At The Edge Of Hopelessness

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Donna's Nightmares.

11:05 pm – hardly an hour before Emmett’s birthday. It was like a day at Donna’s beach house, she had thrown an overnight party for Emmett’s birthday, but it felt more like her own party. There were more friends of Donna than of Emmett’s, probably because Emmett doesn’t know a lot of people. He has been friends with the same thee guys all his life, Milo, Reuben, and Austin. Donna doesn’t have a problem with Reuben, probably because he seems like a laid-back guy, where Milo and Austin were two of Emmett’s friends she detests – especially Austin. Austin is closer to Emmett than Milo and Reuben – where at some level she can tolerate Milo’s smart-mouth, it was impossible to get along with Austin. He and his sister, Leah, both sound like troublemakers for Donna. She wasn’t blind – she could see how Leah looked at her boyfriend – she was in love with him and it infuriated Donna to see that girl at the party – the audacity of Austin to bring his sister to her party. If only if she could separate Austin and Emmett, she would happily do so.

Donna looked around her friends, the laughed, danced, and drank – she believes that these are people Emmett should be surround by, not people like his current friends – they dull and boring, always locked up in a room, playing video games, talking about geeky stuff – Donna had tried to change Emmett, she was in love with him. She doesn’t know how and when she fell for the handsome geek, but she did and now she wanted him as she likes. Donna doesn’t even deny the fact that she was selfish, she knows she is. This is how she has always been like – she was raised by parents who never said ‘no’ to her. She always gets what she wants and this time she needs Emmett – all to herself. The crowd has gone a little heavy, even for Donna herself, so she decided to walk at the beach, it was very dark around her beach house, but she decided to take a stroll anyway. As her feet stepped farther from the beach house, the loud music voice diminished. The strong smell of alcohol, sweat, and strong cologne and perfumes worn by her friends turned into the sweet and salty smell of the beach.

She kept walking and walking until she came afar, the loud throbbing music was mute to her so did the strong smell of booze. She smiled and looked at the dark sea, she would hear the water crashing at the shore, the wind had picked up as it rippled through her blue chiffon dress which ended at her mid-thighs, under which her cerulean blue bikini was prominent. She checked her phone to see that it was almost thirty past eleven – in about half an hour, it was her boyfriend’s birthday. She decided to walk back to the beach house, as she was supposed to arrange everything for the big surprise as soon as the clock strikes at twelve. She was about to walk back when her eyes fell on a person sitting close to the shore. With curiosity steering in her, she decided to take a closer look at the fellow. Her eyes roamed around the other beach house, most of them were in darkness, which means there was no one in them while some had lights open in them. She stepped closer to the fellow and immediately stopped when the man stood on his feet as he dusted the sand off his shorts – even with his back to her she knew who it was, it was Austin. With an eye roll, Donna was about to turn around to walk away, when Austin turned around to make his way back to the beach house, only to halt to see the person he abhors, Donna.

Austin rolled his eyes at her, “What?” he asked her rather rudely. She has never done anything for him to talk nicely to her. Donna huffed as she folded her arms over her chest, “Nothing – I was just taking a walk when I saw something creepy – decided to take a look,” She said sassily as she eyes him from head to toe. Austin chuckled and stepped closer to her. He shook his head, “The fact that you think your attempted insult was funny – was truly funny.” He commented. He stopped a few steps far from her and looked directly into her eyes – it was dark where they both stood, but it was not blindingly dark, he could see her face and the moonlight was helping Austin make sure that Donna could see him glaring at her. She clenched her jaws together, “You do not belong here,” She gritted her teeth.

Austin sniggered, “Why? Did daddy dearest buy this beach as well? Is it his property?” He asked indignantly. Donna wanted to punch some respect into him but she flared her nostril and decided to ignore his insults, “You know what I mean, Austin. Emmett is surrounded with much better people now,” she squinted her eyes, “He doesn’t need freaks like you, your other friends and that sister of yours in his life, so before he kicks you all out, be a smart guy and walk away,” She threatened. The sarcastic smile Austin had on his face faded as soon as Donna mentioned his sister. He clenched his jaws – she could see the edges move. He gulped as his Adam’s apple moved and glared at her. “You think too much of yourself, Donna. You are a selfish bitch, who is loaded up by daddy’s money – you are nothing on your own.” He jabbed his finger at her as he snarled. “The friends you are so proud of will be lost to sight when you need them. They are only around you because of your dad’s hefty bank accounts. Stop spending money on them and see them vanish,” Austin smacked her with the truth. “Before you take a jab at someone’s else more valuable friend, go and look around for one for yourself first,” Austin added hotly.

Donna never tolerates someone who disrespects her – she pressed her lips together as her nostrils flared. She raised her hand – ready to slapped Austin hard on his face but he was also not a guy who tolerates affront either. He grabbed her hand by her wrist – stopping her hands just a few inches away from his cheeks. He stepped forward until he was hardly an inch away from her. Her hard enraged breathing hit his face – he tightened his grip on her wrist but she didn’t flinch as he expected her to. He inched closer until his nose was almost touching hers. Her nose kept flaring in and out. His eyes never left hers. “Don’t you dare, Donna,” His low and throaty voice sent chills down Donna’s spine – she was scared. “I am not a person who would let you abuse,” he spoke lowly. “You might be the queen to your pathetic friends, but to me, you are nothing more than a shrew.” He said before he let off her wrist. She rubbed her wrist as she glared back at him, “Emmett will kill you for manhandling me,” She said as she pushed him – he retraced a step. Donna’s eyes were filled with tears as anger roared in her. He sniggered, “Go ahead and try,” he motioned his hand towards the beach house, “And if your boyfriend refuses to act like your puppy, you can always tell daddy dearest on me,” he snarled. “Do whatever you want to do and watch me not give a single fuck,” he added. He gave her one last over-all look and said, “I am done with your fucking nonsense.” He didn’t give her time to react as he angrily stormed away from her – leaving her stunned for a couple of minutes.

11:50 pm – just ten minutes before Emmett’s birthday Donna rushed back to the beach house – her eyes were red from crying. She was humiliated by a nobody. After Austin left her by the shore – she screamed out in frustration. She menacingly kicked the sand as it flew around. She bent down and let out a scream yet again – she had seen red. She wanted nothing but to kill Austin. She has never been spoken to as Austin did. She didn’t want anyone to get out of Emmett’s life as Austin. She vowed to make Emmett choose between that jerk or her and she was certain to make him choose her. She wanted to destroy Austin Adler. He will pay for humiliating her. She forgot about her boyfriend’s birthday surprise. She didn’t care. She wanted to find Emmett and make him choose now and then. As the clock ticked closer to midnight, the celebrations heaved in the beach house.

Almost everyone was looking for Emmett. People were calling him out. Donna heard someone talking about the cake, while others looked for the confetti. Some of her friends tried to talk to Donna, asking her what to do – asking her about the cake cutting ceremony, but she ignored them all. She has been planning Emmett’s birthday for a month only for her to not care in the end. She was enraged. She wanted to see Emmett but she couldn’t find him, so she started to call him out. “Emmett!” her voice was lost among the laughter, the loud music, and the chattering. “Emmett!” she fisted her hands as she looked around for him. Where was he? She couldn’t see him. She was mad. Austin’s words kept coming back to her. She was mad. She has been planning for this day only for it to be ruined by a pathetic excuse of Emmett’s best friend. She was mad. She couldn’t find Emmett.

11:59 pm – just a minute left for Emmett’s birthday. Everyone had started to cheer as the clock ticked closer to twelve. Someone got the cake and brought it out while they all called for Emmett. Donna stood in the middle of the crowd. Her eyes looked around. With each tick of the, her eyes went on the people around her. She saw Gia, her best friend cheering along with her other friends. Tick. Her eyes went on her friend, Ricky – who stood in the corner with a beer bottle in his hand. Tick. By the window stood Austin’s clingy sister Leah – her eyes looking for someone as well as tear flow on her cheeks. Donna didn’t care why she was crying – she was looking for her boyfriend. Tick. Donna’s eyes met Zack, one of her other friends – drinking and jumping as the count down to Emmett’s birthday began. Tick.

Five. Donna’s eyes met Gia as she grabbed Donna’s hand and dragged her to the middle of the room.

Four. Donna saw Emmett. He walked in the middle of the room with a weak smile on his face – trying to appreciate the efforts of his girlfriend.

Three. Donna followed Emmett’s eyes to see him looking at Leah with a frown on his face.

Two. Donna grabbed Emmett’s wrist. “Where were you?” She asked – her teeth gritted. Emmett didn’t reply to her with words – he wordlessly shrugged.

One. Her eyes met with Austin, who stood in the corner of the room – glaring back at her. She flared her nostrils – angrily looked back at him. Her hands curled into a fist. She hated him and she wanted him gone – now and forever. “Happy birthday, Emmett!!” The whole crowd cheered as the clocked strikes midnight. It got loud – too loud for Donna as well. She was hating everything – her plans were ruined. Austin Adler ruined them. “Emmett, we need to talk!” She yelled into his ears but before he could respond – Gia grabbed Emmett and pushed him towards where the cake was before she held Donna by her arm and pushed her along, “Come on, it is cake time!” Gia drunkenly yelled.

Zero. A loud thundering boom startled Donna before the time halted. It was like she had gone deaf. Her head spins as she tried to make sense of what was happening. Another thunderous boom and the next thing she knows, something wet splashed on her face before a weight of a body fell over her – making her fall on the floor along with a person over her. She looked around as loud cheering turned into howls and screams. Everyone was running around. Donna’s eyes went on the person over her. It was Gia. Donna started to shake as she looked into Gia’s lifeless eyes as blood gushed out of the gun wound on her head.

Donna gasped as she was once again woken up by the nightmare. Her breathing quickened as she placed a hand over her chest. She quickly drew the covered glass of water from her side table and gulped it down – easing her dried throat. This has been happening a lot lately. She wakes up in the middle of the night to nightmares or memories. All these years she had tried to suppress the anxiety that the shooting caused her, but since Emmett left her – it was taking a toll on her. She wiped the cold sweat beats off her forehead. She quickly took her phone in her hand and opened the text chat she was trying to have with Emmett. She has been texting her but he was not replying to her nor was he attending her calls. She gulped as with shaky fingers she typed yet another message to him. She didn’t care if it was the middle of the night. She needed him.

She knew she was breaking the promise she made to herself that she would not try to approach him, but Donna was miserable with him. He was the only person that was keeping her sane – she can’t lose him. She cannot process without him. She needed him. She wanted her back, even if it means that she will have to go and get her – she will. Emmett was the only person she was willing to take any step – no matter how much her father disapproves of him, she is going to get him back.

Donna: I miss you, Em. I miss you so much. Please, talk to me.

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