At The Edge Of Hopelessness

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From Where He Left.

Donna tramped out of the beach house and went to join her friends – while her friends were having a great time – her mood was ruined after her interaction with Austin. Donna is the only daughter of a wealthy and well reputable businessman – she spent all her life in luxury. She always got all her wishes answered. She has been privileged since the day she was born. No one ever raised their voice on her. No one ever dared to be rude to her. She has always gotten what she wanted and the way Austin just talked to her made her want to kick him out of Emmett’s life and her beach house. Gia, Donna’s friend saw her gritted her teeth while she was lost in her thoughts. She knitted her eyebrows together and placed her hand on Donna’s arm, “Hey, are you okay?” Gia asked over the loud music. Donna wrinkled her nose and stepped back as she smelled a hint of alcohol mixed with Gia’s bad breath. Donna frustratingly shook her head, “Yeah, everything is okay.” She replied to her impertinently before she marched away from her. She wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone without bashing them without any reason. She walked back into the house in search of Emmett – who was nowhere to be seen. As the night was getting heavier – the crowd in her beach house was getting more and more intoxicated and the music was getting louder. Her bad mood and the pushing and nudging she was getting as she tried to make her walk through the mad dancing crowd were ticking her. She pushed her way through them and climbed up the stairs to find Emmett.

She needs to have this conversation with Emmett – she had enough – she wasn’t going to tolerate any more of Emmett’s friends anymore. Austin’s rude behavior had ticked her off – she will remain relentless until Emmett does something about his best friend. She didn’t have much problem with Milo and Rueben – they are hardly around since she got in a relationship with Emmett but Austin – that guy was getting on her nerves. He is always around and she couldn’t possibly deal with him anymore. Donna walked past a lot of drunken people – most of them unknown to her as they were her friend’s friends – her eyes looking for her boyfriend but she couldn’t find him. She wondered where he was.

Emmett’s heart ached when he saw Leah sobbing. He wanted to get closer to her and embrace her in a warm hug but he knows that he couldn’t do it so helplessly he stood as she witnessed Leah crying. He hated himself for hurting her but he had to let her know that nothing can ever happen between them before she fantasizes more about both of them getting together. He wanted her to stop hurting herself and for that, he had to take this step and put stop to every unfitting thought that might get to her head. He liked Donna and he sees his future with her – not Leah. Leah was trying hard to stop herself from crying more but the fact that Emmett was standing right in front – didn’t make it easy for her. She snuffled and hiccupped a few times before she was even able to utter a single word, “Please, I want to be alone.” She managed to speak. Her voice came out hoarsely. Emmett felt like a jerk but he had no other choice but to leave Leah alone. He couldn’t do anything else to make it better for her so, with a sigh and his head hang low – he listened to her and turned around before he walked away from her – leaving her alone to sob louder and to cry on her misery.

Reuben pushed Eleanor to the wall – she gasped as Reuben’s hands found her waist – pulling her towards him while his lips found her neck – biting and kissing it – teasing her skin. Eleanor threw her head back and moaned out as Reuben’s lips sucked her skin. Her eyes rolled as his finger pressed her flesh. What started with an innocent kiss was now turned into a very intense make-out session. The air around was getting tensed as Reuben’s fingers went under Eleanor’s skirt – inching towards her panty. It was all happening too quickly for Eleanor – while she panted for air – she opened her eyes and tried to look in Reuben’s eyes but he was going heavy on her – it was too much for her so she lightly pushed him, “Reuben, stop.” She objected softly – she didn’t want him to feel bad but when he refused to slow down or back away – Eleanor placed her hands on his chest and this time uses a little force to push him away. Reuben stumbled back as panted as well. His eyes were dilated – looking at his girlfriend perplexingly. “What happened?” He asked her. His heart sunk when he saw the look on her face – it was like he hurt her. Eleanor gulped before she licked her lips and fixed her bra strap, “You were going too fast,” she mumbled as she looked away.

Eleanor noticed that Reuben was quite agitated since she came here – he looked bothered but he wasn’t communicating with her like he usually does. When Reuben asked her to come with him to someplace quiet – she didn’t think that they would be making out in an empty room when there was a party going on in a full swing outside. Reuben sighed and pushed his hair back, “I am so sorry, babe.” He said to her and slowly moved towards her before embracing her in a hug – he didn’t want her to feel bad in any way – he loved her too much to hurt her. Eleanor heaved as she rested her head on his chest and embraced him by his waist. The two of them remained in the same position for a while – none of them said a word to each other. Eleanor sensed the tension and mumbled, “Reuben,” she called out his name softly. Reuben hummed but didn’t let her go to let her look at him. “You know that if anything is bothering you, you can talk about it to me, right?” She asked slowly. Reuben was silent for a while before he exhaled and placed a kiss on Eleanor’s head, “Yes, I know.” He replied short.

Donna still couldn’t find her boyfriend. She believed that it was getting a little too crowded – maybe she should have put a limit on the people that were being invited. She pushed through some of the drunken girls – talking gibberish to each other. She walked into the terrace where she saw some of her friends drinking as well and in the corner – there was one of Emmett’s friends. She forgot his name but he was smoking while standing alone in the corner – she blew her cheeks and walked towards him, “Hey,” she called him out. Milo turned to look at Donna, “What?” He asked. Donna twisted her mouth before she asked, “Have you seen Emmett?” She asked. Milo sniggered before he shook his head, “What happened? Did you lose him? Don’t you have him by the leash – twenty-four seven?” Milo asked her sarcastically. Donna narrowed her eyes, “What did you say?” She challenged him. Like Austin, Milo didn’t back out either – he looked straight into Donna’s eyes and spoke, “What? Did I say something wrong?” He asked. Donna looked at Milo from tip to toe and sniggered at the weird choice dressing – he had a plain black shirt on with beige cargo pants on. His hair, which was slightly long and ended up just below his ears, was pushed by gel – looked like not even a hurricane could move them. His black eyes zeroed at Donna as she tried to bully him, “I swear, Emmett can do so much better than freaks like you.” She sniggered. “I don’t know why he had to invite you losers to his party,” She rolled her eyes before she gave him a nasty look and turned around before walking away. She didn’t want to waste her time talking to her boyfriend’s freaky friends. She will have to introduce Emmett to better friends – she can barely tolerate them.

It hasn’t been too long and yet Emmett’s hometown felt foreign to him. He walked towards the home he grew up in – where his mother still lives. With each step towards his childhood home – he felt an ache in his heart. With each step, a memory sparks in his head. With each step forward, he feels burdened with guilt for leaving everything behind and running away from his home, his family, and his friends – he left them all to suffer alone. He tried to escape the pain but little did he know that he would all alone and memories and guilt will never live him in peace. Emmett pulled his luggage with him – just only reached to the porch when the door of the house was opened and came out Emmett’s mother with tears filled in her eyes. Why wouldn’t she cry? Her son came back home after years. Emmett halted as he saw her mother after almost a year. He last saw her even she came to New York to visit him and ever since she left – he has been missing her. “Hey mom,” He choked on his own words. Macy couldn’t stop herself but embrace her son in a hug – his only child was back.

Raymond walked Leah out where a driver was waiting for her in the car. Although, Raymond offered to drop her off at her place she refused to bother him any more than she already did. Raymond looked at her while she blankly stared ahead – it didn’t matter where she looks – for her there is forever darkness around her. Raymond was lightly holding her arm – guiding her through the small garden area he had in front of his clinic. She could smell the wet grass and various sweet scents that were probably coming from the flowers Raymond planted in the garden. “Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Dr. Lockhart.” She filled in the silence. Raymond looked at her and smiled, “You don’t have to thank me each time you come to see me, Leah.” He replied.

Dr. Raymond Lockhart is Leah’s psychiatrist. She has been visiting him since she was released from the hospital after the shooting incident. At first, she wouldn’t talk to him but slowly she started to open up to him, and now – she is not his patient anymore but a friend. Raymond Lockhart is a brilliant psychiatrist but he is not only known for his profession – but he is also known for his good looks and kind and helpful personality. Leah has never seen him but to cope with blindness – she often asks for a physical description of the person she usually interacts with – to take a picture of them in her head. She knows that Dr. Raymond is quite tall – she feels his tall height when she is interacting her him. She was told that he has brown eyes, a hawkish nose, and an edgy jawline. He has a hint of grey hair – he had them since he was a teenager. He has a lean body that God made with pure love – she didn’t believe that his looks were as dramatic as her colleague mentioned to her when she first saw Raymond. She has known Raymond for the past five years and from what she has perceived about him was that he was a very decent person. Although, Raymond’s voice holds masculinity he speaks virtuously. He is chivalrous and a very noble person and Leah like him as a person. Austin often teases her with Raymond’s name – he has told her that he has caught him looking at Leah with admiration but whenever Austin brings up – Leah doesn’t react much – she just rolls her eyes and move on – what else is she supposed to do?

Raymond was in his mid-thirties – almost ten years older than Leah. He never confessed his feelings for her nor did she ever felt it through the conversations that they have. Leah believes that Austin was exaggerating – Raymond was just a friendly person. He couldn’t possibly like Leah. “Still I feel like I bother you a lot,” Leah replied. She heard Raymond chuckled, “No, you don’t. Don’t worry about anything else – just come visit whenever you feel like it,” Raymond added. Leah smiled, “Thank you so much, Raymond.” She appreciated his help. Leah felt Raymond’s grip on her arm slightly tightened, “We are here,” Raymond told Leah as they stopped right in front of her car. Raymond let her arm go and opened the door of the car for her. She once again thanked him and tried to get in the car with the help of Raymond. Once she got in the car, Raymond shut the door close for her. Leah lowered the window. “Call me when you get home, okay?” Raymond asked to which Leah smiled and nodded her head, “I will. I will see you later – goodbye, Raymond.” she said. “Goodbye,” Raymond replied before the car started to move.

Austin was in his office when he got a message from Leah’s driver that he had picked her up from Dr. Lockhart’s clinic and was on the way home. Austin is very protective of his sister – he always tries to take her places himself but when he is really busy, he asks the driver to take her. He hired a very trustworthy man at the job and even pays him more than usual to make sure that Leah is safe and sound. Austin has asked the driver to always text him when he picks or drops Leah. After thanking the driver, he placed his phone away and kept on working on the project he was leading. Although he had to pay full attention to the work – he couldn’t stop wondering if Emmett has already reached. He didn’t ask Macy about his flight time because he didn’t want to know when he was coming or for how long he would be staying but just his mind kept wandering off.

He was looking at some files when he felt a tap on his shoulder – he turned his chair to see Paris, his colleague, and a good friend looking at him, “Stop working and let’s go to lunch.” She said. Austin looked at his wristwatch – it was time for lunch. He smiled, “Uh – just let me complete this one thing –” She didn’t let him finish and cut him off, “Are you kidding me? No, I am starving. We have to go now!” She said. Austin knew that there was no winning with her so he sighed and nodded his head, “Alright, let go.” He said. “Where should we eat?” He asked her. Paris shrugged, “I don’t know – Ben is waiting for us as well – let’s ask him where he wants to eat,” Paris said and walked towards the elevator while Austin followed her. He has been working nonstop since the morning – he could use this break. They called an elevator and were waiting for it to arrive when Austin’s phone buzzed – thinking it was Leah’s driver – he opened the text to see that it a number that he hasn’t seen in the last five years. The small smile Austin had on his face dropped as his eyes fixed at the screen – it was Emmett. Many times for the past few years – he thought about deleting his number but he wouldn’t go through it and leave it for the next time. He didn’t think that he would be receiving a text from this number again. He opened the text to read.


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