to whom he nodded his head, “The one in the white shirt and blue shorts is his younger sister and the other one is her friend, ” she added. Jayden chewed and swallowed the morsel he had in his mouth and nodded his head, “Oh okay, ” he replied. There was a small pause before Donna sighed and looked at Jayden, “Where is your exemplary girlfriend?” she asked him. Jayden chuckled and shook his head softly, “She went to the bathroom, ” he replied to her.

Jayden and Donna know each other since high school. Donna, Jayden, and their group were pretty popular in high school. Donna always thought that a jock falls for a typically quiet and shy girl that could only happen in movies or books, but to her surprise, it happened to Jayden and Hazel, his girlfriend. Jayden was very popular for his looks and charming personality and Hazel – well, nobody knew she existed. She was a quiet and shy girl – who one could only find in the library. Donna doesn’t know what happened to her friend but he went head over heels for this girl. After approaching her and trying to be her friend for almost a year – she agreed to go out with him and since then they both have been inseparable. Although Hazel is completely different from Jayden’s friends and social circle – he always makes sure that nobody teases her or makes her uncomfortable. Donna never thought that Jayden would ever fall in love, but unexpected things happen and it happened to him.

“How is it going with you and Hazel anyways?” Donna asked him. A sweet smile stretched on his lips, “We are doing better than ever, ” he replied. “In fact, we will be celebrating our fourth anniversary next week, ” He added. Donna chuckled, “I will not lie. I never thought that Jayden Scott will ever settle for a girl for so long. I am impressed, ” She told him. He chuckled, “I never thought so either, but here I am. Hazel is – God, I don’t know. Even though we have together for four years now, but it still feels like I fall in love with her for the first time each day.” He gushed about her. Donna raised her eyebrows, “Wow, ” She chuckled. “I never knew you loved her so much, ” she told him. He chuckled, “You have no idea. I am crazy about her.” He replied. “She is my happy place, ” he added.

Austin walked into Emmett as he was walking upstairs to get away from the continuously increasing crowd. Austin didn’t even feel like it was Emmett’s birthday they were celebrating – it felt more like Donna’s birthday as most of the people were her friends. Emmett chewed the chewing gum as he halted in front of Austin, “Hey, why are you going up there? Aren’t you coming to the water?” he asked. Austin noted that Emmett had a towel and Donna’s handbag in his hand. He sighed and looked at his best friend – he was still not okay that his sister was here.

Austin knows Leah – she is super sensitive and knowing how she feels about Emmett – she will only hurt her. Austin was about to decline his offer when Emmett looked behind Austin and grinned, “Oh hey – Leah is here too? I didn’t think she would come, ” he chuckled. Austin glanced behind to see Leah and Alesha walking through the crowd. Austin lightly shook his head and turned around to look at Emmett, “About that – Emmett, I really need to talk to you right now.” Austin said to him and didn’t give him a chance to ask what it was and literally dragged Emmett with him upstairs where it was a lighter less crowded.

“Woah, man – what is it?” Emmett asked as they both stepped out on the balcony from where they could see the beach and many of Emmett and Donna’s guests – some of them dancing, some were in the water, some were playing volleyball – it was noisy even up there, but it was better. Austin doesn’t think that he can find a quieter place than this to talk to Emmett about his sister. Austin put his hand on his hip and sighed, “You should not have invited Leah to your birthday, Emmett.” Austin said to him. Emmett knitted his eyebrows together, “Dude, you know I wouldn’t have but she was literally there when we were discussing the party. How could I not invite her – it would have been so rude of me, ” He replied. Austin pressed his lips together, “Honestly? Rude sounds better than leading her on.” He replied. Emmett frowned, “Austin, I have to intention to lead her on, man – you know that” Emmett immediately replied. Austin paused and rubbed his eyes, “I know that” he accepted softly.

Austin knows that Emmett has never led Leah on, but she doesn’t take a hint. Emmett clicked his tongue, “Austin, I swear I didn’t invite her because I wanted her to be here. She was there in the same room and I have known both of you since we were kids – how could I be so rude to her, man?” Emmett replied. Emmett scratched his eyebrow and sighed, “Listen, I will be with Donna all this time – don’t worry, Leah is not so stupid to think that I can be with her when I already have a girlfriend, ” He said to Austin. “It is good to have her as a friend here, ” he added. Austin sighed and nodded – only if his friend knows how obtuse Leah is – he would have never invited her. But he can’t explain anything to him yet. Austin just hopes that Leah doesn’t get hurt when she sees Donna with Emmett.

Emmett chuckled and bumped Austin’s shoulder, “Come on, stop stressing over nothing and let’s get this party started, ” Emmett said enthusiastically to which Austin forced a chuckle as well. He sighed and nodded his head. Both of them were about to walk out of the balcony when they halted after they heard yelling that was coming from a room, “Why don’t you understand?! How many times will I have to tell you that it was a mistake! I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing!” The voice belonged to their friend, Reuben. Emmett and Austin both looked at each other with their eyebrows drawn as Reuben could be heard again, “You seriously have to let it go!” He added. There was complete silence afterward and after a couple of minutes later Reuben stormed out of the room – only to be halted when he saw Emmett and Austin standing hardly a few feet away from the room.

Reuben gulped nervously when he saw two of his friends before he hurriedly closed the door behind him. He cleared his throat, “Oh – hey man, I thought you two went to the water.” Reuben said. Emmett and Austin shared a look and decided not to ask his friend anything since he looked hesitant and nervous. Maybe he and Eleanor were fighting. Austin has seen those two arguing before as well – maybe it was it. Emmett chuckled to break the tension in the room, “Yeah, we were just going there. Come and join us, ” he said. “Let’s ask Milo as well, ” he suggested to which Austin nodded his head.

Austin was about to say something when he saw Eleanor walking upstairs. He knitted his eyebrows together as Eleanor looked at the three of them and grinned, “Where are you guys, ” she chuckled before her eyes went to her boyfriend, Reuben. “I was looking for you, ” she said to Reuben before she walked to him and kissed him on the cheek as Reuben nervously glanced at his friends and put his arm around her while she put hers around his waist. If Eleanor was here then who was in the room with Reuben – who was he getting angry on? Austin thought and glanced at Emmett, who looked confused as well. Austin could bet that the same question was in his head well.


Leah could feel that Austin was way too quiet since he told her that Emmett was returning to New Orleans after five long years. She knows that it has been hard for him since he lost so much that night. He doesn’t speak much now, but Lean could feel how distressed her brother has been all these years. The incident shook him badly and after that Emmett left without any explanation. Leah was in a coma – she doesn’t know how and when he left, but Austin was there. He lost friends that night and almost lost his sister and his best friend selfishly took off. If he is crossed with Emmett then it would not be unjust. “You have been very quiet lately, ” Leah’s word cut through the thick silence.

Austin turned his head to look at his sister looking ahead of her with a small smile on her face. Austin doesn’t know that even after what Leah has been through – she still manages to smile. He admires her strength – only if he was like her. Austin realized that she expecting an answer from him, so he sighed. “Nothing, I was just thinking about work.” He lied. Leah was silent for a few seconds before she sighed, “I don’t know why do you have to lie about it, Austin.” She said. “It is okay to talk, you know. It actually feels better when you say what is in your mind. It helps you feel at ease.” She told him.

Austin chuckled, “Don’t go all ‘psychiatrist’ on me now, ” He joked. Leah smiled. She is not a fool – she knows her to bother was trying to dismiss it and she was going to do exactly what he wants. Forcing him to talk will not help him – she just wants him to come and talk to her on his own. “I am just telling you what is true. It really does help, ” she shrugged. Austin grinned, “Right, as Dr. Lockhart helped you, right?” he teased her. She chuckled as well, “Yes, Raymond helped me a lot, ” she accepted. Austin laughed, “Right, I forgot you two were on first name bases now, ” he replied. Austin hunched and looked straight into Leah’s as he sat in front of her – although she is unable to see him, she could feel his presence dominating her space. “Isn’t he a little too old for you?” Austin asked with his eyes narrowed. Leah knitted her eyebrow together, “We are not romantically involved, ” she shrugged.

Austin smiled, “You are not, but he sure is.” He replied. Leah sighed and leaned back to her chair. She didn’t reply to him. Leah didn’t bother to answer him back – not because she doesn’t believe him – in fact, she knows it better than him – she feels it when he is around. And there is nothing wrong with him either – in fact, he is perfect, but even after all those years – she still hasn’t been able to completely get over Emmett and the fact that he was coming back scared her – she doesn’t want her feeling for him that might be alive deep down in her heart to come back to her – because now she knows that they will only haunt her.

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